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Image: GLAMOUR.JPG   525x636 48066 bytes 2001.07.21

Bonnie put Davey in leopardprint. LEOPARDPRINT. He's already a leopard. So I got back at her by turning my Davey and her Nicky into Glamour Twins. Both are straight, as far as we know. Davey is mine, Nicky is Kate Harper's, and the picture is mine, too. Hah. Like you'd want it. I'm fully aware the anatomy is off, the shading is nearly nonexistant, and the entire thing is stiff and dead-like. I don't care. I like it. Hee.

Image: psycho.jpg   521x644 68731 bytes 2001.06.03

Isn't he cute? He's mentally unstable and he likes killing people. His name is Jerry. Tee hee. He's J.F.H., who is me.

Image: marlain1.jpg   686x872 57296 bytes 2001.04.23

Marlainia... the pink squirrel. It's a long story, and my scanner decided to screw up the colors (I can't HELP IT! It likes scanning darker than it should). Marlainia J.F.H., or Cheshire. That happens to be me.

Image: SONYA.JPG   493x547 20852 bytes 2001.03.11

This is Sonya. She is the only gothic penguin I know of. Sonya dreams of becoming a mortician, but her wings aren't good for that. Sonya's one sick puppy. Sonya is also a joke, so don't be offended if you happen to be gothic. I said, once, that I was about as gothic as a penguin, and I drew Sonya to prove my point. Sonya is Cheshire, J.F.H., whatever I want to be...

Image: ELIASKEI.JPG   401x900 42032 bytes 2000.12.27

Look! Elias Kei's all grown up! No, not Silver's Elias. He's.. well.. he USED to be a kittup. I dunno what you call a full grown cat/dog... anyway, Elias Kei is me, me, me.\n

Image: laarinbycheshire.jpg   748x440 86875 bytes 2000.11.22

Look! I drew Laarin for BonBon! She made everyone draw him, it seems. I love his pose, though his arms are a bit short. Laarin BonBon, the name Laarin and picture are me.\n

Image: BONNIE.jpg   115x381 12962 bytes 2000.11.02

Heh... it's just a random sketch of my friend, Bonnie. I'm really proud of the legs in this one. Don't ask about the shadow... it was an impulse, and I think it came out OK. Oh, and Bonnie is herself, the pic me!\n

Image: markgrowl.jpg   375x525 16795 bytes 2000.10.14

BWAHAHAHA! Mark, the bassist of Yellow Afternoon, my Greenday spoof! I was working from a picture of Mike Dirnt, and that's why it came out halfway decent...\n

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