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Image: gaia.jpg   369x496 36997 bytes 2004.08.06

Gaia as a child, cute isn't she?\r\n\r\nArt and character (C) Kat Najera 2002-04.\t

Image: vdaygift.jpg   464x445 348400 bytes 2002.02.16

Here's my "Love is Eternal" pic, but changed to be a Valentine's Day gift for my friends. I wanted to color it in photoshop, but failed badly. x.x I must read more up on it. \r\nAll that you see there (except for the fonts and hearts, dur) is (C) Kat Najera

Image: loveis.jpg   525x595 103098 bytes 2002.02.04

This is my official picture for Valentines Day '02. It stars two of my old characters based on a Science project I did in sophmore year. Its been so long since I've last saw the report that I forgot what creatures they're called. I think these were the Deva-Dragoons, but I might be wrong. o_o I don't really remember what their colors were, so I will have to make up a new one. -_-; Oh! I tottaly forgot! This drawing is based on a story idea I had for these two. I'm just getting the basic plot together so there isn't much to say. I just hope to one day write it!\r\nAnyway, everything you see in this pic is (C) me!

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