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Image: minkleaf_pray2.jpg   439x650 82321 bytes 2006.05.11

Wow, long time no upload. LOL I play World of Warcrack now.. a lot of it.\r\nThis is my lvl 60 Tauren Druid - Minkleaf.\r\nIt's the colored version of a black and white pic I did. Drawn in my WoW sketchbook of memories of my friends and I. Ink. Colored in either Photoshop or Open Canvas. I forget.\r\n05/06 - ChocoMay -Minkleaf is my char, but legally belongs to blizzard :( Booo!\r\n/moo

Image: kibachair.jpg   570x651 48849 bytes 2004.02.05

This is another picture of my boyfriend's character Kiba. She's a burmecian who he plays on a MUCK he's on. It was originally a pencil sketch that was scanned, and I messed around with masks and gave her a darker outline. I then slapped some color onto it. It really didn't take too long.\r\nKiba is © ShadowHyena\r\nDrawn by ChocoMay 02/04

Image: vcl_oc-dragon.jpg   319x455 40018 bytes 2004.01.12

A dragon I doodled in Open Canvas in approx 25 minutes while chatting in IRC.\r\nI'm trying to get better at dragons. I kinda like this style. I'll keep working at it! (I have too many dragon friends! heehee)\r\n01/04- ChocoMay all digital.

Image: chocobadge04.jpg   400x265 55614 bytes 2004.01.07

My FC04 conbadge.\r\nHurr hurr hurr. :P\r\nI was bored and sarcastic. Hey, at least it's not like the 2'x3' conbadge I ended up wearing at AC. (Yes, sharpies and poster board and a bit of twine!)\r\nDone with markers, colored pencils and white ink on a 4"x6" note card. Not as good as Ippy's but it suits me.\r\nChocoMay is © myself.\r\n01/04

Image: xmascm.jpg   400x650 61149 bytes 2003.12.25

A 30 minute digital doodle I decided to do for the Christmas/holiday ish type thing.\r\nHappy whatever you celebrate.\r\nIt's teh chubby ChocoMay (me) in a Santa outfit!\r\n12/03

Image: shadowraver.jpg   550x647 51458 bytes 2003.12.11

Oh nos.. JPG compresion killed his hair shading.\r\nAh well.. I had fun making this. And it doesn't need to be any higher resolution with all the art-jackers out there.\r\nIt's ShadowHyena/raver/Naruto cosplay type thing.\r\nHeh, We're thinking about using this for his LJ background.\r\nCharacter © ShadowHyena\r\nImage drawn by ChocoMay 12/03 -digital

Image: guardianfin.jpg   487x650 135824 bytes 2003.10.27

First upload in a month!\r\nA quick sketch cleaned and colored up with prismacolors. Done on cardstock.\r\nIt's a gift for my li'l seester. It's a water elemental of sorts. A winged gargoyle that's a mix of reptiles (Dragons, frogs, Bishonen boys...)\r\n(See: Off Topic, but I really like it, so it's here!)\r\nDone in approx 6 hours. 10/03 © ChocoMay

Image: purpledragon.jpg   500x500 49667 bytes 2003.09.17

Inspired by ChibiFennec's style of art.(VCL name:Fox-Art)\r\nDone in photoshop.\r\nIt's a purple dragon! He's so cute!\r\nCharacter©ChocoMay\r\nStyle ©(?) Fox Art\r\n

Image: ugly2.jpg   659x585 79272 bytes 2003.09.14

It's my 'fursona' type character thing again without the squirrel tail.\r\nBecause I'm fat, ugly, sad, and all sorts of angsty emotions.\r\nI really like the way this turned out. I've always liked subdued browns and etching kinda scribbliness.(I love layers! SQUEE!)\r\n09/03 © ChocoMay

Image: kiba2.jpg   533x600 43325 bytes 2003.09.13

This is a 2nd picture of Kiba I drew. The first one I didn't know her name.\r\nIt's for my b/f's character on some random MUCK he's on.\r\n100% digital\r\n09/03 ChocoMay\r\ncharacter is © ShadowHyena

