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Image: %5Emouse%5E.jpg   400x534 43331 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: 2guys.jpg   500x626 52005 bytes 2000.11.27

After discovering that her genetic makeup is very easily affluenced by the powerful stones found\r\nin Kanto and Jhoto, Carrie Pika also discovered that Kyle Eevee's newly discovered Gender Stone also\r\naffected her. And that she wasn't a she anymore. *giggle* This is Kyle and Carrie from SPR, with\r\nCarrie in her new male Pikachu form. Carrie Pika Me and Kyle Eevee Kyle Riff.\n

Image: 2guysi.jpg   550x687 62411 bytes 2000.11.27

An ink of my picture of Carrie Pika and Kyle Eevee. Carrie Pika Me and Kyle Eevee Kyle Riff.\n

Image: Abeeyore-n-EbonyTigger.jpg   621x730 91835 bytes 2001.10.19

Well, when my husband came up with this idea the other night, we both couldn't beleive it hadn't been done before! Who knows, maybe somebody did, and just didn't post it, but I'm posting it now! Why? Cause it's such a cute idea! This is Abeeyore and Ebony Tigger! I mean, c'mon, Abe and Ebony Tiger.. a donkey and a tiger.. how could you -not- think of this? I hope you both like it. *giggle* I had lots of fun drawing it and just love how it came out! It's exactly like I saw it in my head! I know you don't know me, Ebony, but I've been collecting yours and Chris' stuff, and I just had to draw something for the both of you! Enjoy! o^_^o\r\nAbe (c) Chris Goodwin.\r\nEbony Tiger (c) Sheryn Brown.\r\nArt done by and (c) to Carrie Ann Riff.

Image: aerric.jpg   560x642 87206 bytes 1999.12.29

A pic I did of a char I had for a short time. Aerric Carrie Legault.\n

Image: aeryn.jpg   1052x1332 251248 bytes 1998.10.07

At one time I and some friends were going to make a furry RPG. This is one of the char designs.\n

Image: aggression.jpg   457x700 39543 bytes 2001.03.28

I did this sketch after having to deal with a real prick of a dentist while being nice and going to my sisters dental clinic for school. (She's in the Dental Hygenist Program.) The f--ker was hurting me with that metal picky thing, and when I scrunched up my eyes, whimpered, and squirmed, he looked down at me and yelled "Calm down! It's not gonna kill you!" My sister was really pissed off, and my mouth hurt for hours after. Stupid @#$&%#....

Image: akurei1c.jpg   400x725 89315 bytes 2001.08.09

I've just completed colouring the picture of Akurei. Pretty nifty, hunh? The scan isn't perfect, sadly. She didn't come out as nice and dark as she is on paper. Oh well. You get the idea. Akurei is (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: akurei1i.JPG   400x720 43010 bytes 2001.08.08

This is Akurei, the end result of a twisted and evil genetic experiment. She was designed, by an Overlander, to infiltrate the Mobian resistance and kingdom before the official start of the Great War and kill their leaders. Unfortunately, her 'programming' wasn't quite perfect, and she developed serious mental instabilities leading to malevolent and vengeful tendancies. She has proclaimed herself the Spirit of Evil and Death, and lives up to the claim. Akurei is (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: alien.jpg   512x730 38616 bytes 2001.10.19

My husband, Kyle, grew up on the music of a little known rock musical that he recently introduced me too. Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds. It really is a very good musical, not alot of singing, but lots of really cool late 70's, early 80's sorta alien kinda music. It has to be listened to to be appreciated properly. While I was listening to it last night, I drew her! I dunno who she is yet, but she's a cute little alien girl wif big feets and cute antennae. *giggle* I really like her.. but she needs a name.. suggestions?\r\nAlien girl and artwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: alttest.jpg   538x523 86785 bytes 2001.03.09

Well, after seeing lots of versions of lineless drawing, some beautiful, some.. odd.. I decided I was going to give the style a try. After six or more hours of work, this is what came of it! It's difficult, it's fun, it's timeconsuming, but very rewarding. Not matter how much I liked this one, this style from me is probably gonna be few and far between. I just -don't- have the time to do this for all my colour pics. o.o Anyways, the kitty in the picture is to me!

