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Image: kiba2.jpg   533x600 43325 bytes 2003.09.13

This is a 2nd picture of Kiba I drew. The first one I didn't know her name.\r\nIt's for my b/f's character on some random MUCK he's on.\r\n100% digital\r\n09/03 ChocoMay\r\ncharacter is © ShadowHyena

Image: kibachair.jpg   570x651 48849 bytes 2004.02.05

This is another picture of my boyfriend's character Kiba. She's a burmecian who he plays on a MUCK he's on. It was originally a pencil sketch that was scanned, and I messed around with masks and gave her a darker outline. I then slapped some color onto it. It really didn't take too long.\r\nKiba is © ShadowHyena\r\nDrawn by ChocoMay 02/04

Image: kissdacook.jpg   645x836 99860 bytes 2002.11.14

A kitchen skunk taking a break. I love this picture. It's a good one. One of the chubby girls that I've been encouraged to draw. Plus it's my first skunk!\r\nDrawn 10/02 finished w/ color 11/02

Image: kmime.jpg   459x638 115781 bytes 2002.10.09

It's a kitsune-mime. Inspired from the mimes in Final Fantasy crossed with old japanese masks and theater. Don't know if the character is male or female yet, but it has the old style kabuki hair of males. It was a character request drawn for my boyfriend. He hasn't developed the character fully, but this is the pic of it.\r\nDrawn 09/02. (Final Fantasy (c) Squaresoft)

Image: kythcolor1.jpg   505x600 63249 bytes 2003.09.06

I should make a commission folder. Ah well.\r\n\r\nKytheraen, the winged leopard girl. ^.^ A commission for her. Now I gotta go work on her art trade! Hehehe.\r\n\r\n09/03 © Kytheraen\r\nColor pencils on cardstock\r\n-ChocoMay

Image: may1.jpg   436x480 29650 bytes 2002.10.07

A picture of my character before I acquired the squirrel tail and features. It's an older pic. I've been getting better.\r\nDrawn 04/02 under my old furry name Mei

Image: micahandkhris.jpg   437x777 72752 bytes 2003.03.02

This is a picture I did for Kitsune25 of her characters Micah the Fennec and Khris the arctic fox. It's not in my trades section, because, it was more of a request on her behalf. I felt bad for the poo I had drawn in her sketchbook at FC2003, so I drew this to compinsate, her only request was for me to draw Micah. So this is the result!\r\nHope she likes it!\r\nMicah and Khris are © Kitsune25\r\ndrawn by ChocoMay 02/03 colored pencils on cardstock

Image: minkleaf_pray2.jpg   439x650 82321 bytes 2006.05.11

Wow, long time no upload. LOL I play World of Warcrack now.. a lot of it.\r\nThis is my lvl 60 Tauren Druid - Minkleaf.\r\nIt's the colored version of a black and white pic I did. Drawn in my WoW sketchbook of memories of my friends and I. Ink. Colored in either Photoshop or Open Canvas. I forget.\r\n05/06 - ChocoMay -Minkleaf is my char, but legally belongs to blizzard :( Booo!\r\n/moo

Image: momohyena.jpeg   387x511 110234 bytes 2002.10.07

A nekkie hyena girl I drew for my boyfriend's birthday. She's suppose to resemble Momo from the Breath of Fire series. Basically a nerdy hyena girl.\r\nI think her tail's too long. Oh well.\r\nDrawn 09/02 Momo/Breath of Fire is (c)Capcom.

Image: pgp.gif   373x700 33421 bytes 2003.03.24

I love this picture! It's my friend's fursona. I'm not sure if he goes by Panda! Go Panda! or Cute Cuddly Panda anymore, though. He's one of our flirty DDR players. \r\nI want to be able to draw like this ALL THE TIME! I'm going to keep practicing. I love the style and the inking. \r\nOh, his right foot got chopped off because I ran out of paper. It was just a crappy sketch that I ended up liking and kept. \r\nDrawn 03/03 with Microns on my Sketchbook paper (Rough 80#) \r\nP!GP! or whatever his name is now is © Kaleo \r\n-ChocoMay aka G.Carlson \r\n

Image: purpledragon.jpg   500x500 49667 bytes 2003.09.17

Inspired by ChibiFennec's style of art.(VCL name:Fox-Art)\r\nDone in photoshop.\r\nIt's a purple dragon! He's so cute!\r\nCharacter©ChocoMay\r\nStyle ©(?) Fox Art\r\n

Image: sakimei.jpg   800x800 87741 bytes 2003.09.08

My RPG character for one of the MUCK's I'm on. It's Saki!\r\nThis picture was 100% digitally. I guess I'm getting the hang of my tablet somewhat. And trying a new style!\r\nShe's a 2 tailed Fennec Kitsune 'taur. I'll probably attempt a *real* picture of her someday. It's just reference for now.\r\n09/03 Saki is © ChocoMay\r\nDigital drawing.

