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Image: Dassu2.jpg   517x1000 142701 bytes 2005.10.02

A Gift Pic I've been working on for a few weeks for my friend, Dassu, the dragon. \r\n\r\nDassu is (C) to his creator\r\n\r\nthis image is (C) to M.A.F.

Image: DragonIce.jpg   660x817 338422 bytes 2002.08.25

A Dragon Anthro pic i did in boredom that started out ads just a sketch but turned into a full art project. The Charactor and Image are Copyrighted to M.A.F. (Me)

Image: Duo.jpg   900x966 138357 bytes 2007.09.03


This is Duo... a mix breed of sorts. What fun awaits this cute little guy? who the $%^& knows!?!\r\n\r\nDuo and this image are (C)M.A.F.

Image: EraInfantReal.jpg   800x735 177835 bytes 2004.11.30

Era as a pudgy little infant. Isn't she CUTE?? hehe! Era is (C) to her creator and this image is (C) by me

Image: Firestar.jpg   499x494 96340 bytes 2002.08.20

A gargoyle-like dragonish charactor i RP, named FireStar ^.^ He is copyrighted to me as well

Image: Gypsie.jpg   347x750 188220 bytes 2003.10.04

This is The charactor Gypsie... she's a.. well.... Gypsy o.O heh.... err... yah. She is a charactor who belongs to the love of my life...

Image: HanzoChaca2.jpg   678x1000 139962 bytes 2008.07.05

This is me and my love, Hanzo Barren. I always pick on him and call him a ninja because of his name (ref. to Hatori Hanzo). Mew! Well.. it looks like my ninja caught his kitty. I have a little secret, I wanted him to catch me ;)\r\n\r\nLove you Hanzo\r\n\r\nThis image and Chaca are both (C) by me\r\n\r\nHanzo is (C) by himself

Image: HayawaniAdol.jpg   500x726 112662 bytes 2004.09.20

Hayawani's Adolescent Picture. Hayawani and this image are Copyrighted.

Image: InyanGropeChaca2.jpg   800x933 139203 bytes 2007.12.24

This is, for the most part, a Tribute to Inyan. One could say on some levels I'm obsessed with him ;D *purr* so anyway.. as those of you who watch me would know, I don't do much 'naughty' art.. but I just felt compelled here to put a slight naughty twist to it. Couldn't you just almost hear Inyan telling Chaca playfully to "Turn your head and cough"? ;P As you'll see, in the background, I placed a few previous images I did of each character. Those images depict them the way they looked when they met, both 15 years old =) They're a little older now.. and well.. the flames of passion are obviously still there =)\r\n\r\nChaca and this image are © M.A.F.\r\n\r\nInyan is © to his creator

Image: JingTobu.jpg   1000x852 155926 bytes 2007.07.18

Birthday Surprise for Jing!

It's Tobu! Missing his beloved boyfriend; Jing. Little does Tobu seem to realize, Jingy is there, and sneaking up for a playfull paw full of bunny rump. Yes; that is a towel Tobu is holding. A gift from his Jing. It was from a roleplay between these two. Very touching, heart warming.. and well... chocked full of sex too XD He's a bunny... What do you expect from Tobu?\r\n\r\nThis is a birthday surprise for Jingy. I luff ya Jingy! Happy BIRFDAY!!!!! XD\r\n\r\nJing is by his adorable and wonderful creator.\r\n\r\nTobu and this image are to me.

Image: KankaraReal2.jpg   700x543 111300 bytes 2004.10.18

A Realism Picture done of Kankara. Charactor and Image are both (C)

Image: Kara2.jpg   600x852 78454 bytes 2005.12.04

This is Kara, Tobu's little friend.. and so much more. She's a little bit of a chubby girl, but she still can make heads turn I think ;D\r\n\r\nKara is (C) by her creator\r\n\r\nthis image is (C) to M.A.F.

Image: Katira.jpg   600x792 95353 bytes 2005.03.01

Katira, Corvo's evil little girlfriend ;D Katira and this image are both (C) to their creators

Image: Kua2.jpg   630x1000 110309 bytes 2007.03.03

\r\nThis is Kua.. a power-hungry rather sinister rabbit. But wow... sinister and sexy can sometimes mix, no? ~.^\r\n\r\nImage and Character are M.A.F.

