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Image: byrdsong.gif   730x539 11622 bytes 2006.05.11

"Byrdsong the 'Wolbit: Part Two"\r\nPen and Ink\r\nCopyright to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- This is Gallo the Hare and Trey the Wolf's child. She's about 9 years old. Gallo and Ahka the Tiger take her away from Trey and bring her across the country with them.

Image: evilhorseandrider2.gif   569x723 14071 bytes 2006.05.05

"Evil Horse and Rider"\r\nPen and Ink\r\nCopyrights to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- This is a demon breed horse, something made of a human soul to carry powerful demon calvary. The rider is some sort of furry bird like anthro, it's face hidden under armor.

Image: featheredsnake.gif   636x880 19588 bytes 2006.05.05

"Aztec, the Alchemy Master."\r\nPen and Ink\r\ncopyright to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- Aztec is half serpant, half harpie. These two species do not get along, so he is not welcome in either community. Being outcast, he practices alchemy and potion making, an illegal activity.

Image: gargoylewarrior.jpg   599x956 90711 bytes 2006.05.05

"Ancient Gargoyle Warrior Woman"\r\nAcrylics\r\nCopyright to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- Gargoyles are half humans, half dragons. Dragons are usually more peace a race, and almost never resort to melee combat. So what's up with this? Ancient dragons were brutal warriors, and this shows off a old violent side. Don't you just love her light blue war paint?

Image: squirtguntiger2.gif   723x932 27574 bytes 2006.05.05

"Tiger and the Squirt Gun Bandits."\r\nPen and Ink\r\ncopyright to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- Ahka the Tiger is sunbathing and two neighborhood kids are getting her wet. The girl in pigtails is named Risa, and the bob haired girl is Zephyr. They are both other adult characters of mine. Risa is vampire hunter, and Zeph is awol soliger. Ahka, looks great though.

Image: wolftrey.jpg   591x888 126290 bytes 2006.05.11

"Trey the Wolf: Part 3"\r\nPen and Ink\r\nCopyright to Catherine\r\n\r\nNote- This is Byrdsong's mum. She's a violent vegan femi-nazi. Trey is very mother and protective but hate's Gallo the Hare so much it's hard on Byrd.

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