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Image: angstyponyvore.jpg   400x500 40308 bytes 2003.05.16

Angsty Pony Vore.\r\nYum. These hyena will enjoy such a delciously, fruity, somewhat, plasticy taste.\r\nDental floss mane and tail included.\r\n05/03 ChocoMay

Image: ashton.jpg   622x672 68924 bytes 2002.12.21

Another fine example of why I need to practice my marker skills. I suck at them. They're fun, and look nice when other people use them! I'll get better some day.\r\nThis is Ashton, the all terrain-dragon (Sometime's he's a cougar too). A friend of mine I met at FC2002 who enjoys video games and DDR much like myself. (DDRagon)\r\nDrawn 12/02 after several failed attempts of drawing a 1200lbs chubby snuggle dragon. I love the colors though!\r\nAshton (c) himself

Image: ashtonveg.jpg   300x300 24463 bytes 2003.08.15

I was going to add hearts to the cucumber. The cucumber LOOOVES Ashton. It is a sexy cucumber to be sure.\r\nAnother Vegenostrum day pic.\r\n\r\nAshton the COOOGIE is Ashton\r\npicture done digitally by ChocoMay 08/03

Image: burmeciangirl.jpg   510x629 32788 bytes 2003.08.27

It's ShadowHyena's RPG character. (I never got her name).\r\nShe's a burmecian for a MUCK he role plays on.\r\nOriginal was ink on cardstock.\r\nThis version is digitally colored. (Still learning, but getting better! YAY!).\r\nCharacter ShadowHyena\r\nArt: 08/03 ChocoMay

Image: busted.jpg   617x800 87755 bytes 2003.03.23

A little fox theif gets busted stealing gold from a dragon.\r\nInks on cardstock. (Ink washes kill cardstock! I'm suprised this scanned so neatly. It's warped! I need to get watercolor paper!)\r\n03/03 ChocoMay aka G. Carlson

Image: cardbox.jpg   818x562 55616 bytes 2002.12.22

This is the cover of my card box for things like Magic The Gathering, ect... (Yay, I'm a gamer geek girl!) the cover itself is not done, however, the squirrel'yena is. I love this piccy. It's my character in a non-anthro-ish form.\r\nScanning the card box was fun *sarcasm*. I took it into my editor and used airbrush to white out the dark parts (for the most part) then used the level tools. I think it ended up okay, because you can see the character just fine.\r\nMy first attempt at acrylic paints!!!\r\n12/02 -ChocoMay

Image: cgcmbadge.jpg   300x383 56644 bytes 2003.01.19

My new and improved con badge for FC2003. I like this one better.\r\nI was bored and decided to color a sketch I had scanned. It took me an hour with the mouse and just random tools. I tried not to use the smudge tool too much, but had fun smudging after I 'Furred' selected areas.\r\nIt's kinda crappy, but I like it for some stupid reason.\r\n'Look ma! Only 3 layers!'\r\nIt's my 2nd comp colored pic ever. I need a tablet!\r\nChocoMay (c) herself aka Gayle Carlson\r\ndrawn 01/03, scanned, and colored same day

Image: cheesewhine.gif   486x693 66920 bytes 2003.03.13

My fursona with a brick of Co-Jack Cheese.\r\nThe picture and the title says it all.\r\nI'm sick of it. Blah. \r\nDone on Nifty 80# sketchbook paper, with Micron Pens and touched up in Paint Shop.\r\n03/03 - ChocoMay (I should say the image is me, and so is my character, but if you feel the absolute urge to take it and use it, have fun, just remember, you're probably not a fat spotted hyena with a squirrel tail, and please email me if you do take it. I'd love to know who likes me ^^)

Image: chocobadge04.jpg   400x265 55614 bytes 2004.01.07

My FC04 conbadge.\r\nHurr hurr hurr. :P\r\nI was bored and sarcastic. Hey, at least it's not like the 2'x3' conbadge I ended up wearing at AC. (Yes, sharpies and poster board and a bit of twine!)\r\nDone with markers, colored pencils and white ink on a 4"x6" note card. Not as good as Ippy's but it suits me.\r\nChocoMay is myself.\r\n01/04

