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Image: Wbunny.jpg   462x936 41101 bytes 1999.12.26

It's Punkin, in her SuperMegaTopia version, WONDERBUNY! With the super ability of very bad luck, and appearing nude from a top hat in city streets!\n

Image: felstrm2.jpg   558x513 164684 bytes 1999.12.12

Here's Rik and Sonnette together with their twin daughters, Sarah and Sonya. Sonya's the one with glasses. Rik is (c) Erik Barnhart; the girls are all (c) Adam Durham; and the pic is (c) Meike Thomas AKA DoodLeS.\n

Image: flstrom1.jpg   283x502 37349 bytes 1999.12.12

Rik and Sonnette Felstrom together. Don't they make such a cute couple? Rik is (c) Erik Barnhart; Sonnette is (c) Adam Durham; the picture is (c) Meike Thomas AKA DoodLeS.\n

Image: sonja2.jpg   407x524 74161 bytes 1999.12.12

From the year 2021, comes Sonya Felstrom, the hedgecat psi-mage, daughter of Rik and Sonnette, with her then-fiancé Mashteh Zha. They are now quite happily married. ^^ Sonya is (c) Adam Durham; Mashteh is (c) Patrick Golden; the picture is (c) Meike Thomas AKA DoodLeS.\n

Image: amber_blaine.jpg   302x289 106135 bytes 1999.12.12

Amber Walker, the ryukitsu. Born a white fox anthro, she became rider of the Pernese queen dragon Calanth. But after a blind jump between into the future, the two were accidently merged into a single being... a form which they came to like, and so have not bothered to have the process reversed. She's (c) Derek Walker; Pern elements are (c) Anne McCaffrey; and the picture is (c) Blaine.\n

Image: dereesp_color.JPG   566x858 105187 bytes 1999.12.10

Derek's Esper form again, this time in color. Derek Walker is (c) himself, as is the coloring on this pic, which was drawn by Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Deresper.jpg   614x916 92914 bytes 1999.12.03

Derek Walker's unstable DNA has finally taken its toll, as it mutated him into his Esper form: an amalgam of every species he's turned into in the past, and even a few he hasn't. He... er, shi, is copyright Derek Walker (the real one, who, as far as I know, is 100% male), and the pic was drawn by Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Tawny.jpg   570x658 33725 bytes 1999.11.20

Tawny the Meowth... something of a "bad girl," but she could be worse. ^^; Formerly known as Wont, AKA Dark Critter Moon... long story. She and the pic are (c) Bil Hudson.\n

Image: Marichu.jpg   937x1192 129796 bytes 1999.11.20

Marichu! Don't call her Marill; she hates that. And calling her Pikablu is just asking for her to stick a WaterShock straight up your candy-ass! She's a water/electric-type Pokémorph, trained by Rik Felstrom. She's (c) Adam Durham; the pic is (c) Bill Hudson.\r\n\n

Image: Mewtwo.jpg   326x596 17716 bytes 1999.11.20

Mewn's evolved form MuneTwo. Yes, I know mew cannot normally evolve into mewtwo, but Mewn is a special case. She's not a true mew clone; she was genetically manipulated. She and the pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Mew.gif   248x450 19209 bytes 1999.11.20

Mewn, a mew anthro, from the Pokémorphs world. She and the pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Maycbne.jpg   612x808 48552 bytes 1999.11.20

May the cubone morph. Derek is both her trainer and her lover. Shown here not wearing her bone mask... or much of anything else, for that matter. She and this pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Ambervr.jpg   446x1038 47538 bytes 1999.11.06

Bill Hudson's very rough sketch of Amber Walker, the ryukitsu (dragon fox). She's (c) Derek Walker.\n

Image: Wasuchns.jpg   680x484 63102 bytes 1999.11.06

Washuu's newest creation Wasureru, in his chibi form, with three of his Terminals (or, as we call 'em, "Wasu-Chans"). Wasureru's the one on the far right. Wasu, his Terminals, and this pic are all (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: sarahmur.jpg   248x620 56419 bytes 1999.11.06

Sarah Murphy, psionicist and host to the cat Zoot Rik Felstrom. Sarah's (c) Erik Barnhart; picture by Blaine.\n

Image: punkin_blaine.JPG   206x410 91434 bytes 1999.11.06

Punkin again, this time drawn by Blaine. She's (c) Bill Hudson, of course.\n

Image: derek.jpg   300x595 307965 bytes 1999.11.06

One of Blaine's earlier pictures, this is the adventurer/inventor Derek Walker, in his human form. He can also become a fox, and probably several other things; his genetics were never terribly stable. He's (c) himself.\n

Image: friends.jpg   326x260 130086 bytes 1999.11.04

o/~ I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me too! o/~ Blaine's take on the Casa characters as the cast of "Friends." L-R: Sonnette, Rik, Derek, Rosita, Amber, Colley. [Lyrics from "I'll Be There for You (Theme from Friends)" by The Rembrandts]\n

Image: Punkin2.jpg   370x864 54820 bytes 1999.11.04

It's Punkin, the Bouncy Rubber Bunny Mage! Punkin and this pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

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