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Image: AutumnColors.JPG   604x800 168256 bytes 2001.10.23

I did this pic for October compo, and because it was an autumn pic, no better char than my Ambar. nice colors, I like the expretion too, she looks so cute!\r\nAmbar © Chalosan. It's Ambar, not Amber; hear that Yvie? je je je...

Image: Pandeazel.JPG   735x900 144687 bytes 2001.10.23

My trade part with A. O Brien. I did Pandeazel because I like B&W chars a lot.\r\nPandeazel © A. O Brien, art © Chalosan

Image: Angie.JPG   608x900 66010 bytes 2001.10.23

Not a Furry, not entirely a human, and adobe all not entirely sane! is Angie!!! clap, clap, clap... thanks! \r\nAngie © chalosan.

Image: Shaaz.JPG   606x900 146234 bytes 2001.10.21

My half of a trade with Soléne. I like her art a lot. She did a cute pic of my wale girl Xeánica, and I made Shaaz for her. Thanks a lot!\r\nShaaz © Soléne Azernour, Art © Chalosan

Image: vicktrio.JPG   900x662 157384 bytes 2001.10.18

A pic I wanted to finish for a long time... well, I finally did it. its Vicki Fox! and also Mederith and Ceri, from the Vicki Fox Comic Strip (wich is an awesome comic strip, btw) Vicki was one of the first furry characters I saw in the net (before I ever know that they was called furries, go figure) Characters are © to Michael Russell and Laura Howell. Art by Chalosan. (Reuploaded because of a little mistake)\r\n

Image: Sako.JPG   594x800 153628 bytes 2001.10.11

A third request. I like this one. She's a blue panter, Sako is the name. liked all that blue.\r\nArt © Chalosan.

Image: Mouko.JPG   552x800 97453 bytes 2001.10.11

Another late-done request (I don't take many of them), but I like this one a lot! Reupload this one because I added the name, is Mouko. Enjoy. \r\nArt © Chalosan.\r\n

Image: Niji.JPG   596x800 120274 bytes 2001.10.07

A request that took me toooo long! I like all those colors, you know; many, many colors! We got a rainbow here! This must be the most colorful char I've done so far. Liked that expretion too. Art © Chalosan

Image: HappyBSash.JPG   800x582 146190 bytes 2001.10.03

A birthday pic for one of my favorite artist, Yvie. her char Sasha, Kate and Shin celebrates with a BD cake. Very nice, eh? Happy birthday Ivie!!!\r\nSasha © Yvie Schroeder.

Image: CrestGirls.JPG   619x800 166340 bytes 2001.10.01

Ahhh! At last I finish this pic... It took me forever!!! well, here are my favorite girls. There is Kate, Ambar and Carmesí; and in SD form, Feather, Grace, Xeánica and Geecku. They represent the Ligth, Wisdom, Fire, Sky, Love, Wather and Life Crests. Kate looks kinda exited because Bengala propose her to marry him... and she's... well, admiring her ring! and they all seem to be wearing clothes for workout or something. (and... yep, Ambar is a big, big girl)\r\nThey're all © to chalosan.

Image: Axl.JPG   583x800 138610 bytes 2001.09.30

my part of the trade with Megon chan. I did a pic of her cool char, Axl. She was very kind and did one of Kate an Zephy, tanks a lot! Axl © Megon chan. Art © Chalosan.

Image: aniz.JPG   600x486 81170 bytes 2001.09.27

Cutnes yeahhh!! this is one of my favorites. lots of spots, lots of banbu an no clothes. What else you want? Aníz © Chalosan

Image: Tropichare.jpg   608x850 158407 bytes 2001.09.17

I was cheking my stuff when I find this. It's actually an old draw, but it was already inked and I love the way Connin looks... so I told myself: "What the heck! lets color it!" and this came up. It's not that bad and I actually happy with it. that bra seems to rip off at any time... yess!! \r\n

Image: scars.JPG   800x567 66352 bytes 2001.09.14

Old wounds coming back, again and again... I lived my childhood in the middle of an war in my country, sorrounded by death and fear. but, in fact, people is hurt everywhere in this planet. My only hope is that our specie don't destroy itself... the hope is the last thing you must lost. \r\n\r\nFor the ones that are not with us anymore, and for the future.

Image: 1311.JPG   470x750 127251 bytes 2001.09.02

A trade with 13:11. His character is very cool, btw.\r\n13:11 © Bill Mceboy.

