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Image: duo1.jpg   700x611 47263 bytes 2001.03.16

Well, it finally happened.. I found my favourite bishounen, and wouldn't ya know it, he's from Gundam Wing, an anime I can't even -watch-!!! *cries unconsolably* *stops* Anyways, I was doodling last night, and this is what came of it! Tada! It's Duo Maxwell, Pilot of Gundam Deathscythe and the hottest anime guy -ever-.. mrrrrr. I'm not sure who he's to, but it isn't me! I just drew a fan piccie. ^-^;

Image: symheads.jpg   617x676 55454 bytes 2001.03.10

Hey, look! It's Symantha! No, I haven't completely forgotten about my Symmie foxie. Here she is, in all her Sytharian glory! I gotta finish that story some day.... -.- Anyways, this is just a few of her moments. Doncha just love the file name? o/~ Sym heads.. Sym heads.. roly poly Sym heads... ~\\o *ahem* Scuse me.. I'm gonna go have s'more caffiene. 8D As always, Symantha is me!!

Image: trkamicarrie.jpg   450x705 44544 bytes 2001.03.10

It's a Kami and a Carrie, from Team Rocket! Prepare for trouble, and make it double, with a cherry on top. ^_~ I'm gonna do a better sketch that shows their uniforms better... maybe even colour it. Anyways, it's the new Team Rocket team up! Kami Aja Williams and Carrie Pika me!

Image: alttest.jpg   538x523 86785 bytes 2001.03.09

Well, after seeing lots of versions of lineless drawing, some beautiful, some.. odd.. I decided I was going to give the style a try. After six or more hours of work, this is what came of it! It's difficult, it's fun, it's timeconsuming, but very rewarding. Not matter how much I liked this one, this style from me is probably gonna be few and far between. I just -don't- have the time to do this for all my colour pics. o.o Anyways, the kitty in the picture is to me!

Image: themoon.jpg   700x700 51369 bytes 2001.02.22

I'm not really sure what inspired this.. but.. I wanted to draw something in colour, but didn't want to go through sketching and inking and stuff.. and I was kinda tired with my usual pictures. So, I opened up PS, filled a window with a colour and started to just... throw colour on it. This is what came out of it. Kinda cool, neh? Maybe I'll start doing these more often. ^_^ Art done by and to Carrie Legault.

Image: cl-mark2.jpg   550x741 41462 bytes 2001.02.22

Hey, look! It's Mark Vega again! And he's a... Mobian? o.o Okey, okey.. so I'm a little strange today, but Mark and I were chatting and stuff and I discovered that he had friends in the Sonic Universe, something that I just adore. While we were chatting, I was struck with the image of him as a fellow Mobian, and, tada! There he is! Mark Vega is himself! ^_^

Image: michumemon1.jpg   500x655 40222 bytes 2001.02.17

I just bought Digimon : The Movie yesterday, and finally got a chance to watch it tonight! THAT MOVIE ROCKS!!!! *giggle* Anyways.. Being the Digimon fan I am, and the fact that the movie was so freakin' cool, I was struck with the inspiration for my very own Digimon. (Yep.. I've now also got a Digidestined character, pic soon to come.) This is Michumemon! She's a Rookie level Digimon. I'm working on her Digivolutions right now. Michumemon is me! Digimon is Fox Kids. ^_^

Image: cl-kami1.jpg   500x692 38952 bytes 2001.02.17

Finally, after much fighting and much frustration, I was able to come up with a picture I was at least satisfied with! It's Kami! She is my very favourite furry artist, and now, one of the most fun friends I've ever had! She, along with Gregg and Mark Vega, helped keep me from quitting the art thing forever! Thanks so very much, you guys! ^_^ Kami is Aja Williams.

Image: cl-mark1.jpg   550x692 42693 bytes 2001.02.11

It's Mark Vega, another of the wonderful furs who helped get me out of my drawing slump! Only one left to go, and it's prolly the most.. well.. *giggle* Intimidating. ^^;; Anyways! This is Mark Vega, and he's himself! (Great artist too! )

Image: cl-gregg1.jpg   550x686 46915 bytes 2001.02.10

Hey, look! It's Gregg, being his badass tanuki self! ^_^ He's been so nice to me and helping me get reinspired to draw, that I decided to go ahead and draw him as a 'thank you!' during one of my inspirational moments. Got two more to finish like this one, one each of two other furs who've helped me alot in the past three days! Gregg is his badass, but sweet, player!

Image: cchoco2.jpg   600x517 48578 bytes 2001.02.09

It's Carrie the Chocobo again! I've never really drawn anything avian before, so this is good practice for me. Carrie is me!

Image: cchoco.jpg   426x628 45876 bytes 2001.02.09

It's Carrie from SPR in her Chocobo form! It's just a slightly messy little sketch I did pretty quickly, but I'm kinda proud of the results.. Took me quite a while to get a Chocobo face I was happy with. o.o Anyways, that's her! Wark! ^_^

Image: awgeez.jpg   550x657 50094 bytes 2001.02.09

*giggle* Kami, Gregg and I were all sitting about chatting last night. Gregg was insisting he's nothing but a badass, and Kami and I were telling him just how kawaii and sweet and kind and loveable he really is! *grinnie* Tanuki no kawaii!! ^_^ Kami Aja Williams, Gregg errr.. Gregg? *giggle* Carrie Pika me!

