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Image: mj.jpg   565x623 64755 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: mlykra.jpg   450x593 222863 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: mmgirl.jpg   500x650 58194 bytes 2000.04.20

Image: mommies.jpg   600x662 53434 bytes 2000.11.03

I know I haven't been posting much at all lately.\r\nThere's a good reason for that! *giggle* And \r\nthis is it right here. ^_^\n

Image: monosakura.jpg   528x730 106546 bytes 2001.11.07

Something totally new for me.. well, okay, not totally new, cause we had to do this in highschool art classes, but I haven't done it since then. I'm rather pleased with the results, actually. o.o\r\nIt's a monochrome study of Sakura, done with only two Prismacolour pencils and a peice of plain blue construction paper. I must admit... for an experiment, I wasn't expecting it to turn out this well. ^^;;;\r\nI don't have moments of ego very often, so please forgive me while I run around going WOOHOO! I drew something COOOOL! o.o o^_^o;;;;\r\n*giggle* Enjoy!

Image: mterra.jpg   497x687 101862 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: mterrac.jpg   497x687 141371 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: myhedgie.jpg   500x639 57200 bytes 2000.06.03

Image: neke1.jpg   450x724 46117 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: nekei.jpg   450x644 40894 bytes 2000.11.27

An ink I did of Haganeke. Haganeke is her player.\n

Image: newdw.jpg   400x586 53912 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: oldfriend.jpg   600x704 65835 bytes 2001.09.01

Just yesterday I got the terrible news that I was losing a very very dear net friend, someone who I've come to care very deeply for. In losing her this way, I'd suddenly realized that I had another old friend, one whom I'd known iRL for over a decade and who I was slowly losing due to alot of my own selfish foolish stupidity. \r\nYes, I've been quietly mad at her for some time now. \r\nYes, I've been hurt by some of the things that were said and done.\r\nYes, many hurtful things were said and done by the both of us.\r\nI said I'd forgive and forget. \r\nAnd I did. \r\nExcept for one part of everything.\r\nI won't go into details of course, but suffice it to say I shouldn't have let this problem get in the way of a friendship I'd had for over ten years and a friendship that was one of the best I've ever had, even in it's hardest moments.\r\nI'm very sorry for the way I've acted over the past year or so, Monique. I really am. I will no longer let my problem get in the way of -our- friendship, as I have selfishly been. If you're reading this, drop me a line, K? \r\n\r\nSonique is (c) 2001 Monique Claxton.\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: onyx1.jpg   568x700 59308 bytes 2001.03.28

I finally did a picture for Lizzie-chan! She did a 10,000 hits logo for my Furnation page.. goodness.. I think that was before Christmas. I finally managed to do a picture I was happy with in return! Here's Onyx, in all her badass glory. (Boy, I know alot of badass furs.. o.o) Onyx is Elizabeth Peterson!

Image: otter.jpg   400x603 83647 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: packy.jpg   250x651 43100 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: penguin1.jpg   450x683 31857 bytes 2001.04.19

Yay!! I finally got around to designing my very own Battle Costume! I've often wondered why Tomoyo-chan never designed Sakura a Penguin costume seeing how much she likes them. So, I designed one myself! Isn't it kawaii? ^_^ I even made the little matching outfit for Kero-chan! Yay! I love Card Captor Sakura... ^_^

Image: PepeLePew.jpg   475x700 27697 bytes 2002.02.26

Ahhhh... l'amour... ^_^\r\nAfter spending most of the morning enjoying some of Chuck Jones best shorts (they've been playing alot of his on CN in the early mornings) I was suddenly struck with how poor Pepe, such a sexy man of a skunk, is constantly being fled by lucky ladies he's given his attention to. Of course, this led to this picture! Voila! Now look at that and tell me you wouldn't swoon if he slipped from the shadows to woo you with a rose and his delicious french accent? =D I certainly would have a hard time saying no to that.... o.o Mrrrr!\r\nPepe LePew (c) Warner Brothers\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