Image: Lann2.jpg   702x800 122843 bytes 2006.04.10

This is a gift for one of my best friends, Lann. Droolable, no?\r\n\r\nLann is (C) by his Creator\r\n\r\nThis image is (C) by M.A.F

Image: Loki.jpg   800x694 129380 bytes 2003.11.30

THis is a New Charactor named Loki ^.^ I dunno what he is supposed to be, so dont ask.. i at first drew him with rabit ears but shrunk them a little and widened them.. and he has a cat-ish face... so.. i dunno o.O he's cute ^.^ is that enough? He and this image are (C) to me

Image: LokiClose.jpg   528x680 100500 bytes 2004.06.27

A closer shot of loki, colored in RL with Airbrush and Colored pencils. Backround done in photoshop. Image and Charactor are (c) to me

Image: MakaliReal.jpg   700x708 90943 bytes 2004.02.26

This is Makali's Adolescent picture. His Colors have changed slightly, obviously ;P His charactor and this image are to me

Image: ManeAttractionSign.gif   500x290 88952 bytes 2002.09.07

This is the sign that is used for the infamous "Mane Attraction", a strip bar in the RP world of Forgotten city, in the EZboard comunity ^.^

Image: Ongan.jpg   700x899 94697 bytes 2007.12.26

\r\nFinished just in time to be able to say MERRY CHRISTMAS ONGAN ^.^\r\n\r\nI've been working on this thing for... well.. god. a YEAR o.O I kept losing the stupid sketches >.< Anyway. I finished it, saved it, guarded it like a rabid dog, and well.. finished it ^.^\r\n\r\nI really hope you like it Ongan. You've been so sweet.\r\n\r\nI came to realize that snow is as easy to make as sand.. well.. 'cept its just white ^.^\r\n\r\nThis image is ©M.A.F. 07\r\n\r\nOngan/Looshkin is © his creator

Image: SafiziaClaws.jpg   600x826 85331 bytes 2004.11.30

Safizia, Sharpening her claws on a tree. I love the pose... Hell, I love Safizia. This piccy makes me tingle ;P hehehe Safizia and this image are both (C)

Image: SafiziaHappy.jpg   500x726 100708 bytes 2005.03.01

Safizia, smiling happily for once. She's really cute, ya know? =D Safizia and this image are (C)

Image: Safscan2.jpg   451x500 46850 bytes 2004.07.06

This is a Pic of Safizia Colored in Real Life Media (Airbrush and Colored pencil). One of my favorite ones so far, though the scanner didnt do much for the color. Anyway, the image and Charactor are (C) to me

Image: Scion.jpg   500x591 91560 bytes 2004.07.06

This is Scion. He is one of my charactors, who happens to be a Demon, who runs (and flies) around naked ^.^ *chuckle* This charactor and this image are both (C) to me

Image: Shad.jpg   649x800 86838 bytes 2004.01.27

Gift Art for muh friend Shad ^.^ erm.. hope she likes it o.O\r\n\r\nShad is (C) to herself... and the image is (C) to me ^.^

Image: The_Beast.jpg   600x734 205778 bytes 2002.09.03

Image: Tik2.jpg   600x843 60047 bytes 2006.03.07

This is Tik, the first finished brother of the twins. Tik is the gentile and more timid one\r\n\r\nTik and this image are (C) to M.A.F.

Image: Tok2.jpg   600x871 57102 bytes 2006.03.07

This is part 2 of the Tik and Tok duo. This is Tok; the more assertive and aggressive of the two brothers. These two started out as one simple picture, but with some careful changes, edits, re-draws and such; I have now 2 interesting and conflicted twin brothers ^.^ \r\n\r\nTik, Tok and their images (including this one) are all (C) to M.A.F.

Image: TuzoReal.jpg   700x539 94703 bytes 2004.10.15

A realistic look at Tuzo. Tuzo and this image are (C) to their creator

Image: Voteose.jpg   600x678 87721 bytes 2004.11.30

Voteose growling with an Icy backround. Voteose and this image are (C)

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