Image: altyre1.jpg   450x695 31225 bytes 2001.08.09

Hey, look! It's Altyre! Yep, this is my favourite male character, a whole lot of fun to play, and he just seems to have some of the most interesting adventures and conversations. Yes, he's a cat, a calico cat at that, and before people email me saying male calico's are impossible, he's not a true calico. Let alone even a true cat. There is more to Alt than meets the eye. Anyways, this is him, and Altyre is (c) Carrie Riff!

Image: amotherslove.jpg   650x678 55202 bytes 2001.04.12

Last week, my beloved little boy, Indiana, fell very ill. He was so sick that he had to be hospitalized. It wasn't for a very long time, but while he was in the hospital, I absolutely refused to leave his side. My father, who was with me, finally forced me to go get something to eat and drink lest I pass out and be no use at all. It's given me a much larger appreciation for having a healthy son, and also made me marvel at the depth of my own love for him. This is for all children and their mothers. If you're reading this, take a moment to call your Mom and tell her you appreciate all the years she's loved you. I did.

Image: annith.jpg   400x500 60997 bytes 1999.12.30

Carrie Ann when she was still Temptress Annithalia, the Goddess of Love, Weather and Chastity. ^_^\n

Image: aris2.jpg   583x736 118408 bytes 1998.10.07

Image: aris2a.jpg   583x736 113292 bytes 1999.12.29

A pic I did a long time ago of one of my dearest net friends, Aris Foxx. Aris his player.\n

Image: aris3.jpg   403x776 152168 bytes 1998.10.07

Image: aris4.jpg   511x668 165616 bytes 1998.10.07

Image: aris5.jpg   548x743 180213 bytes 1998.10.07

Image: AutumnLeaves-fbs.jpg   500x396 58899 bytes 2002.02.20

My first FurBid auction peice!\r\nIt was listed this morning. Sadly the scan of this isn't the greatest as it's slightly to large for my flatbed, and as you can see, one side of it is crooked. It also ate alot of the colour. The original isn't crooked and is much more vibrant than this scan.\r\nIt can be viewed and bid on at:\r\n\r\nEnjoy! ^_^\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: awgeez.jpg   550x657 50094 bytes 2001.02.09

*giggle* Kami, Gregg and I were all sitting about chatting last night. Gregg was insisting he's nothing but a badass, and Kami and I were telling him just how kawaii and sweet and kind and loveable he really is! *grinnie* Tanuki no kawaii!! ^_^ Kami Aja Williams, Gregg errr.. Gregg? *giggle* Carrie Pika me!

Image: azel.jpg   400x564 45210 bytes 1999.12.29

This is a pic of a friends Pokemon Trainer character, Azel!\n

Image: bgterra.jpg   400x630 60731 bytes 1999.12.29

Terra Amethyst Echidna in her tiger'chidna form. I did this pic after listening to way too much Aqua. ^_^;\n

Image: bigcanbebeautiful.jpg   470x697 33001 bytes 2001.06.10

Okay.. I got tired of seeing just about nothing but massive antigravity breasts on skinny ass women in most artwork, -including- my own, and decided I was gonna draw something different this time! This is for all you larger ladies out there, like myself, who think you need to be a stick to be pretty and attractive. It took me a long time to realize that about myself, but thanks to my beloved fiance, Kyle, I've come to realize that big can be beautiful too. This is.. well.. me... ^^;; I tried.. it's my face, my body type, my hair. So, I guess it's me... and I'm starting to love who I am, despite my size, or maybe even a little bit because of it... cause if Kyle loves me as I am.. then maybe I should too...

Image: bikerm.jpg   300x448 31387 bytes 1999.12.29

A picture drawn after looking at too much of Jeremy Bernal's artwork. ^_^;;;\n

Image: bikerm2.jpg   500x398 52663 bytes 1999.12.29

The same pic as above but with the bike included this time.\n

Image: bikermc2.jpg   600x478 63263 bytes 1999.12.30

The completed colour pic. She doesn't have a name, an' I dun know who she is. Just... drew her. ^^\n

Image: bishpika.jpg   531x753 47786 bytes 2001.01.24

I just spent this whole day hunting down bishounen pictures and catching many many Pocket Bishounen ( so I just had to try and draw one... Being a furry and a Pokemon lover.. this is what happened. ^^;;;

Image: bri%26car.jpg   400x421 49548 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: bri&car.jpg   877x922 133890 bytes 1998.10.07

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