Image: puppet.jpg   550x644 44674 bytes 2001.02.08

"Who is the puppetmaster and who is the puppet?" Sometimes I never know just who's in control... Carrie Legault or Carrie Pika. Am I just the puppet? Or am I the puppetmaster? Who knows.... o.o

Image: fanpika.jpg   722x607 57210 bytes 2001.02.08

I just got to meet my favourite furry artist of all, Aja Williams, AKA Kami! I've been very hyper and excited and did this little doodle because I was so excited at getting to meet her. o^_^o Kami Aja Williams, Carrie Pika me!

Image: wdandsc1.jpg   600x627 83354 bytes 2001.02.05

The basic colour of my WhiteDeath and Sakura picture. I've been trying out some new styles of shading and hilighting, and been having trouble with it, so I thought I'd just post the flat colour for now anyways. WhiteDeath is her player and Sakura is me! ^_^\r\n

Image: bishpika.jpg   531x753 47786 bytes 2001.01.24

I just spent this whole day hunting down bishounen pictures and catching many many Pocket Bishounen ( so I just had to try and draw one... Being a furry and a Pokemon lover.. this is what happened. ^^;;;

Image: wdandsi.jpg   650x679 106183 bytes 2001.01.23

It's WhiteDeath and Sakura! I've inked it and now I'm gonna try to colour it when I've got some time! *hugs and kisses to WD* WhiteDeath her player, Sakura me!

Image: wdands.jpg   600x737 69777 bytes 2001.01.18

It's WhiteDeath the Angel Roo and Sakura the Demon Roo!! Aren't they cute together? Watch out though, these two can cause some serious mischeif when they're wandering about the park together. *evil grin* WhiteDeath is her player and Sakura is me!

Image: shiroc.jpg   544x739 80779 bytes 2001.01.12

This is ShiroKaishi, the Efui grrl! She lives with Kyle and Carrie on SPR and is not only a roomate, but a best friend. (And lover on occasion. *giggle* *wink*) She did the pencils and inks, and I coloured it for her! ShiroKaishi is her player! Hugs and kisses to Shiro! o^_^o

Image: whitei.jpg   550x735 77349 bytes 2001.01.08

An ink of my picture of WhiteDeath! Gonna colour it too, sometime soon, I hope! WhiteDeath is her player! More hugs and snugs to WD! ^_^\r\n\n

Image: deanna4.jpg   550x739 52550 bytes 2001.01.08

Another picture of Deanna! Isn't she kawaii? Deanna is me! ^_^\n

Image: white.jpg   550x739 56631 bytes 2001.01.08

This is a sketch I did one day while sittin' in the park on SPR. This is my wacky and wonderful park buddy, WhiteDeath!! Isn't she the coolest? *grin* o^_^o\r\nHugs and snugs, WD! WhiteDeath is her player. Art Carrie Legault\n

Image: hoppy1i.jpg   400x642 39919 bytes 2000.12.18

A picture I did for a buddy of mine, Hoppy! Isn't he cute? Hoppy is his player. ^_^\n

Image: cpiwc.jpg   550x710 186442 bytes 2000.12.16

This is the coloured version of my Carrie Pika in Wonderland picture! It's the first time\r\nI've done a digital ink! It didnt' come out too bad for a first try. It was inked and coloured\r\ncompletely in Photoshop. I'm gonna ink it by hand as well, later on. White Rabbit is \r\nJefferson Airplane. Carrie Pika is me! o^_^o\n

Image: cpiw1.jpg   550x710 53663 bytes 2000.12.14

Inspired by one of my favourite songs, White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. The song\r\nis one of my favourites because it's based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking\r\nGlass by Lewis Carroll, two books which I've read about a thousand times and just adore.\r\nSo, since I'd never done a Wonderland type picture, I decided it was time! I'm inking it \r\nright now and working on putting the lyrics to the song in the picture as well. Carrie Pika\r\nis me!\n

Image: rlcarrie.jpg   450x615 43559 bytes 2000.12.07

I finally decided to upload the best picture I have of myself. This is my Grad photo, and it's about\r\nfour years outdated, sadly. But I don't look much different. Longer hair, maybe. Sorry for the\r\ngraininess of the picture. It's on some weird bumpy photo paper, some funky textured thing that was the\r\n'In Thing' in photos the year I graduated. That's me, though! Uhmm... I suppose I'd be to my Mom\r\nand Dad...? *giggle* ^_^\n

Image: rowan.jpg   380x684 30663 bytes 2000.12.04

This is Rowan, my Pokemon Trainer character. Yes, she looks much like Ash, but that's because he's basically\r\nher hero. She's only about 12, and her little Pichu goes with her everywhere as you can see.\r\nRowan Me!\n

Image: 2guysi.jpg   550x687 62411 bytes 2000.11.27

An ink of my picture of Carrie Pika and Kyle Eevee. Carrie Pika Me and Kyle Eevee Kyle Riff.\n

Image: nekei.jpg   450x644 40894 bytes 2000.11.27

An ink I did of Haganeke. Haganeke is her player.\n

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