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Image: CatchingFish.jpg   524x771 89073 bytes 2006.11.27

Cheetah Catching Fish

I know, cheetahs are a creature of the plains, not the seaside. Still... felines love a good fish, and it just might be worth it to an anthro cheetah to catch such a treat himself.\r\n\r\nThis is gift art done for Ch'marr. Thanks for everything, Ch'marr! (hugs and kisses)\r\n\r\nWatercolor paper, inks (Tombow, Tria, Le Plume II), watercolor pencils and black Pigma Microns.

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Image: Love-05-color-75.jpg   525x786 109408 bytes 2005.02.14

Into the swing of this month's holiday, Valintine's Day with a cup o' love for all my friends!\r\n\r\nMedia: Pimga micron (outlines), Pigma metallic gel pens, Faber-Castell PITT pens (fill), Pigma bright gold metallic pen (hearts, outlines) on acid free paper.

Image: DeerGifts-color-75.jpg   572x636 74671 bytes 2005.02.14

A bit of holiday cheer being offered to you by Dana. She comes bearing gifts...\r\n\r\nMedia: Pigma microns (red and black), Faber-Castell PITT pens for the rest on acid free paper.

Image: Bamboo-w-backround-75.jpg   314x450 42435 bytes 2005.02.05

"Bamboo" with the backround. All the colors in the backround are metallic; the odd yellow/brown one is actually a bright metallic gold, and stands out vividly on the original.\r\n\r\nMedia: Pigma micron pens, Sakura gel and metallic gel pens, Sakura gold metallic pen on acid free paper.

Image: Vicki2-75.jpg   412x450 43864 bytes 2005.02.03

Vicki, turning away from something that saddens her.\r\n\r\nMedia: Sepia Pigma micron on acid free paper.

Image: DeerGifts-75.jpg   413x450 51052 bytes 2005.02.03

Simple b/w addition to my stable of anthro ladies, in the spirit of the Holiday season. \r\n\r\nMedia: Black Pigma microns, brush and various sizes on acid free paper.

Image: Bamboo-75.jpg   315x450 42670 bytes 2005.02.03

This lovely lady is new, and I have yet to give her a name. The work is called "Bamboo" for reasons I'm sure most can grasp. She is my mistress of spring this year, holding onto the first green shoots of a bamboo stalk. Contemplating adding color to the backround, but haven't decided on that yet.\r\n\r\nMedia: Pigma microns (yellow, spring green, forest green, dark blue, sepia) Sakura gel pens on the eye and earring (silver, pale blue, metallic meduim blue, metallic purple) on acid free paper.

Image: 4-Cerna1.jpg   852x846 314247 bytes 2004.08.01

Another picture of Cerna, this one colored with gell pens. The blue was a Gellyroll (by Sakura, great pens!); the gold one is a Scentsations gell pen. It looks far better in real life, but I wasn't completely happy with the gold pen even before the scan, but had already committed too much effort to this drawing to just stop in the middle. (shrugs) The brown and black are my standard Pigma pens.

Image: 3-Firefox_Ivy1.gif   343x504 85441 bytes 2004.07.02

Ivy, the Firefox Queen of the Orcs from the Mythoverse I work on from time to time with friends.\r\n\r\nOriginal done with Pigmas and CG colored.

Image: 3-WolfHowl.jpg   317x375 76923 bytes 2004.07.02

This scan does not do justice to the original, sadly. Too much detail, and when shrunk down to fit size constraints... (shrugs)\r\n\r\nDone for a friend fond of wolves with Pigma pens.

Image: MuchaKitty.gif   553x716 93721 bytes 2004.07.02

This is another Mucha-influenced work. The kitty has no name as yet, but I like how she turned out. \r\n\r\nOriginal done with Pigmas.

Image: Sundaes.jpg   623x432 127439 bytes 2004.04.20

This is a freehand sketch I burnt into poplar, based on a sketch by Cindy "Eden" Kinnard. Posted with her permission.

Image: Kera_Mary.jpg   432x706 118673 bytes 2004.04.20

Kera the vixen being comforted by Mary the ocelot, from The Great Evolution. Both characters belong to Kaitlyn Douglas. Yesterday, both were completely human; today they have new and furry bodies that will take some getting used to. The fact that only a third or so of the population changed makes things a tad more interesting.\r\n\r\nPigma ink on linen cardstock, CG coloring.

Image: DancingJade.gif   323x450 72602 bytes 2004.04.15

Ah, my first (and so far only) picture done with Copic markers a friend shared with me during CCI 2002. This is Jade Snow, mother to many of the other felines (winged or not) that I draw so frequently.\r\n\r\nDrawn with Pigma ink pens, colored completely with Copic markers. (I want a full set of them now!)

