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Image: Synx4Fyrus.jpg   807x1000 253182 bytes 2009.12.21


This Synx has a collar, so I am assuming it is someone's pet. I am not entirely sure why you would want a Synx for a pet... It would be like having a boo diddly for a pet, one that wants to kill/eat you.

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Image: Synx_Pinup4of4.jpg   700x900 129562 bytes 2009.09.21

Synx Pinup 4 of 4

Image: Synx_Pinup3of4.jpg   700x900 132871 bytes 2009.09.21

Synx Pinup 3 of 4

Image: Synx_Pinup2of4.jpg   700x900 143306 bytes 2009.07.21

Synx Pinup 2 of 4

Image: Synx_Pinup1of4.jpg   700x900 137619 bytes 2009.07.21

Synx Pinup 1 of 4

Image: Hallway_Synx.jpg   1200x836 112479 bytes 2009.07.21

Hallway Synx

Story/Desc on FA -->

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Image: MeatSocks.jpg   826x1200 175135 bytes 2009.07.21


The Snooge eating or having recently ate. I chose the latter because of the fun challenge of fitting one person inside something not much bigger. As you can see the result looks like a pregnant wiener dog, and thatís about right I guess. I knew this was going to be gross from the moment I started it.

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Image: Klisk_Fashion.jpg   692x900 480868 bytes 2009.07.21

Klisk Fashion

Klisk is intelligent, but not in typical human sense. In a particularly interesting mindset I quite enjoy seeing in creatures, she doesnít seem to understand many things humans conceive, like morality. As a cat might torture and injure small animals for recreation, she to enjoys tormenting her food. She enjoys it so much she often doesnít eat much of what she catches, which is why she is getting pretty loose around the ribs there. But even when these toys break, it seems she can find other uses for them as well. This dead ferret around her neck is quite the bold fashion statement!

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Image: SuperVoreProlapseV-dayParty.jpg   826x900 147297 bytes 2009.02.14

Synx&Rain's Super Vore Prolapse V-day Party

Aww they're kissing ..with ..their ..stomachs. Umm, no. They're trying to eat each other! Rain more then out-muscles synx, inside as well as out, but synx - being as closely related to gut-worms as we are to monkeys Ė is almost indigestible. What does this mean? DOUBLE NOM-NEGATION! Time paradoxes, etc. Of course I don't think that's going to stop either of them, so they're probably going to be stomach-wrestling for a little while. Sergals and Rain belong to Trancy Mick.

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Image: In-the-arms-of-Angels.jpg   966x1250 243902 bytes 2009.01.01

In the arms of Angels

The synx monsters have no inherit sexual desires. They have neither the instincts nor the physical parts needed for the act to come to be on its own. The Synx displayed here will not receive any physical pleasure from what itís about to do here, so why do it? Through observing their prey, some of the synx creatures become aware of the reproductive act. A very small percentage, comprising of the more colorful and rambunctious synx monsters, sometimes try to enact the event of copulation. In the RARE case this might happen, it would include penetration; giving/receiving, as well as possibly oral? As you can imagine the partners for these acts are usually quite reluctant, and neither sex is safe. More on FA-->

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Image: Marasmus.jpg   694x900 72014 bytes 2008.10.19


Gift art commissioned for Seraph: by anonymous

Image: HawtDragonVore.jpg   694x900 139993 bytes 2008.09.12

Hawt Dragon Vore

Oh baby.

Image: EttNUrBabies.jpg   679x900 145570 bytes 2008.09.11

Abortion Lunch

Yes, everyone eats babies today on the internet, but the synx monsters do it with style. This doesn't just apply to children, but the unborn as well. They split, open and crawl into the exposed bellies of mothers-to-be and eat their unborn children alive. You know the drill, "If it doesn't get all over the place it doesn't etc. etc."

