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Image: cattswing.jpg   875x670 105607 bytes 2011.07.06

Back in the Swing

After a long art hiatus, I have returned to drawing. Figured her on a swing would be fitting, what with my love of puns!

Image: Those_memories.jpg   1024x784 230664 bytes 2010.03.15

.::Those Memories::.

Been a while since I've submitted anything here.\r\n\r\nAnyway moody Catt is moody. She's at the bottom of an ocean or something... I dunno. I had a lot of fun making this though.

Image: catt5e.jpg   828x1072 111580 bytes 2008.12.31


Just little ol' me about to shimmy! I suck at lighting, but that what those little blue and purple sprays are in the upper corners.

Image: dragonprincess.jpg   468x1013 53907 bytes 2008.12.31

Dragon Princess

Just a dragon princess doodle. I really like her, so I think I'll be using her again in the future. Drew this about 6 months ago.\r\n

Image: demonkittyblack.png   272x304 331725 bytes 2008.12.16

Demon Kitty

Just a demonic little kitty.

Image: cattbadgerevamped.jpg   460x612 40634 bytes 2008.08.19

Catt's badge revamped

I think I may have submitted the traditional version (hopefully I did) but I tweaked it a it with GIMP and am happy with the results.

Image: scuseme.jpg   845x1078 175994 bytes 2008.02.20

'scuse me

lolcats theme. FOr the original concept, see the link below.\r\nlolcats can be found at or

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Image: Thebitssingersign2.jpg   394x431 43079 bytes 2007.12.16

Welcome to the 70's!


Image: So_familiar.jpg   1073x836 259065 bytes 2007.12.16

So familiar

I think with a splash of digital enhancements, this would make a really excellent comic book cover.\r\nThis is Catt, and her Dragon Silver. I made some altercations since his last appearance somewheres in my gallery.\r\n\r\nThe key on the tip of Catt's tail now has purpose. It unleashes Silver when all other hope is lost, and Catt is rendered utterly helpless. Without warning, the key will seek its key hole, and unleash the dragon. His power is that of time and space, much like the powers Catt obtains when the Virus causes her to loose control completely. Aha! But I have found one more piece to completion of this twisted, sad story that is Catt.\r\n\r\nMedium: Derwent Coloursoft colored Pencils, Derwent Metallics andGel Pens

Image: Thebitssingersign.jpg   788x861 111061 bytes 2007.11.26

The Bits signature photo: Catt

The title says it all really.

Image: TheBitsSinger.jpg   648x942 138766 bytes 2007.11.16

The Bits: Singer

Look! Its a new comic style Catt!\r\nOnly, I'm serious about this comic. Its about Catt's band, The Bits, and their comedic little adventures. Its going to have a sitcom approach (You know, the silly little one-liners making fun of everything in the real world, and the events that make absolutely no sense? That kind.) The comic itself should be in the 14+ age group.\r\n\r\nColored with Gel Pens (Color) and calligraphy pen (Black)

Image: CattBadge.jpg   460x612 82499 bytes 2007.07.20

Catt's Badge

I finally made myself a badge! I think, like the Flickie badge, I may digitally enhance it.

Image: Careforadrink.jpg   728x996 138559 bytes 2007.07.09

"Care for a Drink?"

These damned hands were a piss off to draw!!!

Image: Fallen_One.jpg   782x792 123947 bytes 2007.07.07

Fallen One

How much must I live through just to get away?\r\n-Earshot

Image: MCatt.jpg   765x1060 135869 bytes 2007.07.01

Male Catt

go to the link in the more info area!

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Image: TheVirusUltimateForm.jpg   612x1093 157590 bytes 2007.06.30

The Virus Ultimate Form

Description in the more info slot!

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Image: WindowsCatt.jpg   490x1049 176229 bytes 2007.06.15

Windows 3.1 Shirt

Because I love Windows 3.1!\r\nCatt Crystal Thompson

Image: BlooLi.jpg   685x922 125432 bytes 2007.06.01

Bloo Li

My second attempt at the GiMP's software. I think this one is better than Setup.

Image: Tetris.jpg   772x776 205566 bytes 2007.05.27


Tetris Nintendo.\r\nCatt is sitting on a Tetris block, wearing Tetris clothes. \r\n

Image: MagicattFIN.jpg   609x681 179720 bytes 2007.05.26

Magic Catt

Very OLD. \r\nCatt is (C) to Crystal Thompson 2006-07

Image: CokeHeadKitties.jpg   844x840 101226 bytes 2007.05.26

Coke head kitties

Catt's kittens. That's all!

Image: Setup.jpg   554x816 69072 bytes 2007.05.25


Made in GiMP. I'm still learning the software, as this is my second creation.

Image: CattGloo.jpg   281x392 29402 bytes 2007.05.23

Gloo (Prn. Glow)

Gloo is (C) Crystal Thompson.\r\nShe is a powerful feline entity.

Image: DreamsInDigital.jpg   1062x782 169315 bytes 2007.05.19

She Dreams in Digital.

Image: CattGlooandNo6.jpg   849x882 246228 bytes 2007.05.14

Catt Gloo and No. 6

Catt, Gloo (Glow) and No. 6 are hanging out. Catt loves her kittens.\r\nCatt was trying to type on her Laptop when No. 6 wanted some attention. I just love her moronic expression. She's adorable.

Image: Dancingwiththedead.jpg   756x1053 300055 bytes 2007.05.13

Dancing with the dead.

Also on my dA account, (URL:\r\nI wasn't feeling too good the day it was created and completed, but it felt good to get it all on paper.\r\nThe green lines all across Catt's body are NOT markings. They are a cumulative Virus that Catt gets when she feels like that. The Virus got too powerful to quickly in this case, and ultimately killed Catt. \r\nCatt and Virus Crystal Thompson (Myself)

Image: KittyXero.jpg   513x599 60718 bytes 2006.12.02


Drawn for my sister. This is intended for her and only her to use however she pleases.

Image: Kittysis.jpg   520x688 60248 bytes 2006.10.26

Kitty? Kitty Sin? Babe Xero? Kitty Xero? Kitty Ticket? Bacon? I'm unsure which alias is her's, but this character is to my sister, Heather. I gave her buggy boobies! Well... enjoy this sexy Kitty!

Image: 515com.jpg   637x825 98458 bytes 2006.10.23

Angry Catt. My boyfriend passed out drunk. I woke up next to him at 2am. Normally, I wouldn't be upset or anything, as this is not a shock. My problem was that he didn't invite me! \r\nSketched it on printer paper and colored it with Paint Shop Pro5

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