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Image: ValentinePika.jpg   667x792 93670 bytes 2003.02.14

I put alot of time and effort into this picture for my husband, Kyle, and he likes it alot. I'm very happy. ^^\r\n\r\nHappy Valentine's Day!\r\n\r\nDone initially in OpenCanvas with Kami and then touched up in Photoshop 7.\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: HaremPika.jpg   376x750 29711 bytes 2002.11.14

Eheh.. a little picture I did at Kyle's request. ^^;;\r\nSort of a follow up picture to 'Coming To Her Rescue'. She was so greatful for being saved that she decided to dance for him that night? ^^;;;\r\nHeehee. I'm happy with how it came out. I like the outfit.\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: ComingToHerRescue.jpg   800x582 44799 bytes 2002.11.13

I had a dream the other night that was strange but wonderful. I dreamt I was underground, in many stone tunnels being chased by shadowy wolves. They cornered me and I thought I was dead till this man dressed in a black widebrim fedora, black duster, black boots, pants and top with this huge sword came swooping to my rescue. It was Kyle! I loved it so much I had to draw a version of it, and this is it. \r\nMany MANY thanks to Sonique who finally got the pose for Kyle Eevee just right. \r\nKyle Eevee (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: MaidKamikire-c.jpg   498x700 74005 bytes 2002.11.08

The scanner ate the colour a little bit, but I still like how it came out. It looks alot better in real life. It's Kamikire in her French Maid outfit looking a little startled that you're peering up her skirt. Heehee! o^_^o\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: CoffeeZombie.jpg   613x700 54735 bytes 2002.11.04

Eep.. the pencils scanned a little darker than I thought, but at least the white is white, not grey. Heh.\r\nIt's Carrie Pika before that first good jolt of caffiene. Coffee Zombie! \r\nYes, she wears bunny slippers. XD\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: LilRedRidingHoodInTrouble.jpg   716x630 67636 bytes 2002.10.17

Whoo! This picture represents about.. oh.. five hours of tablet work. Maybe more... It's -completely- digital. It was done in OpenCanvas, by myself, and I'm discovering that OpenCanvas does some pretty amazing stuff for a free Art program. It's good for more than just oekaki with friends. Dunno who the furs are, but it's cute and inspired by Cherry Poppin' Daddies.\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: KISSInk-cb.jpg   552x700 84220 bytes 2002.10.13

Yay! I finished it!\r\n...\r\nMy black prismacolor pencil will never be the same... ;.;\r\nInk (c) Ink\r\nKiss (c) Kiss\r\nArt (c) Carrie Riff

Image: CarrieMaria.jpg   466x729 66374 bytes 2002.09.19

Aja and I were working in OpenCanvas together today and decided upon the idea of Kami as Alucard and Carrie as Maria from Castlevania : Symphony of the Night. I'm rather pleased with how this came out! I love my new tablet! o^_^o\r\nMaria and all things Castlevania (c) Konami\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: Sonikat-c.jpg   466x700 70724 bytes 2002.09.02

Hooray! It's coloured! I had so much fun with this picture I had it done in a day! o.o;; I don't do that often anymore.. >.>; I hope it keeps up! Enjoy!\r\nSonique (c) Monique Claxton. Artwork by Carrie Riff.

Image: Sonikat.jpg   466x700 33292 bytes 2002.09.01

Have you ever seen anything so frightening?!?! XD It's Sonique, done Roxikat style, weilding her Mighty Gas-Powered Shlong of Doom! Ahahahaha!\r\n*hides* Please don't kill me! Apologies and much respect to both Sonique and John Barrett, two artists who I admire greatly. This picture just.. sorta.. popped into my head and I couldn't get rid of it, it was so vivid, so I -had- to put it on paper! I hope you all enjoy it!\r\nSonique (c) Monique Claxton. Artwork by Carrie Riff.

Image: InvaderBattie-c.jpg   600x594 156861 bytes 2002.07.19

It's done! I had -lots- of fun making this picture!\r\nI hope you all enjoy it as much as Battie did!\r\n....\r\nI'd forgotten how hard it is to cel shade. Owie. *handcramp*\r\n\r\nInvader Battie (c) her player. CarrieGir and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: InvaderBattie.jpg   700x700 37141 bytes 2002.07.18

A present for my buddy, Battie!\r\n\r\nMy first and only Invader Zim type picture and it came out better than I thought! It's Battie and Carrie Pika as Zim and Gir!\r\nI LOVE the PikaGir! XD\r\nInvader Battie (c) her player. CarrieGir (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: ButterfliesAndSundresses-SV.jpg   621x720 152245 bytes 2002.07.18

The completed picture that I just finished about fifteen minutes ago. I'm pleased with how it came out, even if the scanner did eat all the detail on it. It's much prettier in real life. Oh well, scanner's will do that. \r\nDone in about three hours using soft pastels, some touchups with Prismacolour pencils and lots of kleenex. ^^;;\r\n'Butterflies and Sundresses' (c) Carrie Riff

Image: corbeau2.jpg   528x718 38826 bytes 2002.07.18

Corbeau's regular routine of showering and then sitting in his room, smokin' and cleanin' his guns and swords. Heh. Echo knows he hasn't eaten so she's brought him a snack! Four liters of lemonade and five pounds of fried chicken. It should tide him over till supper. ^^;;;;;\r\nHey, when you're an active fellow at eight feet tall you tend to need alot of food!\r\nCorbeau (c) Kyle Riff. Echo and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: Yu-Gi-Chu!.jpg   500x728 30746 bytes 2002.07.18

Ever wonder what happens when you mix a Pokemaniac with the Yu-Gi-Oh! PSX game at 3 AM in the morning?\r\n\r\nThis is the result.. Carrie Pika's Yami form...\r\n\r\nYou may all run screaming in terror now. o^^o;;;\r\n\r\nYami Carrie Pika (c) Carrie Riff.\r\nYamiforms in general and Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Konami.