Image: BreAnna.gif   404x800 92801 bytes 2004.04.15

BreAnna, done in a Mucha-like style. Had fun playing with the way colors would or would not show through her translucent garments, and mainly colored as a study of how to do this.\r\n\r\nOriginal Pigma ink on paper, CG coloring.

Image: UnderConstruction.gif   400x620 104761 bytes 2004.04.15

Tigra gives a saucy wink, all ready to go to work on a new site in her denim overalls. Original work Pigma ink on paper, CG coloring.

Image: tge_Kera-Kitsune75.gif   427x525 49785 bytes 2003.01.09

Ever have one of those days where life puts a surprise right where you'll find it first thing in the morning? Kera, from The Great Evolution, has just found out she'd not a vixen, but a kitsune. Standard Pigma pen, blue-black ink.

Image: dviv_Ruth&Hannah_75.gif   525x260 55248 bytes 2003.01.09

Ruth (the spotted snow leopard) being groomed by her sister Hannah (spots dyed black). Second recent work with Chinese ink, brush and water to thin the color.

Image: dviv_Hannah-kitten_75.gif   510x450 87830 bytes 2003.01.09

Chinese ink, brush, with water to thin the color. Been a long time since I've used this method, so I pulled it out for a "brush up".

Image: wyvern_Ryuko.jpg   400x513 32901 bytes 2002.05.14

My wyvern lady Ryuko, before I learned how to use layering, and had to work with paintbrush, airbrush and flood fill alone...! (shivers) Still, I like her. Sadly, the decorations on her gi lost most of their clarity when reduced for posting. In the original, they look like satin-stitched images on the borders.\r\n\r\nInk drawing, CG colored.

Image: vixen_Shelly.jpg   209x500 20594 bytes 2002.05.14

A tasty-looking vixen from the storyline "Freedom's Wings".\r\n\r\nInk drawing used as the base, CG colored.

Image: feline_VickysWrap.jpg   456x400 64408 bytes 2002.05.14

Victoria is a slinky litte kitty who's picked out her man... Now all she has to do is convince him that she can take the place of the woman who broke his heart...\r\n\r\nInk drawing, CG coloring.

Image: feline_Vashnir1.jpg   400x592 33996 bytes 2002.05.14

A black maned lioness, Vashnir is a troubled soul with a taste for blood and the habits of a widow spider. After mating with her chosen male, she eats him and falls asleep. When she wakes, she thinks he has deserted her, and punishes his family for what she feels he has done.\r\n\r\nInk drawing.

Image: feline_Tigertaur.jpg   400x497 28438 bytes 2002.05.14

Likely the best watercolor pencil work I've done so far. This unnamed tiger female's hair bares the same color stripes as her body. \r\n\r\nBlack cardstock, watercolor pencils.

Image: feline_Tia.jpg   400x526 52334 bytes 2002.05.14

Yup, it's my fault... I created a 'monster' with my snow leopard Jade Snow; Tia is a daughter from her first litter of three. Tia had a troubled childhood, dispite the deep love of her parents. She is seperated from her family as a child and tormented by humans. Tia has always had the secret wish that her human father would somehow grow fur and be a feline like the rest of her close family. The man she falls in love with has an uncle that tries to catch her for his experiments... \r\n\r\nInk drawing, CG coloring.

Image: feline_Richard.jpg   400x404 29674 bytes 2002.05.14

A towering male lion, Sir Richard charges the foes that roused him from sleep.\r\n\r\nInk drawing.

Image: feline_Lily.jpg   400x560 85629 bytes 2002.05.14

One of Jade Snow and Benjamin Klein's daughters. Her snow leopard spots are red on cream rather than black and tan on cream.\r\n\r\nInk drawing, CG coloring.

Image: feline_Leah.jpg   314x450 37724 bytes 2002.05.14

Leah is a lynx woman, a loving mother whose loom work is prized by her family.\r\n\r\nPencil drawing colored with acrylic ink wash.

Image: feline_Jade0.jpg   400x560 53181 bytes 2002.05.14

Jade Snow, a wildly sucessful genetics experiment, pauses to look down on the city by night. Her feline form is a combination of the best human and snow leopard genes. Although her claws are capable of cutting through most any substance, her main way of using them is to create beautiful sculptures she sells to earn her living.\r\n\r\nInk drawing, acrylic ink wash with pens touching up some areas.

Image: feline_Delilah.jpg   400x309 19607 bytes 2002.05.14

A sweet-faced little seductress, Delilah is a winged feline mage. She does not spellcast well under pressure, and tries to stay out of combat.\r\n\r\nBased on a pencil sketch, CG colored.

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