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Image: S-Jedi1-72.jpg   103x103 6630 bytes 2005.06.03

This was the challenge, as laid out by a friend in LJ:\r\n\r\nIn other words: Ephemerata 2: Slugs 1. Little b******s gnawed right through the stem of another pumpkin plant. Now, can anyone produce an icon of slug with a lightsaber for me?\r\n\r\nPigma and Faber-Castell pens on linen cardstock.

Image: S-Sith1.jpg   100x104 6069 bytes 2005.06.05

I'm going to get a lot of strange looks for this one, I think. Hooded Sith slug, ready to meet and defeat your worthless Jedi!\r\n\r\nPigma and Faber-Castell pens on linen cardstock.

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