Image: PussInBoots.jpg   580x697 26733 bytes 2002.06.03

The fourth in my portfolio so far. Hopefully I'll have this finished up, with at least six full colour pictures included sometime soon. Heh. I'm working hard on it. ^^\r\nArtwork and Kerri (c) Carrie Riff

Image: hotdog.jpg   500x707 22397 bytes 2002.06.03

The third in my portfolio. I know, some of the puns are probably gonna be pretty bad, but the point is the pictures. Heehee. o^_^o\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: CatInTheHat.jpg   450x680 20175 bytes 2002.06.03

I'm still working on pictures for my portfolio. Haven't decided just what to call the portfolio, but it's lots of puns and plays on favourite characters and such. So far I have four of them done. This is the second. It's a Cheshire Cat in the Mad Hatters hat, if you can't tell. Heehee. The finished colours will be available in print form, as well as included in the portfolio.\r\nArtwork(c) Carrie Riff.

Image: Sylynda1.jpg   500x707 27361 bytes 2002.06.03

I finally drew her! This is Sylynda, my Tigervix character from over on Taps. I've only had her since 1996. o.o Heehee. I guess it was time to draw her, hunh? ^^;;\r\nSylynda (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: Vincent.jpg   500x699 44379 bytes 2002.05.21

I recently got to know StickDevil. He's one sweet fellow and an awesome artist. I was struck with the idea for this picture one night and sketched it up. It's a very.. Cowboy Bebop pose.. but then.. I'm obsessed. And still, it looks good on Vincent. Heehee! Hope you like it, Stick!\r\nVincent (c) StickDevil.\r\nArtwork by Carrie Riff.

Image: KamiKerri1.jpg   600x644 33902 bytes 2002.05.21

Kyle was tossing ideas at me earlier when I felt like drawing and one of them was an idea for Kamikire and Kerri as little girls in their school uniforms. It stuck in my head and this is what came of it! Heehee! I think it's cute. My scanner ate it a little bit, but expect a clean ink of it eventually.\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff. Kerri (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: PlayfulBreeze-c.jpg   496x650 66604 bytes 2002.04.12

This started out as just a little doodle this afternoon while I was outside with Indiana. I ended up inking it and it looked really cute, so I whipped out my prismas and, tada, here it is! A cute little bunnygirl trying to keep her hat and her skirt in place on a breezy day!\r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: FoxInSocksSample.jpg   316x400 47979 bytes 2002.04.11

I have finished it! And I've decided to sell it as a print, as well as being part of an upcoming portfolio I'm working on, based entirely around Kamikire. She's just... far too adorable and I enjoy drawing her so much, I figure it's a good start! If you're interested in purchasing prints from me, drop me a line at I'll also be offering them on FurBid at a later date.\r\n\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

Image: FoxInSocksKami.jpg   549x692 47193 bytes 2002.04.10

All I can say is I'll never look at Dr. Suess the same way again.... o.o XD\r\n \r\nAn idea Kyle had that wouldn't go away... ^^;\r\n \r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

Image: KamiPirateC.jpg   550x695 86908 bytes 2002.04.07

It's Kamikire in full colour! Isn't she just adorable? I'm glad it came out so well. I'm enjoying my break to work on my art and my RL alot! Things just keep getting better. =D\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: KamiPirate.jpg   591x700 40783 bytes 2002.03.29

Once again, it's Kamikire, the pink paper foxie! And this time she's an Air Pirate! Heehee! Kyle's been playing Skies of Arcadia almost obsessively for the past few days, and this was one of his picture ideas that just sorta.. stuck. I think it came out good!\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

Image: PepeLePew.jpg   475x700 27697 bytes 2002.02.26

Ahhhh... l'amour... ^_^\r\nAfter spending most of the morning enjoying some of Chuck Jones best shorts (they've been playing alot of his on CN in the early mornings) I was suddenly struck with how poor Pepe, such a sexy man of a skunk, is constantly being fled by lucky ladies he's given his attention to. Of course, this led to this picture! Voila! Now look at that and tell me you wouldn't swoon if he slipped from the shadows to woo you with a rose and his delicious french accent? =D I certainly would have a hard time saying no to that.... o.o Mrrrr!\r\nPepe LePew (c) Warner Brothers\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

Image: KamiHalf.jpg   500x658 39351 bytes 2002.02.23

Yay! It's Kamikire! Yeahyeahyeah.. I know.. it's not an 'original' idea, but Ranma's hair just.. screamed Kami to me for some reason. I've started collecting the manga volumes and, by god, this stuff is awesome! I love it! ^_^\r\nAnd Kami just.. lends herself to the storyline... well.. sorta.. she woulda started as a girl who fell into Spring of Drowned Boy or something like that.... Heehee. Isn't she adorable? =D\r\nKamikire (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork by Carrie Riff.

Image: SmokinWuffie.jpg   437x670 43531 bytes 2002.02.20

More oekaki! This was done the same day as the picture of Kami, but Velar broke so I couldn't upload it at the same time. ^^;;\r\nI think I've been watching too much Cowboy Bebop... o.O\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: AutumnLeaves-fbs.jpg   500x396 58899 bytes 2002.02.20

My first FurBid auction peice!\r\nIt was listed this morning. Sadly the scan of this isn't the greatest as it's slightly to large for my flatbed, and as you can see, one side of it is crooked. It also ate alot of the colour. The original isn't crooked and is much more vibrant than this scan.\r\nIt can be viewed and bid on at:\r\n\r\nEnjoy! ^_^\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff

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