Image: chocomay0603.gif   565x650 22431 bytes 2003.06.07

It's my fursona. An updated picture for reference/trade bait/ ect.\r\nI'll color it one day.\r\nI've got a chocobo plushie in the pic too!! How cute!\r\n06/03 Sketchbook paper w/ Rapidograph pens/ink.\r\nChocoMay ChocoMay

Image: cloudwatcher.jpg   600x371 37413 bytes 2003.03.28

It's a random hyena staring off at the sky. I was testing out my pens and colored inks.\r\nInk on sketchbook paper\r\n03/03 ChocoMay aka G.Carlson

Image: cm0603color.jpg   565x650 91836 bytes 2003.06.08

YAY! A spiffy colored pic of me. It's the colored pic of the last upload.\r\nMy fursona for reference.\r\nI think it's actually a decent pic.\r\nGetting better with the tablet. ^.^ YAY.\r\n06/03 ChocoMay\r\nChocoMay myself

Image: cmfc03badge.jpg   536x405 94569 bytes 2002.11.29

This is what I plan on having for my personal badge for FurtherConfusion 2003. It's basic, but kinda fun. I like it. I can't letter worth anything tho. I'll need to work on that.\r\nIt's a 3x5 card cut to 3x4 and it's done in colored pencils with a marker background. (I love that color orange! *kweeh*)\r\nDrawn 11/02 ChocoMay is (c) myself. 'Tis me.

Image: cmnude.jpg   342x399 35544 bytes 2002.10.09

It's a nekkie pic of my fursona- ChocoMay the hyena-squirrel. I drew this for my boyfriend's birthday as well. I guess it's a good reference for the tail length, hair, and face.\r\n(Although I am not that skinny! *grin*)\r\nDrawn 09/02 (I post the dates for myself. I am hoping to improve over time, so I would like to see how I have improved. Just random info.)

Image: cmpissed.jpg   546x600 56674 bytes 2003.09.11

Yeah, a 45 minute doodle with my tablet. Testing out that style of eyes/expression I used on my character Saki.\r\n100% digital\r\nPretty much describes how I'm feeling today.\r\n09/03 ChocoMay Myself aka ChocoMay

Image: cmtailhold.jpg   633x741 64938 bytes 2003.02.19

"Don't touch my nuts again unless you want some of this tail!!!"\r\nBasically a ticked off version of me. I like it. It turned out better on paper than scanned. Well, not really, just looks less scary on paper. Heh.\r\nMarker/Colored pencil... so wacky 80# rough sketchbook paper.\r\n02/03 ChocoMay is herself (me)

Image: cmvegenostrum.jpg   400x361 27471 bytes 2003.08.15

My picture for Vegenostrum day.\r\nIt's my fursona (ChocoMay) with a rutebega and a broccoli in my nose.\r\nMmmm drooling craziness.\r\nYeah.\r\nNo vegetables were hurt in the making of this.\r\n08/03 Digitalness\r\nChocoMay ChocoMay

Image: curryflavoredhyena.jpg   275x348 24004 bytes 2003.06.25

I dunno what he's reaching into... o.O I just didn't feel like drawing the othe hand.\r\nIt's my new character Curry. CurryFlavoredHyena.\r\nHe's based on my NeoPet of the same name. I was doodling a new idea, and it popped out of my head. It's got the 'Gelert' style long ears. I made him anthro, and took all neopet qualities away from him and BOOM! This is what I have!\r\nGelert and Neopets are Neopets.\r\nThis image and anthro hyena character is ChocoMay\r\n06/03 Colored pencils on sketchbook paper

Image: foxmob.jpg   728x576 53636 bytes 2003.02.21

It's the Fox Mob... There's a long story behind them that I'll only briefly go into.\r\nI collect fox plush, and give them personalities. When they get together, they (rather I) go Veh veh veh VEH VEH VEH.. and get all crazy and hyper.\r\nSo, this is the closest of that personality within myself called the "Fox Mob" that can be manifested onto paper.\r\nIt's not 100% of my usual performance, but I like it!\r\nDone 02/03 with Acrylic paints on Tan cardstock.\r\nFox Mob is G.C. aka ChocoMay

