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Image: Cry-of-America.jpg   544x700 699113 bytes 2001.09.12

The day after the atrocity-hatred for those terrorists who did this still fill my heart. And to add to this, a boy at my school had the gall to say this while me and some friends were talking about the incident.\r\n\r\n"America needs to get it's ass kicked."\r\n\r\nThis has stuck in my mind all day and now...I have begun to hate this person for that comment. Why? The country has, for once-since the last wars- come together...and yet, someone from a country that is allies with the US((kid from England, of all places))- has the GALL and the ODACITY to say such bull. People like that shouldn't even be allowed in the USA. It seems people do not understand how free and how different the US is comapared to other countries- and as of now...I hope that somehow, someway- be it war or something close to it- that who ever did this, gets what they deserve from the American people. I may have said it before- but still...I stand up for my country-even if I am not the best person in the one deserved the evil that was committed 9-11-01.

Image: GodblessAmerica.jpg   567x472 232757 bytes 2001.09.12

As all have heard by now- a horrible atrocity has been committed on our country. "Our" as in American People. A destructive mayhem has been done- the complete destruction of the World Trade Towers and the attack on the Pentagon and the loss of the people on the flight in Pennsylvania.\r\n\r\nCondolences to those who have lost family and friends. Condolences the family to those police officers and fire fighters who risked their own lives to help people from the falling towers.\r\n\r\nIf this leads to war- so be it...and let the USA destroy the perpitrators of these deed...and leave nothing left of them but ashes.\r\n\r\n"A Day...that will live in infamy...."

Image: Illith_portraits.jpg   474x566 242350 bytes 2003.12.02

Illithids in varying color phases...just like the octopus they are based off of. Or something....\r\n\r\nMind Flayers are teh secx. G'day.

Image: Love-to-hate-you-1.jpg   615x888 210881 bytes 2003.01.26

Was supposed to start out funny...thought I would help Amelia with her crusades-because I think it's all fun. As this will slowly show...

Image: Love-to-hate-you-2.jpg   614x888 163010 bytes 2003.01.26

Image: Love-to-hate-you-3.jpg   626x888 233893 bytes 2003.01.26

Image: Love-to-hate-you-4.jpg   560x788 208976 bytes 2003.01.26

Image: Love-to-hate-you-5.jpg   619x888 259646 bytes 2003.01.26

Image: Surreal_madness.jpg   464x600 174841 bytes 2002.02.13

This had a reason-but is surrealism. Like I said- I hate reality. If only things could really be as eventful as this.

Image: your_bestest_friend_ever.jpg   331x242 49172 bytes 2002.10.29

"Your current upload allowance is: 15 scans your mother warned you about"\r\n\r\nHye every1. howe r U? This is my charakter Milton Monroe Billy Bob Fert. He is called "Muffin" by his friends. He has infected tonge and is very fruitified. He is also herm. He has boobies so big that he blows up. His pecker is great big and orange with ghonnerea. He has many piercings-as shown, and as not shon. (he has a bowling ball and elephant fastened to the head of his peepee! *gigles*) He is also sereal killer and kills ladys and mens and childs and aminals and rocks and twigs. his nose is big and he hieds boddies in eet. he cna change colour. he is luving all perversions-including perverstions never heard of! He likes poo and E.Coli! He lykes to flame people and be a flmer!One eye is bigger then thee othr becuse he has infection in cornea and optic nerve from pumping heroin in pupil. he does drugs and is coole! He lykes anarchy N ees goth and everything else. Slap his purple urnge wanky! He is a were and then can change to a girl and guy and buddha and guy with girl things and girl with guys things! You like him? Yuh! I likes Him too! I creative lyke ebybody else!\r\n\r\nPleese dun steel him/her/it! Or I be forced to maim and disbowel u while singing barney theeme sung!\r\n\r\n*****\r\nDisclamimer:\r\nA parody. I find it hilarious. Really, I do. I am laughing so hard my stomach has decided to turn inside out in my bowels and spill it's acidic horrors into each and every orifice inside my body. I am melting as I speak. MELTING with stomach acid laughter! YOUR ALL THE SAME! well, not everyone...but a very large amount. Flames welcome, i'm just going to laugh like an idiot. You will say I am one..and I will say. Yes. Yes I am. Bless you my children!\r\n

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