Image: Revi.JPG   627x700 151340 bytes 2001.09.02

Did this one for Fujita... she's my favorite artist! and her character, Revi, is very cute; I love her!! So here's Revi in a puzzle-shape background... (I told you she was cute)\r\nArt © 2001 Chalosan, Revi © J. Fujita.

Image: NatureGirls.JPG   585x800 158190 bytes 2001.08.30

Refresh your eyes. My two always-naked-girls, Geecku and Xeánica... the jungle and the ocean get along quite nice, you know. \r\n

Image: KyotoTrad.JPG   593x800 161426 bytes 2001.08.30

The Girls in Kyoto! I like the way the kimono came up... she looks so cute! Zephy is there too, but she apears to exagerate things, as usual. \r\nRemember, if your Gaighij can't behave, please keep it inside your body. Thanks for your cooperation.

Image: Klarforest.JPG   615x800 192746 bytes 2001.08.30

Wow! I'm really proud of this! it took me a lot of time an work, but it worth it: It's my half of the trade with the talented Sarah Jaffe, and because I admire her so much, I took my time to do this rigth. also this is my first colored background... yija!! I'm going to celebrate! It's Klar in the forest! \r\nKlar © Sarah Jaffe.

Image: chalo_c.JPG   646x900 90930 bytes 2001.08.30

This is me, in Coud's clothes (FF VII it's my favorite RPG). This is a draw I did for a mailing list; also I did a little SD draw of myself to, but I didn't color it. There's also a little Zauri named Zoukie, in his second level of methamorphosis, as a compagnion.

Image: Ushi.JPG   690x900 139407 bytes 2001.08.16

Another of my brother's characters. ok, ok, its not entireky furry, as you see. but she looks cute anyway. She's one of the General of the kingdom of Mistika, the comic of my brother.\r\nUshi © Tavo_sama

Image: Beky.JPG   651x900 132739 bytes 2001.08.16

A new character: Rebeka, the bat girl. She make her resident in the deeps of the jungle, in order to make investigations for Ambar Enterprises. She and Geecku becomes friends there... and Beky hopes that the sexual hiperactivity of her new friend doesn't extend to women... yikes!

Image: HiHand.JPG   796x800 132750 bytes 2001.08.16

Can you please extend your hands too? that will make her happy. \r\nThat's her full name, if you wondered.\r\n

Image: Kasiya.JPG   694x950 151222 bytes 2001.08.16

I like this one because of all the dark colors, and the contrast of the red flowers... yummy. This is a request I made for Kasiya. Enjoy. Kasiya © 2001 Kasiya, that's rigth.

Image: Opal.JPG   663x800 149175 bytes 2001.08.03

I did this one for Christine as an art trade. This is one of her coolest characters if you ask me, but it took some time to finish... look at all those spots!! uf uf... eh eh. Opal is © Christine Heyser.

Image: Indigo.JPG   731x1000 121532 bytes 2001.08.01

My half of a trade with Mizzy. thanks!\r\nAh... she's waiting for something, or someone maybe? Indigo © Michelle Mungalsingh.

Image: eeveegirls.JPG   663x925 165142 bytes 2001.07.30

It's Poké Time!! all rigth, this is my very first bunch of pokémorphs (or should I said poké-babies?) and why are all naked? who knows!. they are: Elly, the eevee; Ivory, the espeon; Evany, the Umbreon; Shikaru, the flareon; Rany, the jolteon; and Crystal, the vaporeon. They are all © 2001 Chalosan, oh yes! \r\n

Image: WDragon.JPG   686x900 142067 bytes 2001.07.30

I did this one as a birthday request. Its a mix of a dragon and a killer wale. I really like it! the black and the white suits perfectly... yeah! The name is Escilla, and is © me.

Image: Naerie.JPG   623x900 126741 bytes 2001.07.30

This pic was a pain to color, for some strange reason, but turned out rigth after all. Naerie looks as young as Penny here, but actualy is five years older. She doesn't care almost for nobody and only Penny is always near her. \r\nNaerie's father, Pulsar, its a polar bear (that's the reason of her fur color), but she got the red hair of her mother, Ambar.

Image: Penny.JPG   661x900 129411 bytes 2001.07.23

The all time only friend of Naerie. Penny is a cute but misterius little girl. and althought she and Naerie doesn't have much fisical similarities, both seems conected in some way. Also this girl's early past is unknow for almost everyone, but that superfitial things don't seem to interest her in any way...\r\n

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