Image: cmpissed.jpg   546x600 56674 bytes 2003.09.11

Yeah, a 45 minute doodle with my tablet. Testing out that style of eyes/expression I used on my character Saki.\r\n100% digital\r\nPretty much describes how I'm feeling today.\r\n09/03 ChocoMay © Myself aka ChocoMay

Image: sakimei.jpg   800x800 87741 bytes 2003.09.08

My RPG character for one of the MUCK's I'm on. It's Saki!\r\nThis picture was 100% digitally. I guess I'm getting the hang of my tablet somewhat. And trying a new style!\r\nShe's a 2 tailed Fennec Kitsune 'taur. I'll probably attempt a *real* picture of her someday. It's just reference for now.\r\n09/03 Saki is © ChocoMay\r\nDigital drawing.

Image: kythcolor1.jpg   505x600 63249 bytes 2003.09.06

I should make a commission folder. Ah well.\r\n\r\nKytheraen, the winged leopard girl. ^.^ A commission for her. Now I gotta go work on her art trade! Hehehe.\r\n\r\n09/03 © Kytheraen\r\nColor pencils on cardstock\r\n-ChocoMay

Image: burmeciangirl.jpg   510x629 32788 bytes 2003.08.27

It's ShadowHyena's RPG character. (I never got her name).\r\nShe's a burmecian for a MUCK he role plays on.\r\nOriginal was ink on cardstock.\r\nThis version is digitally colored. (Still learning, but getting better! YAY!).\r\nCharacter © ShadowHyena\r\nArt: 08/03 ChocoMay

Image: ashtonveg.jpg   300x300 24463 bytes 2003.08.15

I was going to add hearts to the cucumber. The cucumber LOOOVES Ashton. It is a sexy cucumber to be sure.\r\nAnother Vegenostrum day pic.\r\n\r\nAshton the COOOGIE is © Ashton\r\npicture done digitally by ChocoMay 08/03

Image: cmvegenostrum.jpg   400x361 27471 bytes 2003.08.15

My picture for Vegenostrum day.\r\nIt's my fursona (ChocoMay) with a rutebega and a broccoli in my nose.\r\nMmmm drooling craziness.\r\nYeah.\r\nNo vegetables were hurt in the making of this.\r\n08/03 Digitalness\r\nChocoMay © ChocoMay

Image: julietfinal.gif   516x683 33481 bytes 2003.07.12

Juliet, late for homeroom on her first day of highschool.\r\nShe's so cutesy! It is a commission for EraDragon.\r\nDone on cardstock with rapidograph pens and ink.\r\nJuliet is © EraDragon\r\nart done by ChocoMay ^.^

Image: sexahshadow.jpg   300x509 23663 bytes 2003.07.06

My boyfriend's character, ShadowHyena. Only without wings and goggles.\r\nDone entirely digital. I'm still not good at this, but I'm improving slowly.\r\nShadowHyena © Himself\r\n07/03 Drawn by ChocoMay

Image: curryflavoredhyena.jpg   275x348 24004 bytes 2003.06.25

I dunno what he's reaching into... o.O I just didn't feel like drawing the othe hand.\r\nIt's my new character Curry. CurryFlavoredHyena.\r\nHe's based on my NeoPet of the same name. I was doodling a new idea, and it popped out of my head. It's got the 'Gelert' style long ears. I made him anthro, and took all neopet qualities away from him and BOOM! This is what I have!\r\nGelert and Neopets are © Neopets.\r\nThis image and anthro hyena character is © ChocoMay\r\n06/03 Colored pencils on sketchbook paper

Image: cm0603color.jpg   565x650 91836 bytes 2003.06.08

YAY! A spiffy colored pic of me. It's the colored pic of the last upload.\r\nMy fursona for reference.\r\nI think it's actually a decent pic.\r\nGetting better with the tablet. ^.^ YAY.\r\n06/03 ChocoMay\r\nChocoMay © myself

Image: chocomay0603.gif   565x650 22431 bytes 2003.06.07

It's my fursona. An updated picture for reference/trade bait/ ect.\r\nI'll color it one day.\r\nI've got a chocobo plushie in the pic too!! How cute!\r\n06/03 Sketchbook paper w/ Rapidograph pens/ink.\r\nChocoMay © ChocoMay

