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Image: roddie.gif   204x600 78137 bytes 2002.08.16

Behold Roddie. A lizard-ish fish-like creature I came up with today. Notice the tasteful starfish pasties on her boobs. Eep. This pic was very much inspired by Michelle Rodriguez in Blue Crush, though I think the movie looks like crap, she's such an awesome actor. The pants were yoinked from Kitty Youngpeter, a very awesome artist. ^_^

Image: sad_panda.gif   359x416 47310 bytes 2002.08.09

"That makes me a sad panda... "\r\n\r\nMy second effort on OpenCanvas. I'm really proud of this one. My sister *squee*'d all over it. ^_^

Image: shleepy_dice.jpg   700x490 57910 bytes 2002.07.28

Crap-on-a-stick. I just realized how much Dice looks like Poofy. Ah didda not mean eet, Poof! There's only so much yoo can do with a true-coloured wolf! No offense will insue, right? *hopeful lip stuck out* Maybe I'll add spots to her, so she's more true to her name... So anyways... yes. I've actually fallen asleep drawing, and I tend to sleep wif my bum in the air. ^_^ Done with Prismacolour markers and some random pastels. \r\n\r\n\r\n... my sister likes the blue and yellow bunny. Fear the teeth.

Image: silence.png   379x619 133230 bytes 2002.08.08

Drawn for mah LJ buddy, Mia! Woohoo! I'm finally done! She did an awesome piccie of Dice, so I did one of Silence. *nods* (note: I hate .png format, but it's the only format that would retain all the colours. So blah.) Silence is Mia's awesome self. ^_^ Done on Psp. \r\n\r\nAs Mia put it: "What a ho-bag..." ^_^\r\n

Image: silleh.jpg   331x444 30293 bytes 2002.07.27

Just a quick little Nega pic that I did... I felt silly and rainbow-ey. Done with Prismacolour markers everywhere except the grey hair lowlights (done with a regular pencil ^_^) and the lighter part of her markings, done in Adobe Photodeluxe. Smeared a bit in Photodeluxe as well.

Image: sketch_nu.jpg   428x500 48267 bytes 2002.07.24

Nu version of my darling kitty-boy, Sketch. Drawn with Prismacolor markers, then smudged in Photo Deluxe. Nummy.

Image: string_of_pearls.jpg   349x500 24321 bytes 2002.09.22

Kinda not done yet. My first non-graphic design effort with my brand spankin' new tech pen. *shrugs* 'Sokay. Her right arm looks wrong.\r\n\r\nMah birthday's on the 25th, guys! GIFT MEEE! ^^

Image: too_much_like_zombi_questionmark.jpg   393x616 37605 bytes 2002.10.14

A cute lil' character I was fooling around with. Does it look too much like Zombi? Not sure. I probably won't use her anyways. Since I, in true Chele-fool fashion, inked this BEFORE I painted it, stuff started smudging. My sister liked the style, I didn't. I thought the pants were too nicely done to smudge, so I didn't paint on them. Poor composition, but oh well. ^_^

Image: undies_for_sale.jpg   452x500 34322 bytes 2002.08.09

... yes. I'm, uh, selling my undergarments. Riiiight.\r\n\r\nLookit Dice, that sexy model. ^_^ Done with OpenCanvas.

Image: whos_dat.jpg   326x600 40224 bytes 2002.07.29

I changed the length of Benihana's muzzle a bit. No biggie. I don't like the tail and ear rings. They look washed out. The colouring job looks really crappy on this pic. *sigh* That's what I get for saving it in .jpg format. Done with Prismacolour markers.

Image: yori.jpg   370x441 25887 bytes 2002.07.24

A very fun-tailed canine I came up with one day. Her bangs' colour changes to match her clothes. Done with Prismacolor coloured pencils (is there anything else? ^_^)

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