Image: TehVibe.jpg   690x900 377481 bytes 2008.09.11

Teh Vibe


Image: Hello.jpg   1056x900 476473 bytes 2008.09.11



Image: UFailAtVore-5.jpg   909x900 196181 bytes 2008.09.10

Vore Fail-5

Ok ok, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here! GTFO! Their determination is rewarded and they are expelled from the belly of the beast. Two are still alive, but those rabbits can expect to live with crippled mobility and blindness for the rest of their days, should they even survive.

Image: UFailAtVore-4.jpg   717x900 120482 bytes 2008.09.10

Vore Fail-4

Ahh what a lovely Pepto commercial this would make, I can almost see the bottle up at the right hand corner. The rabbits bodies are numbed from pain, however it only takes an hour for serious irritation to set in. Irritation and pain are different, and a synx's secretions don't stop that. You'd be surprised just how terrible irritation itself can be, especially if you are being liquefied into cream. The rabbits gain unprecedented strength to achieve their last dying struggles! Normally a synx could handle this; its food is usually too disabled or young to represent much of a threat, but these where three adults of their species, and they weren't disabled beforehand...

Image: UFailAtVore-3.jpg   640x900 104751 bytes 2008.09.10

Vore Fail-3

What goes up must come down. Once everything is back inside, including the rabbits, they do what rabbits do best: curl up in paralyzing terror as they die. The weight of the meal makes sure all of the flipped-out things invert back nicely while these fellows are slowly digested alive.

Image: UFailAtVore-2.jpg   684x900 123212 bytes 2008.09.10

Vore Fail-2

When people get really overenthusiastic about eating, they bite their tongue and/or choke. When a synx does it I'm afraid it simply cannot contain itself, literally. Makes perfect sense, it may be a straight line from the mouth to the stomach, but we all know that isn't the shortest distance between two points. The shortest distance is folding one point towards the other.

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Image: UFailAtVore-1.jpg   752x900 153405 bytes 2008.09.09

Vore Fail-1

While babies, already digesting meat and the sick/injured are their main food source, they will snarf down small animals that don't meet the above requirements as well. Here a synx has caught three adult rabbit men who basically sacrificed themselves so the rest of their family could escape. Originally the synx was after their numerous children, but the size of these meaty fellows more then makes up for that loss.

Image: PeopleCorn.jpg   660x850 280810 bytes 2008.06.13

People Corn

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Image: SynxNom3.jpg   750x820 198801 bytes 2008.05.02


Third commission for shrunken1

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Image: SynxNom2.jpg   741x860 181124 bytes 2008.04.18

Fleeting Light

Second commission for shrunken1

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Image: MeepSech.jpg   601x860 241983 bytes 2008.04.08

Meep Sech

Ok it's time for some fisting! I mean regular sex, I mean...both? These are Meeps and this is how they commit pre-martial sin in the eyes of the lord. Why their arms? Why not! Leopard slugs have their junk INSIDE OF THEIR HEAD, octopi also do it with their arms (kind of). The question you should be asking is why always between the legs? It's a clumsy place at best, and the ridiculous positions we have to get into for it just proves it. Many animals have a tougher time with it to; some even get hurt during it.

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Image: AstridAttack.jpg   590x750 134968 bytes 2008.02.18

Astrid Attack

Oh, hey, you better get out of the way! If you are this close, chances are it's to late. Oh well, maybe you'll come back as something pretty in your next life, like a butterfly! Astrid belongs to Sepp

Image: AssrapeSandwich.jpg   616x850 259043 bytes 2008.01.07



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Image: Snooge.jpg   756x986 133766 bytes 2007.12.31

Snooge Durrr

Here is a MUCH bigger and better resolution of the Snooge from that sheet I made. I felt she deserved her own picture, because she is that awesome <3

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Image: PrettyBoy.jpg   660x808 332461 bytes 2007.10.31

Pretty Boy

Also a pic updated from a year ago. I learned a lot in this pic, namely how to make easy trees.

Image: MonsterSexxorz.jpg   630x817 196120 bytes 2007.10.31

Monster sexxors



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