Image: gaydar.gif   750x547 21759 bytes 2003.05.29

It's kinda crooked, but I love this picture.\r\nIt's me and my boyfriend's characters arguing about 'gaydar'.\r\nShadowHyena himself\r\nChocoMay myself\r\nPen and ink (Forgot what kind of paper) 05/03

Image: gimmenuts.jpg   522x726 63976 bytes 2002.10.21

"Gimme nuts and Mr. Fox doesn't take a dirtnap!"\r\nThis is as close as a pic of me as ChocoMay as you get. Me as my Hyena - Squirrel cross.\r\nI didn't originally have spots on my tail, but I did an art trade with Ravyn and she put spots on my tail. I liked it and kept them. *thanks*\r\nMr. Fox is the plushie in paw. He's a real plush I own. He has his own personality, and one day I'll draw lots of him.\r\nDrawn 10/20/02

Image: guardianfin.jpg   487x650 135824 bytes 2003.10.27

First upload in a month!\r\nA quick sketch cleaned and colored up with prismacolors. Done on cardstock.\r\nIt's a gift for my li'l seester. It's a water elemental of sorts. A winged gargoyle that's a mix of reptiles (Dragons, frogs, Bishonen boys...)\r\n(See: Off Topic, but I really like it, so it's here!)\r\nDone in approx 6 hours. 10/03 ChocoMay

Image: halloween02.jpg   509x669 74982 bytes 2002.10.31

Happy Halloween everyfur!!\r\n\r\nThis pic was inspired by a lot of things. It was originally going to be a pic for a friend of mine who likes chubby girls and squirrels. He adored the pic of Nutz, so I thought I'd draw him something. He's not getting this one, but I will make her a character and draw more of her.\r\n(I know the pic is a little big on the pixel side of the rules, but it has a lot of do-dads in it.) Drawn 10/31/02\r\n\r\n

Image: haven.jpg   740x564 109852 bytes 2002.12.06

I love this pic. It's a sleepin' fox snuggled up and extra fluffy keeping the cold, light snow from chilling him.\r\nI drew this for ShadowHyena's niece for Christmas. I hope she likes it. I think it's one of my better pictures to date.\r\nDone in ink with a light colored pencil tint in places on 'natural' colored cardstock. Drawn 12/02 -ChocoMay :)

Image: hotaru01.jpg   515x650 89866 bytes 2003.04.23

My own, personal gryphon. He's 1/2 phoenix, 1/2 firecat. His name is Hotaru which means 'Firefly' in Japanese. He's suppose to be kinda bishounen. This is him in his Male morphic stage. He wasn't well drawn, but it's a reference for now. I'll do 4 character sheets of him. One for each stage. (Stages: Male morphed, Female morphed, Male non morph, and female non morph).\r\nI play this character on a MUCK I'm on!\r\nDone in markers on sketchbook paper. 04/03

Image: ivory.jpg   484x352 42664 bytes 2002.10.09

Ivory Snowfall, the albino hyena-taur. She's a character of mine from another Muck. I like the way the pic turned out, but I need to work more on anatomy on 'taurs and better poses! I love taurs!\r\nDrawn 09/02

Image: ivy.jpg   608x643 87067 bytes 2002.11.22

I finally created a new character for myself. It's Ivy, the brown bunny girl. :) I have a thing for brown bunny girls.\r\nThis pic is just some random Christmasy thing. I'll draw her with clothes too. It's just my first pic of her.\r\n*drool*\r\nDrawn 11/02 Ivy (c)ChocoMay

Image: jakari.jpg   399x473 69791 bytes 2002.10.07

My character from the MUCK Southern Cross.It's Jakari the red mage androgynous hyena from the barbarian continent. Yay!\r\nDrawn 07/02

Image: julietfinal.gif   516x683 33481 bytes 2003.07.12

Juliet, late for homeroom on her first day of highschool.\r\nShe's so cutesy! It is a commission for EraDragon.\r\nDone on cardstock with rapidograph pens and ink.\r\nJuliet is EraDragon\r\nart done by ChocoMay ^.^

Image: khakisnow.jpg   631x785 99999 bytes 2003.01.29

My first commission. Done for my friend Khaki on #vcl. It's a hot spring snow leopard.\r\nI'm getting DDR goodies in exchange. YAY!\r\nDrawn 01/03 prismacolors on cardstock.

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