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Image: Maycbne.jpg   612x808 48552 bytes 1999.11.20

May the cubone morph. Derek is both her trainer and her lover. Shown here not wearing her bone mask... or much of anything else, for that matter. She and this pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Mew.gif   248x450 19209 bytes 1999.11.20

Mewn, a mew anthro, from the Pokémorphs world. She and the pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Mewevo.jpg   553x701 56950 bytes 2000.02.07

Sonnette's Pokémon Boots, a genetically-altered Mew, in all three of her forms: MyuTwo (her original form: altered from a MyuMyu, the unevolved form of Mew), MewThree (her evolved form; an altered Mew), and UltiMew (her "ultimate" form, after a permanent Transform that she did in order to be more like her trainer). She's a Psychic/Demon type PokéMutant. Boots, the Pokémon species MyuMyu, MyuTwo, MewThree, and Ultimew, and this picture, all belong to Bill Hudson. Mew and Pokémon are (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, Inc., etc.\n

Image: Mewtwo.jpg   326x596 17716 bytes 1999.11.20

Mewn's evolved form MuneTwo. Yes, I know mew cannot normally evolve into mewtwo, but Mewn is a special case. She's not a true mew clone; she was genetically manipulated. She and the pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: MuneClone.jpg   726x936 119018 bytes 2000.11.28

Image: Natcat&m.jpg   796x940 90227 bytes 2000.01.13

In the PokéMutants universe, Sonnette, accompanied by husband Rik and his Pokémorphs Rarichu (a mutant Raichu/Marril, Electric/Psychic Pokémon) and Marichu (a Marril morph, Electric/Water Pokémon), was searching for a Thunder Radiation Stone for her own Pokémorph, Tenera Ket (a Tenchu, the natural [rather than stone-induced] evolution of Pikachu). In order to blend in, Rarichu disguised Rik as a Meowth... and Sonnette as a Venonat. Sonnette was obviously not too pleased with the costume choice. Rik is (c) Erik Barnhart; Sonnette & Marichu are (c) Adam Durham; Rarichu and the picture are (c) Bill Hudson; and Pokémon is (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., and whoever else.\n

Image: Orcishfairy.jpg   568x550 42781 bytes 2000.11.28

Image: Punkin2.jpg   370x864 54820 bytes 1999.11.04

It's Punkin, the Bouncy Rubber Bunny Mage! Punkin and this pic are (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: punkin_blaine.JPG   206x410 91434 bytes 1999.11.06

Punkin again, this time drawn by Blaine. She's (c) Bill Hudson, of course.\n

Image: Rik.jpg   482x678 59849 bytes 2000.01.03

The earliest known picture we have of Rik Felstrom. He's copyright Erik Barnhart, as always, and the picture was done by Klar.\n

Image: sarahmur.jpg   248x620 56419 bytes 1999.11.06

Sarah Murphy, psionicist and host to the cat Zoot Rik Felstrom. Sarah's (c) Erik Barnhart; picture by Blaine.\n

Image: sonja2.jpg   407x524 74161 bytes 1999.12.12

From the year 2021, comes Sonya Felstrom, the hedgecat psi-mage, daughter of Rik and Sonnette, with her then-fiancé Mashteh Zha. They are now quite happily married. ^^ Sonya is (c) Adam Durham; Mashteh is (c) Patrick Golden; the picture is (c) Meike Thomas AKA DoodLeS.\n

Image: SpiffyYiffyChristmas.jpg   816x1008 164553 bytes 2000.12.25

Image: Tawny.jpg   570x658 33725 bytes 1999.11.20

Tawny the Meowth... something of a "bad girl," but she could be worse. ^^; Formerly known as Wont, AKA Dark Critter Moon... long story. She and the pic are (c) Bil Hudson.\n

Image: TeneraXmas.JPG   331x399 38977 bytes 2000.01.13

Merry Christmas from Tenera Ket and Eevoe! Tenera is a morphic Tenchu, the natural evolution of Pikachu, and a descendant of Ash Ketchum's famous Pikachu/Tenchu, Jean Luc. Eevoe is a descendant of Eevee. Tenera, Eevoe, and the pic are (c) Bill Hudson; the Pokémon species Tenchu is (c) Alicia Ashby; and Pokémon is (c) Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures, Inc.\n

Image: Transmogrifications.jpg   846x1094 174161 bytes 2000.11.28

Image: Wasuchns.jpg   680x484 63102 bytes 1999.11.06

Washuu's newest creation Wasureru, in his chibi form, with three of his Terminals (or, as we call 'em, "Wasu-Chans"). Wasureru's the one on the far right. Wasu, his Terminals, and this pic are all (c) Bill Hudson.\n

Image: Wbunny.jpg   462x936 41101 bytes 1999.12.26

It's Punkin, in her SuperMegaTopia version, WONDERBUNY! With the super ability of very bad luck, and appearing nude from a top hat in city streets!\n

Image: Wbunny2.jpg   478x844 42388 bytes 1999.12.30

Wonder Bunny, trying to come up with a new costume... for some reason, the old one keeps getting torn up, and bloodstained. Could have something to do with how often she dies... nah!\n

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