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Image: missmab.jpg   434x879 125360 bytes 2002.06.02

Trade pic with Miss Mab, I thought it would take forever... But since I'm bored out of my mind I did it ^_^'''\r\nHer char is so cute, I love her expression.. ~blinks~ Oops, I was gonna give her some lipstick... ah well. I"m gonna go send it to her now.\r\nJa!\r\n\r\nMiss Mab is herself, and the art is me

Image: karma01.jpg   433x813 40832 bytes 2002.05.05

Drew this a couple of days ago. Verri proud of it! Tis Karma, she's got MPD, or 'multiple personality disorder', or a variation of it. There's Good Karma, Bad Karma, and Karma =P You can tell wich persona it is by her clothing. This, as you see now, is 'Good' Karma. ^^ Boredom makes me thinks up weird things.. Yeah.. I have no clue what she is. I originally wanted her to be a red panda, but I'm non to keen on their looks.... So she's a red panda-cat hybrid. Inspired by Gargoyles, conga lines, and a hentaii oekaki(sp?) board... Yes... (here's an actual coment on the pic: I love her tail and eyes...\r\nKarma Me!

Image: orko.jpg   900x491 25511 bytes 2002.05.03

Ah, Orko, my Dolphin youkai! ^^ Gotta love 'im. A tad bit on the naive side, but hey, he can kick ass if he wants too. ^_~ 'Nother old one, but I still like it. Done around the ltime I was still getting the hand of the 'Filter' thingie in PS. I like the bubbles... Bubbles.. Bubbles... Bubbles....\r\nOrko Me!

Image: adara.jpg   931x564 45965 bytes 2002.05.03

Adara, Arabic for 'Chaste One', my horse youkai(Japanese for demon, for those who don't know). Anywho, I have no clue why the word 'glitter' is floatin 'round in the BG... I like the shading on her shirt and jacket, that's about it. I mean, the drawings's good, but I don't like how her hair came out. May sound weird, but it reminds me of poo....\r\nAdara Me!

Image: tornado.jpg   648x648 23480 bytes 2000.07.23

puidy tornado! more funky art from the Boredom werkshop, the wonders of the smudge tool . . . Turquois(sp?) Wind me, CJH 2000\n

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