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Image: trkamicarrie.jpg   450x705 44544 bytes 2001.03.10

It's a Kami and a Carrie, from Team Rocket! Prepare for trouble, and make it double, with a cherry on top. ^_~ I'm gonna do a better sketch that shows their uniforms better... maybe even colour it. Anyways, it's the new Team Rocket team up! Kami Aja Williams and Carrie Pika me!

Image: ttrans.jpg   1114x1343 182865 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: uni1.jpg   500x718 43184 bytes 2000.09.21

Image: uni1icd.jpg   450x690 181893 bytes 2001.08.09

An older pic I finally inked and coloured. It came out pretty good. I dunno who she is though, really. Anybody have any name suggestions? Artwork and Unicorn Girl are (c) Carrie Riff.

Image: ValentinePika.jpg   667x792 93670 bytes 2003.02.14

I put alot of time and effort into this picture for my husband, Kyle, and he likes it alot. I'm very happy. ^^\r\n\r\nHappy Valentine's Day!\r\n\r\nDone initially in OpenCanvas with Kami and then touched up in Photoshop 7.\r\nCarrie Pika and artwork (c) Carrie Riff

Image: Vincent.jpg   500x699 44379 bytes 2002.05.21

I recently got to know StickDevil. He's one sweet fellow and an awesome artist. I was struck with the idea for this picture one night and sketched it up. It's a very.. Cowboy Bebop pose.. but then.. I'm obsessed. And still, it looks good on Vincent. Heehee! Hope you like it, Stick!\r\nVincent (c) StickDevil.\r\nArtwork by Carrie Riff.

Image: vulpix.jpg   400x577 69703 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: wdands.jpg   600x737 69777 bytes 2001.01.18

It's WhiteDeath the Angel Roo and Sakura the Demon Roo!! Aren't they cute together? Watch out though, these two can cause some serious mischeif when they're wandering about the park together. *evil grin* WhiteDeath is her player and Sakura is me!

Image: wdandsc1.jpg   600x627 83354 bytes 2001.02.05

The basic colour of my WhiteDeath and Sakura picture. I've been trying out some new styles of shading and hilighting, and been having trouble with it, so I thought I'd just post the flat colour for now anyways. WhiteDeath is her player and Sakura is me! ^_^\r\n

Image: wdandsi.jpg   650x679 106183 bytes 2001.01.23

It's WhiteDeath and Sakura! I've inked it and now I'm gonna try to colour it when I've got some time! *hugs and kisses to WD* WhiteDeath her player, Sakura me!

Image: white.jpg   550x739 56631 bytes 2001.01.08

This is a sketch I did one day while sittin' in the park on SPR. This is my wacky and wonderful park buddy, WhiteDeath!! Isn't she the coolest? *grin* o^_^o\r\nHugs and snugs, WD! WhiteDeath is her player. Art Carrie Legault\n

Image: whitei.jpg   550x735 77349 bytes 2001.01.08

An ink of my picture of WhiteDeath! Gonna colour it too, sometime soon, I hope! WhiteDeath is her player! More hugs and snugs to WD! ^_^\r\n\n

Image: WhiteyAngelRoo.jpg   500x637 44141 bytes 2001.09.13

I.. started working on a tribute picture to the terrible day of September 11th.. but.. it hurts. It hurts -bad-. I saw everything on live television after being phoned by my distraught grandmother at 9 am. I saw the second crash, the pentagon, people.. the towers.. falling. Images that will never be wiped from my memory. What hurt most of all was not knowing, at the time, if my beloved WhiteDeath was okay, since the only knowledge I had was that she lived in NYC.. somewhere. I didn't know where, I didn't know how close. I've never been to NYC, and know next to nothing about it. I prayed for her, worried for her, searched online for some word of her. I didn't sleep. Finally, yesterday, I got word that she was fine, and so was all her family, and I wept. I wept for hours in relief. It.. made me realize, and hurt even more, for all those people who still don't know. The not knowing was the worst part.. having no resolution, be it happy or sad.\r\nTo all those who still don't know.. I pray you find your answers soon.\r\nThe not knowing hurt me, and I pray you don't suffer in ignorance long.\r\nIf your resolution be happy, I rejoice with you.\r\nIf your resolution be sad.. I mourn with you.\r\nSo many people.. so many lives.. this little Canadian has only been in the USA for two months now since her marriage, and this tragedy has struck her hard. I posted something positive to give those who hurt some solace... even for a moment.\r\nYour loved ones are at peace, be they with you now, or passed to the next life. God watch them and love them all.\r\nI.. don't know what else to say.. I still weep, even today..\r\nStand tall, strong and proud, America. This Canuck stands with you.\r\n\r\nWhiteDeath (c) her player. Love you, WD.

Image: widow.jpg   500x596 28975 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: wspawn2.jpg   500x622 132067 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: xmas1.jpg   637x839 189198 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: xmas1c.jpg   500x659 197303 bytes 1999.12.30

Image: Yu-Gi-Chu!.jpg   500x728 30746 bytes 2002.07.18

Ever wonder what happens when you mix a Pokemaniac with the Yu-Gi-Oh! PSX game at 3 AM in the morning?\r\n\r\nThis is the result.. Carrie Pika's Yami form...\r\n\r\nYou may all run screaming in terror now. o^^o;;;\r\n\r\nYami Carrie Pika (c) Carrie Riff.\r\nYamiforms in general and Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Konami.

Image: ztzc.jpg   450x792 88665 bytes 2000.02.15

Image: ztzca.jpg   400x704 64767 bytes 2000.02.15

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