Image: uglychocomay.jpg   365x650 50784 bytes 2003.05.29

I *almost* used Ch'marr's Compression of this picture. But it made the fine fur hair/lines black instead of indigo.\r\nAnyways, it's the unhappy me. It's my fursona uglified and all tribal like. I was in a pissy mood when I drew this.\r\nOriginal - Pencils on sketchbook paper. Color change in Photoshop. 05/03 © ChocoMay

Image: gaydar.gif   750x547 21759 bytes 2003.05.29

It's kinda crooked, but I love this picture.\r\nIt's me and my boyfriend's characters arguing about 'gaydar'.\r\nShadowHyena © himself\r\nChocoMay © myself\r\nPen and ink (Forgot what kind of paper) 05/03

Image: angstyponyvore.jpg   400x500 40308 bytes 2003.05.16

Angsty Pony Vore.\r\nYum. These hyena will enjoy such a delciously, fruity, somewhat, plasticy taste.\r\nDental floss mane and tail included.\r\n05/03 ChocoMay

Image: hotaru01.jpg   515x650 89866 bytes 2003.04.23

My own, personal gryphon. He's 1/2 phoenix, 1/2 firecat. His name is Hotaru which means 'Firefly' in Japanese. He's suppose to be kinda bishounen. This is him in his Male morphic stage. He wasn't well drawn, but it's a reference for now. I'll do 4 character sheets of him. One for each stage. (Stages: Male morphed, Female morphed, Male non morph, and female non morph).\r\nI play this character on a MUCK I'm on!\r\nDone in markers on sketchbook paper. 04/03

Image: cloudwatcher.jpg   600x371 37413 bytes 2003.03.28

It's a random hyena staring off at the sky. I was testing out my pens and colored inks.\r\nInk on sketchbook paper\r\n03/03 ChocoMay aka G.Carlson

Image: pgp.gif   373x700 33421 bytes 2003.03.24

I love this picture! It's my friend's fursona. I'm not sure if he goes by Panda! Go Panda! or Cute Cuddly Panda anymore, though. He's one of our flirty DDR players. \r\nI want to be able to draw like this ALL THE TIME! I'm going to keep practicing. I love the style and the inking. \r\nOh, his right foot got chopped off because I ran out of paper. It was just a crappy sketch that I ended up liking and kept. \r\nDrawn 03/03 with Microns on my Sketchbook paper (Rough 80#) \r\nP!GP! or whatever his name is now is © Kaleo \r\n-ChocoMay aka G.Carlson \r\n

Image: busted.jpg   617x800 87755 bytes 2003.03.23

A little fox theif gets busted stealing gold from a dragon.\r\nInks on cardstock. (Ink washes kill cardstock! I'm suprised this scanned so neatly. It's warped! I need to get watercolor paper!)\r\n03/03 ChocoMay aka G. Carlson

Image: cheesewhine.gif   486x693 66920 bytes 2003.03.13

My fursona with a brick of Co-Jack Cheese.\r\nThe picture and the title says it all.\r\nI'm sick of it. Blah. \r\nDone on Nifty 80# sketchbook paper, with Micron Pens and touched up in Paint Shop.\r\n03/03 - ChocoMay (I should say the image is © me, and so is my character, but if you feel the absolute urge to take it and use it, have fun, just remember, you're probably not a fat spotted hyena with a squirrel tail, and please email me if you do take it. I'd love to know who likes me ^^)

Image: micahandkhris.jpg   437x777 72752 bytes 2003.03.02

This is a picture I did for Kitsune25 of her characters Micah the Fennec and Khris the arctic fox. It's not in my trades section, because, it was more of a request on her behalf. I felt bad for the poo I had drawn in her sketchbook at FC2003, so I drew this to compinsate, her only request was for me to draw Micah. So this is the result!\r\nHope she likes it!\r\nMicah and Khris are © Kitsune25\r\ndrawn by ChocoMay 02/03 colored pencils on cardstock

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