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Image: nyssa.jpg   445x316 26845 bytes 2004.02.28

Nyssa is Nyssa-Nine here. \r\n\r\n

Image: ilikethelinesok.jpg   400x300 17904 bytes 2003.05.26

Please stop opresing meeee/

Image: tareshoptillyoucry.jpg   300x300 15771 bytes 2002.12.22

It's a chunk of tarepanda. Oekaki doodle. I think shoppers look that sad this time of year.

Image: p_m_page2.jpg   777x576 42452 bytes 2002.04.29

If you have any suggestions for the anatomy, especially the feet, I'd really appreciate it.

Image: p_m_page1.jpg   326x400 10452 bytes 2002.04.29

A page showing how I tried to design the praying mantisaur. Scanned very poorly.

Image: sleepingfoxsketch.jpg   599x410 30181 bytes 2002.04.22

The proportions are way off, but I think he's nice and peaceful.

Image: rymeer.gif   642x570 119284 bytes 2002.02.19

It's supposed to be a portrait of a poet-warrior. Thus the throwing star mixed with roses. Rymeer F.S.

Image: Imppenciltest.jpg   282x413 26180 bytes 2002.01.31

This is one of my kitties, Imp. He was adopted from a shelter as an older kitten, and he's one of the smartest cats we've ever had. At any rate, he seemed a perfect subject for my newest dark pencils. I also tried using a new pencil wash - with questionable success.

Image: dragonsheepla.gif   433x600 14571 bytes 2002.01.29

Simple drawing of a happy dragon hugging a hugely fluffy sheep. Who could resist a woolly baabaa?

Image: femmefatale.jpg   222x480 20609 bytes 2002.01.17

I still sometimes go by the name of UglyKzin. Because really, for a huge bat-eared orange cat, I'm pretty scraggly and un-orange haired.

Image: kelly_bmt.jpg   315x573 60833 bytes 2002.01.04

This is a 1 AM drawing I did of the artist of the comic Better Mouse Trap because she sent out a plea for guest material. Since I am currently in need of filler material myself I felt her pain. While I do not think the concept of a young vixen wearing snazzy clothes is copyrighted to anyone, I do not recommend attempting to be the creator of unless you are lucky enough to be Kelly herself.

Image: skunkpencilsketch.jpg   396x309 19544 bytes 2001.12.27

Whenever I send someone a picture I've done I try to also send something extra. This is a pencil shaded drawing of the North American striped skunk I did as a thank you card. I think it looks cute, though it also inspires me to save up for more reference material, since the picture I worked from was VERY small and older then me.

Image: missflutterfur.jpg   387x600 30879 bytes 2001.12.24

Introducing Miss Flutterfur! I did this picture to practice feline faces. Sadly, her face STILL isn't right because my cat decided to start swatting at my pen. Done with black ink on pastel gray typing paper.

Image: happylionsketch.jpg   298x400 7301 bytes 2001.12.24

A pre-sketch of the happy lion. I guess he's more modest in grayscale.

Image: goatstudy.jpg   491x600 17734 bytes 2001.12.24

Before I tried to tackle a unicorn painting for a commission, I studied images of horses and fuzzy goats. This goat is my favorite of the pre-unicorn sketches.

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