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Image: Pokemorphs-Escape.JPG   826x1202 240641 bytes 2003.05.31

Woah. Biiig file. .-. This was done for a XBox competition, where you had to design a game cover.\r\nWhat popped into my mind first? Pokemon, that's damn what. -_-;\r\nIt scaned REALLY shitty.\r\nBlagh.\r\n\r\nPokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak, Characters (c) Me, XBox logo (c) Microsoft. o_o\r\n\r\nLook! Look! I tried doing perspective! ._. Curse my amateur (sp?) art.\r\nI hate being 13. .-.

Image: Polecat.JPG   531x777 49835 bytes 2002.12.23

Jemma as a pole dancer. I bet Matt and Hamish'd be there every night. x3\r\nJemma (c) Me.

Image: PurplehKittiehxD.jpg   424x434 38262 bytes 2002.12.14

Just a purple kitty I scibbled in paint. I think she's cute. =P Currently nameless.\r\nNameless purple kittieh (c) Me xD

Image: Quack.jpg   424x550 39750 bytes 2002.12.16

What do you get when you cross a half-asleep teenager, some wacky FanClubbers and a poxy paint program? This. xD It's a Lupe with a glue on beak, bat wings and webbed feet. O.o\r\nLupes (c)

Image: ReferencePic.JPG   565x822 87997 bytes 2003.02.28

Since I'm going to be doing a few trades now, I decided to do a reference picture for Jemma's markings and sort. Yes, I know the colouring's crap. It's meant to be crap. xD\r\nCopyrights on image.

Image: Sometimes.I.Cry.Blood.JPG   480x336 31879 bytes 2003.02.18

*shrug* Something whipped up in Unlead Photo Express. --; Jemma crying blood, I guess.\r\nJemma (c) Me.

Image: Tap.JPG   564x611 53863 bytes 2003.02.03

Jemma givin' Hamish a tap on the shoulder to ask him something important... I love this picture. They look really good in overall standards. n.n Yay. \r\nJemma and Hamish, plus image (c) Me.\r\n\r\n...Uh... Jaxica? If you're reading this, can I draw your cat characters? They're cool, 'pecially Hibbi. \r\nThat is all.

Image: TigerTattoo.JPG   240x393 51004 bytes 2003.02.18

Upload Allowance: 12 scans your mother warned you about\r\n...She warned me about them? She was the one who persueded me to stick my arm into the scanner and twist it at a precarious angle so the scanner could pick the damn thing up! O.O;\r\n\r\nI drew this on my arm, whilst sleeping over Evelyn's house on the weekend. Everyone who saw it loved it. xP\r\n\r\nSee how freckly my arm is? O.o \r\n\r\nArt is MINE! PWAHAHAH...ha... aw. --;

Image: TJCapeColoured.JPG   583x542 103393 bytes 2003.02.19

Sorry this is big, I'm not very good with computer programs. xP\r\nI coloured TJ on Unlead last night...\r\nTJ (c) Me, and my dog. --;

Image: TRCuddleI.jpg   405x499 33598 bytes 2003.10.01

Hrn. I've been dead for a while. Well, not really; just focusing on my DA account.\r\nIt's about time I uploaded some off-topic work. I HAVE LICENSE. XD \r\n'Tis Tyson and Rinako. Cute. Yes.\r\nIt's my birthday today. :o I'm 14. Huzzah.\r\n\r\nTyson belongs to the Beyblade peoples... Rinako is mine.

Image: Trev.gif   308x249 5348 bytes 2003.06.29

It's Trevor. Yaaay. o_o He'sa mah buddy.\r\nTrevor (c) Himself

Image: TrippySP.JPG   490x654 97870 bytes 2002.10.07

This is... anthro me. A trippy rainbow dragon with big ears and a baseball cap. Go figure. ._.; Looks like me though. Yay. ^^

Image: Wuddup.JPG   549x802 73399 bytes 2003.02.03

Brought back my old 'zombie' style back from the dead about a month back, and used it for a week. This is um... the second pic done then. Hamish looks really good in this, although his jacket looked better before the scan. --;\r\nHamish, Jemma and image (c) Me.

Image: Zelda...y_0o.JPG   565x533 41857 bytes 2002.12.16

While playing Super Smash Bro.s, (And kicking everybody's arse wit' Link. Link owns! x3) I paused and noticed the cool pose he was in. So I sketched it and turned it into Jemma looking all... Vortexy. I like the boots. o.o; \r\nMatt's a fairy! xD! \r\nMatt & Jemma (c) Me \r\n

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