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Image: TribalDragonHead.jpg   519x549 44377 bytes 2005.01.13

First pic of 05. I dunno what prompted this but i like it.

Image: TwinHeadColor.jpg   831x632 99456 bytes 2004.09.28

My little cousin asked me to make him a two-headed dragon. This is the end result. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

Image: TyraemBullsStrength.jpg   491x700 44035 bytes 2005.05.15

Tyraem, my bumbling polar bear mage, casts Bull's Strength on himself with unexpected results. Perhaps more research is in order.

Image: Vesc.JPG   427x615 35327 bytes 2003.08.24

This is a Character request made by a good friend of mine. This Creature is named Vesc. \r\n\r\nPencil and Crayola colored pencils on copy paper\r\nVesk is (c) Tracy, Art is (c) me

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