Image: sexahshadow.jpg   300x509 23663 bytes 2003.07.06

My boyfriend's character, ShadowHyena. Only without wings and goggles.\r\nDone entirely digital. I'm still not good at this, but I'm improving slowly.\r\nShadowHyena © Himself\r\n07/03 Drawn by ChocoMay

Image: sexychoco.jpg   585x417 45052 bytes 2003.02.14

It's an anthro chocobo in a sexy pose. I drew this back in September of 2002, just never got around to re-scanning it. The orginal scan didn't work.\r\nI remember I drew this after a dream I had about how soft and fluffy chocobos were.\r\nDone in markers.\r\nChocobos © SquareSoft/Square

Image: shadowcolor01.jpg   417x722 97597 bytes 2002.11.19

A colored piccy of my boyfriend with wings and goggles. I actually like this picture too. Maybe I'm getting better. I hope so!\r\nDone on tan cardstock (I love the colored card stocks I got, they make coloring fun!) 11/02\r\nShadowHyena (C)himself. :) Thanks

Image: shadowhyena.jpg   440x643 55211 bytes 2002.10.29

This is a pic of my boyfriend's character Shadow Hyena.\r\nDrawn 10/02\r\nCharacter (c)Shadow Hyena

Image: shadowraver.jpg   550x647 51458 bytes 2003.12.11

Oh nos.. JPG compresion killed his hair shading.\r\nAh well.. I had fun making this. And it doesn't need to be any higher resolution with all the art-jackers out there.\r\nIt's ShadowHyena/raver/Naruto cosplay type thing.\r\nHeh, We're thinking about using this for his LJ background.\r\nCharacter © ShadowHyena\r\nImage drawn by ChocoMay 12/03 -digital

Image: shconbadge.jpg   449x599 57799 bytes 2002.12.22

This looks much better in person. It's my mate's con badge for FC2003. It's colored pencil and gel pens on black cardstock. I'm so happy that I found black cardstock locally. It was a pain.\r\nThat's Jigglypuff in the corner. He asked me to add that to his badge. Jigglypuff has no arms or legs right now. I may add those later. I may not.\r\nJigglypuff (c) Nintendo\r\nShadowHyena (c) himself\r\nDrawn 12/02

Image: shwinged.gif   617x725 33316 bytes 2002.11.14

My boyfriend (Shadow Hyena) in his new look. He has mechanical wings and is more tribal. I might add his goggles to future pics though. Hehehe... flight goggles. His mechanical wings are set on a harness so they can be taken off.\r\nDrawn 11/02 -Micron pens\r\nCharacter (c) Shadow Hyena

Image: stripedhyena.gif   704x601 31264 bytes 2002.12.10

A tribal striped hyena were kinda thing. Funny thing, I was in a sorta yiffy mood when I drew this, he was *suppose* to be naughty, but he ended up too cool looking to be yiffy. I finally got around to inking him.\r\nI may color him one day and get a tattoo of him.\r\nHe was partially inspired by a tattoo design my boyfriend wants drawn by the artist Kubo, and partially by a Dark Natasha striped Hyena pic we have hanging in the bedroom.\r\nDrawn 11/02, inked 12/02.

Image: supersize.jpeg   403x539 52096 bytes 2002.10.07

*snicker* title speaks for itself. Drawn 08/02

Image: ugly2.jpg   659x585 79272 bytes 2003.09.14

It's my 'fursona' type character thing again without the squirrel tail.\r\nBecause I'm fat, ugly, sad, and all sorts of angsty emotions.\r\nI really like the way this turned out. I've always liked subdued browns and etching kinda scribbliness.(I love layers! SQUEE!)\r\n09/03 © ChocoMay

Image: uglychocomay.jpg   365x650 50784 bytes 2003.05.29

I *almost* used Ch'marr's Compression of this picture. But it made the fine fur hair/lines black instead of indigo.\r\nAnyways, it's the unhappy me. It's my fursona uglified and all tribal like. I was in a pissy mood when I drew this.\r\nOriginal - Pencils on sketchbook paper. Color change in Photoshop. 05/03 © ChocoMay

Image: vcl_oc-dragon.jpg   319x455 40018 bytes 2004.01.12

A dragon I doodled in Open Canvas in approx 25 minutes while chatting in IRC.\r\nI'm trying to get better at dragons. I kinda like this style. I'll keep working at it! (I have too many dragon friends! heehee)\r\n01/04- ChocoMay all digital.

Image: waterh4.jpg   602x491 53864 bytes 2002.10.09

This is #4 of my drawings of the 'Watermelon Hyena'. Me and my boyfriend have asked other artists to draw what they think a watermelon hyena would be. We have a small porfolio.\r\nThe idea came from me sketching hyena features one day and drew an oval with a hyena head and tail. Then I drew a bunch of random spots and said, "Hyenas and watermelons look the same! They both have spots!" only to be corrected that watermelons have stripes. *smirk*\r\nI may post the original one day.\r\nDrawn 04/02 under my old furry name 'Mei'

Image: xmascm.jpg   400x650 61149 bytes 2003.12.25

A 30 minute digital doodle I decided to do for the Christmas/holiday ish type thing.\r\nHappy whatever you celebrate.\r\nIt's teh chubby ChocoMay (me) in a Santa outfit!\r\n12/03

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