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Image: HopeD-Cycle.jpg   800x648 186814 bytes 2003.11.01

Commission pic for Curran. itīs Hope working on her Cycle moto. along with her NZ spirit partner. cute, isnīt it?

Image: UndertheSakuraTree.jpg   632x800 125941 bytes 2003.11.01

More kate-in-kimono stuff. U must love her in that way, hahaha.

Image: Seduction.jpg   800x601 124134 bytes 2003.11.01

I dunno why I named this seduction, she seems rater sad than seductive. but still, the pose IS seductive, so that may explain it.\r\nI tried things in the coloring an that was a really quick background, but suits the pic well.

Image: having-a-nice-time.jpg   900x648 192813 bytes 2003.11.01

kate just having fun... resting, hehe.\r\nAnd that other one is Zephy, her Guardian zaurie (and Gate Keeper)\r\n\r\nI like it, I finally learned how to draw that tree shadow in a decent way

Image: AngelKimera.jpg   680x800 164056 bytes 2003.10.19

I drew this with a pen, during a class. I liked it a lot so I did a messy coloring to mach the sketchy look of the pic. \r\nKimera, long time I dun draw her. Now she have wings.

Image: chibimosskatcuteness.jpg   559x700 198290 bytes 2003.10.19

I finally colored this pic for my dear Mosskat.\r\n\r\nAll chibi Mosskat, YAY!

Image: ShoppingTime.jpg   800x696 192455 bytes 2003.10.19

A pic I did to put it in my Cafepress shop. but the idea for a pic like this was already on m head so that was just a lil excuse to finish this faster, heheh.\r\n\r\nVixy, who loves to go shopping and Shin (her roommate... poor lil kid) comes algong to but this time Vixy dun mind having him around her.\r\n\r\nMen are very usefull for things like this.. thatīs why they hate to go shooping with the girls. LOL

Image: XochitlbyChalo.jpg   585x800 67956 bytes 2003.10.19

Xochitl, a char of Avencri. \r\nThiīs a work in progress cuz i definitely be coloroing this one. I like it a lot.

Image: KimikobyChalo.jpg   594x800 194433 bytes 2003.10.19

A gif pic for Willm one oh his chars, Kimiko, is my fav of his. pretty cute, donīt u think?

Image: ForestElf.jpg   568x800 139792 bytes 2003.10.19

a forest Elf, random char again hehehe

Image: DemonDancercolor.jpg   583x800 108752 bytes 2003.10.06

I love this pic. I like Daya, she can be very cute even sheīs a demon. \r\n\r\nGO DANCE GIRL!

Image: Fishbathsuitklar.jpg   495x800 127864 bytes 2003.09.22

A gift for Sarah I drew months ago and finally colored it. Iīm very pleased with this one.

Image: chibidemonsisters.jpg   800x531 112658 bytes 2003.09.22

Two of my demon girls in chibi form! even theyīre both demons and are evil (in their way) theyīre really cute too!

Image: Soulkat.jpg   560x800 149236 bytes 2003.09.22

Commission pic for Devin. I like how the jacket came out.(yay for the filters!)

Image: Rhode.jpg   574x800 149817 bytes 2003.09.22

Commission pic for Gyver Wolf. Rhode, one of his chars.

Image: AnGduo.jpg   518x800 119932 bytes 2003.09.14

I redesigned Angie a lil bit, now I like her more. the lil dragon, G, is another good addition too.

Image: Sasha-birthday-2003.jpg   800x656 113990 bytes 2003.09.14

BD pic for the Yvie, hehehehe. Sasha rules, YAY!

Image: PurrrrrfectLicking.jpg   762x1000 289987 bytes 2003.09.14

now thiīs what I call a sexy demon girl.\r\n\r\nDarcy jsut being.. sexy i think. I like this one a lot and took me some time to finish. Colored in Photoshop

Image: HugtheLilFox.jpg   656x800 147134 bytes 2003.09.14

Gift pic for Diane. I like her chars a lot.

Image: Forkayi.jpg   600x600 86013 bytes 2003.09.14

pic I did for kayiko. you just have to love her char and all her art. \r\n\r\nDone in OC.

Image: Eyesonher.jpg   600x900 165147 bytes 2003.09.14

Drew and colored in Open Canvas.. I must practice more using that program. I like it but is not easy at the beggining I think.\r\nI love how the eyes came out. she looks great!

Image: blackandShinySoul.jpg   555x750 190495 bytes 2003.09.14

long time since I dun upload something!\r\nwell, Kate again but dressed in black. I like all the shiness that dress has. and all the.. darkness. hehe

Image: kateonthebeach.jpg   800x600 112613 bytes 2003.08.10

Kate, just sitting on the beach. \r\nDrew and color her in Open Canvas (Iīm learning to use that thing properly)\r\nBackground done in Photoshop.

Image: happyRuby.jpg   672x800 183463 bytes 2003.08.10

This is Ruby, who for some reason look a lot like Zafiro, hehehe. Still both of them are very cute for demons... but they are!

Image: JustZafiro.jpg   626x800 164713 bytes 2003.08.10

One of my new demon girls, Zafiro.

Image: TheATGgirl.jpg   542x800 106557 bytes 2003.08.10

A pic for ATG cuz she did one cool pic of kate for me looong ago. It was about time for me to do something for her, hehehe.

Image: Dance-with-Me.jpg   900x633 198029 bytes 2003.08.10

For My lil Katīs birthday, I did this pic for her: our chars dancing. (I love how that dress came up, btw)

Image: MagnaCat.jpg   800x516 157363 bytes 2003.08.10

This is the same Magnacat pic but with the original coloring and diferent background.

Image: Magna-Blueshine.jpg   800x516 188325 bytes 2003.08.10

Just an angelic kitty girl, Maganacat. This the variation blue transparet pic.

Image: NatureGirlsDeux.jpg   585x800 191228 bytes 2003.07.31

It happened. it's the Nature Girls Part Two! \r\nthat much explained it enought. Enjoy. \r\n(you can look for the first nature girls pic here)

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