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Image: katsunecolored.jpg   574x726 86781 bytes 2005.02.07

Colored it this morning. I actualy like how it came out which is a huge shock since I'm always "Oh, I hate this! BLAH!" (but never say it. ;)).\r\n\r\nKatsune (C) Kat Najera\r\n\r\nDon't touch my tails, please.

Image: happy6monthssweetie.jpg   595x659 122251 bytes 2003.03.21

I so wanted to Photoshop this for my darling, but Photoshop was being a f'ing bitch and kept screwing up so I just colored it instead. The coloring job came out decent. Chris loved it so I was very happy. :) Ah... one day I'll be able to feel Chris' fingertips on my cheek. One day very soon! :3\r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002-03.

Image: alonefin.jpg   421x563 34354 bytes 2003.03.21

I hate being depressed. Whenever I am depressed my art shows it. \r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002-03.

Image: meowyxmas02.jpg   457x747 88902 bytes 2003.01.04

My early drawn, but late being uploaded Xmas drawing. I tried to do something diffrent with her fur coloring, but it didn't come out exactly as planed.\r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002.

Image: pandapandanurse.jpg   445x686 121940 bytes 2003.01.04

Uh oh! Someone needs a check up! It's Panda Nurse to the rescue! She'll make sure everything is all better! X3\r\n\r\nBackground was made from diffrent band-aids.\r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002.

Image: sheonlyfinblue.jpg   504x595 87080 bytes 2003.01.04

Another version of "She only looks innocent". :3\r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002.

Image: sheonlyfinblack.jpg   504x595 82833 bytes 2003.01.04

One version of the "She only looks Innocent" drawing. This is 'posed to be a sucubuss, but I dunno if she looks like one, really. O_o;;\r\n\r\nI like this version the most. ^_^\r\n\r\nArt (C) Kat Najera 2002.

Image: snowflake_girls.jpg   596x596 98961 bytes 2002.02.06

One of my many Christmas images for last year. It stars (left to right), Cat Girl Kait Sith, Iris Pokemorph, and Ivy Shaur. This pic was a biotch to add a background too cause I didnt thick outline it. I thick outline my drawings most of the time so that when I add backgrounds, its easier to do that in Photodelux. Thin lining is harder to do. \r\nAll that you see here is (C) Kat Najera

Image: damiaprepic.jpg   490x712 72378 bytes 2002.02.05

Damia, Damia, Damia! For some reason I just LOVE saying her name! ^^  There are two things wrong with this picture; I forgot the yellow trim on her, um dress(?), and her eyes look too dark.\r\nDamia is (C) me

Image: thanksgivingdaygift.jpg   470x488 77224 bytes 2002.02.04

Since as of lately I've been drawing pictures for the holidays and sending them out in a email to all my friends its much easier than sending out ecards to them all. Anyway, this was my Thanksgiving image I sent out. It stars my old characters, Kitty Kathy (as the turkey), Kitty Cools (as the ham), and Clawz (in the middle, hungry). This pic is based off an old clip art pic I drew on my old computer. ^_^; Its a classic, thats for sure.\r\nKitty Kathy, Kitty Cools, and Clawz are all (C) me!

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