Image: pikaangel.jpg   738x588 110629 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: pikachu.jpg   350x682 73076 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: pikangelc1.jpg   600x478 89170 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: pikazap.jpg   300x540 36151 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: piku.jpg   309x684 93779 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: pkatchno.jpg   500x666 60911 bytes 2000.03.06

Image: PlayfulBreeze-c.jpg   496x650 66604 bytes 2002.04.12

This started out as just a little doodle this afternoon while I was outside with Indiana. I ended up inking it and it looked really cute, so I whipped out my prismas and, tada, here it is! A cute little bunnygirl trying to keep her hat and her skirt in place on a breezy day!\r\n\r\nArtwork (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: pokemancer-figure.jpg   583x700 63889 bytes 2002.01.18

This is what I have done so far, and I think it might be where I burn out on this picture. Yes, I know the flames are missing, and yes, I know the background in boring... but do you know how -hard- it is to do this sort of lineless work? I've put in over six hours of work already, and this is all I have done. It's hard to keep up with my three year old and still find time to work on this one, so this may be as finished as it gets. Still, I'm proud of it for my first real attempt. It's come out well. ^_^\r\nHopefully, someday, I'll put in the flames and background. =}\r\nKyle Burakki the Pokemancer (c) Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork and nifties and endless hours on the Mac (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: Pokemancer.jpg   583x700 58040 bytes 2002.01.14

This is what happens when you let a Pokemaniac and her husband play hours and hours and hours of Diablo II on end. @.@\r\nIt's Kyle Burakki, the Pokemancer!! XD\r\nI've been sooooooooo utterly and totally addicted! Kyle plays a Necromancer, duh, and I play a Sorceress, named Carrie. It is so utterly awesome... It kicks total ass. \r\nYou all must go and buy it immediately and play till you're brain is as fried as mine! *evilcackle* *ahem*\r\nBut anyways! Here he is and I's proud of it. ^^\r\nI think I'll ink it and colour it... or maybe like.. totally Photoshop it. Ooooooo. ^^;;\r\nKyle Burakki the Pokemancer Kyle Riff.\r\nArtwork and nifties done by Carrie Riff.\r\nDiablo II is Blizzard Entertainment!

Image: pokepika.jpg   506x616 51142 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: poohpeacemaker.jpg   599x687 41002 bytes 2001.05.02

Okay.. my Tigger Warrior has set off a cascading effect within my brain. They are at war with the Rabbit Clan (Pic of Rabbit Warrior done by Aja Williams if you wanna see!) and the whole mess is being mediated by these simple peaceful folk. The Pooh Peacemakers. Isn't he serene? A lovely portrait of simplistic peaceful harmony with nature. But, like all peacemakers, they're also excellent fighters, well trained in the use of the staff he's holding. Whee.. I thought about this too much.. @.@

Image: poshul1.jpg   500x653 64287 bytes 2000.09.21

Another 'I couldn't help myself!'. After playing lots and lots of Chrono Cross \r\nwith my fiance, I found myself very much liking the adorable character of Poshul.\r\nAnd, after fighting the urge for a little while, I finally gave in and made a \r\nmorphic version of her. Isn't she adorable?!?! I may just do more pictures of her\r\nthis way, so keep looking! Poshul is Squaresoft.\n

Image: powaqqatsi.jpg   586x730 48358 bytes 2001.12.10

I watched a really really cool movie thingy tonight with my sweetie. It's called Powaqqatsi and it's this.. composition of music and imagery. It's really -quite- stunning.. even if I did draw through most of it. *hehe* I couldn't help it! The first fifteen minutes of the film and suddenly I'm hit with this image! And I -had- to get it on paper before I lost it cause it was so vivid in my mind!\r\nDefinately inking and colouring this one.\r\nPowaqqatsi is .. different. It's very enjoyable though and if you haven't seen it, I recommend finding it and watching it, if you can. It's a little hard to find though, apparently. But it's really very cool! And totally inspiring. Hey, some of the music from this movie was even used in the Truman Show! Cool, neh? ^_^\r\nArtwork done by Carrie Riff.

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