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Image: Trade1vcl.jpg   381x554 31395 bytes 2003.09.14

Re-uploaded. For Kaworu. "Cute. Pink. Boy" "Neko? " Neko"\r\n

Image: Sister.png   500x500 82668 bytes 2003.09.14

Stolen hearts grow back with a sister's love.\r\nRemember Senor Satan? Well, I changed her name. Mesi.\r\nKa is hurting. 'He' stole her heart. As much as they hate each other, Ka needs Mesi to comfort her.\r\nEverythingİChar

Image: AngieVCL.jpg   328x607 30886 bytes 2003.09.14

"Hey? You want that original picture that's in my binder back?" "Yea, hwat'll I have to do?" "Draw me as some kinda animal" " A sloth?" "I'm not THAT slow" " Okay...a snail?"\r\nAnd it went on like that for at least half an hour. So, this is for my God-sister, the only sibling I can get along with. Besides my brother.\r\nArtİChar, thingİMe an Angie\r\nCrayola crayons are the shizbit

Image: WeallFallDownVCL.JPG   398x400 18023 bytes 2003.09.08

Verbal abuse keeps me going... Apparently, I'm a lair, a whore and I don't listen to anyone except Satan. Which makes me the Anti-christ. Whoopee.\r\nI'm making no comment on those...hand things, only that I didn't want to draw hands.\r\n\r\nCharİChar\r\nI wanna do an art trade. Ja..

Image: Ka.jpg   408x568 48294 bytes 2003.08.23

Yeaa. I changed her. My hair looks like that *or will. Must..get..BLEACH* I was at a concert. And I found Nemo. And I lovededed him. Cuz he was damned sexah. And he bit me. That was yesterday. I still have marks. That's okay. Nemo was sexah beyond...anything.\r\nCopyright on page. I love thoes shoulder marks. I HAVE NEW SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE UNDIESSSS!!!!

Image: Ryan.jpg   450x450 27451 bytes 2003.08.17

x.x .jpg killed it.\r\nThis was for a contest on one of the oekaki boards that I used to go to. Had to make a pet for some person. SO I made a sexah bunny. I actually hilighted!\r\nBish Bunn İChar

Image: KaSatan.png   500x500 42361 bytes 2003.08.17

*Compression might nto kill it too bad..* \r\nKa and her half sister, Senor Satan! Wee! Senor is the love child of..Hitler and Stalin. And a panda!!! XD!\r\nArt,Ka,Senor and the sibling hateİChar

Image: Sarahme.jpg   400x400 54959 bytes 2003.08.17

I wuv Sarah. She just got back this week. And she's goin to college soon. I missed her. I'm gonna miss her again. It's so sad!

Image: GacktMeh.png   350x350 33782 bytes 2003.08.17

I love Gackt. He is sexah. He would be a sexah Gackt-kitty, if I hadn't discombobulated his face!!! Fear me and my Mana dress up skills.\r\nArt& Gackt Kittyİ Char

Image: Panda.png   350x350 21162 bytes 2003.08.17

This was for my little sister. Cuz she wasn't getting on my nerves that day! I actually did another one like this, but AOL went wonky, and I didn't screencap. the original picture. Too bad though ,the other one really kicked my ass.

Image: Trama.png   300x300 61306 bytes 2003.08.17

This is Ka. Chibi-fied. And, Kas is my firstest upload. \r\nNow, to explain the picture. I've seen too many people pretendign to be depressed,and some acting depressed and/ or bipolar because one of their friends is. Trust me, this does not make them feel better. Some of them even make up reasons to be depressed. So. yea.\r\nKa ishİChar, fearer of the naily bat.

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