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Image: BABOON.jpg   558x615 82345 bytes 2005.01.10

angry baboon will eat your face :(

Image: bleah.jpg   396x564 77228 bytes 2005.01.10

BLEAH. One of my rare ink pieces, they aren't really my forte.

Image: boozehound.jpg   567x682 66927 bytes 2005.07.30

This is a way old picture of the dog form of an old RPing character of mine (I don't really play her anymore). The dog's design is kind of like an Irish faeriehound, or something, I'm mostly just making excuses for the fact that I can't really draw dogs.\r\n\r\nThis doggy likes liquor. %)

Image: dugalien.jpg   398x564 71796 bytes 2005.01.10

One of the rare old drawings that I actually like, of an alien-critter inspired by the Dug race of Star Wars. These guys can walk on their hands AND their feet, albeit very awkwardly. =)

Image: jungle.jpg   616x779 239911 bytes 2005.01.10

Junglething I drew for portfolio class last year. The background is a wallpaper collage, and the critter was drawn by me with Prismacolor pencils. My scanner ate the border, alas.

Image: lawntengu.jpg   563x720 100760 bytes 2005.01.10

the lawn tengu, a picture inspired by tengu@sheezyart.

Image: protossartisan.jpg   420x920 108439 bytes 2005.01.10

Protoss class I designed for StarcraftMUX, a game that a friend and I are starting up.

Image: spacebaboon.jpg   350x637 72512 bytes 2005.01.10

Pink-haired alien baboon thing. It likes to eat ants.

Image: Suzee_were.jpg   549x507 82394 bytes 2005.01.10

An art trade with my friend Kirin ( of her werewolf character, Suzee. I loved working in this light color scheme. =)

Image: TenguKappa.jpg   632x870 113250 bytes 2005.01.10

Tengu and Kappa walk down the riverbank and tell jokes about your mom. One of my rare full background pieces, this one just about devoured my poor Prismacolors. =)

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