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Image: lezpic.gif   495x549 104267 bytes 2000.09.12

this one was one of two that were a bitch to draw, and so i never really darkened the outlines. it turned out as well as can be expected, but for now, i'll stick to a single subject until i can find something decent to use as a model (i personally dislike ripping off other people's hard work, even though my pics seem to only take about an hour or so to draw).\n

Image: PiEn.gif   309x380 50287 bytes 2000.09.26

RaGael's twin sister, also in West End's Star Wars RPG, she is much more sexual/sensual/pissed off/whatever. she doesn't care. she could be talking to the Grand Admiril of the Rebellion Fleet, and she'd still be wearing either nothing at all, or just very little. it really depends on her mood. oh, and she is bisexual. once you've had cat, you'll never go back.\n

Image: Polarissa02.gif   327x607 80677 bytes 2000.09.12

apologies about it being on lined paper, but i was not exactly mentally cognisant (i had maybe an hour to an houre and a half of sleep over the course of two days when i drew this). this is my first adult furry ever, though i have drawn more furrys than what i have uploaded. i'll have to try and find them.\n

Image: Polarissa03.gif   489x480 71594 bytes 2000.09.12

this was the other bitch. NO MORE MIRRORS!!!\n

Image: polarissa04.gif   359x685 137734 bytes 2000.09.12

polarissa playing with herself again, wishing she had some company.\n

Image: polarissa05.gif   512x554 69507 bytes 2000.09.12

polarissa inviting someone to partake in the pleasures only a feline can offer, male or female. i wish i could've drawn her face a little better.\n

Image: polarissa06.gif   330x717 89210 bytes 2000.09.12

Polarissa using a different style, which turned out decently well IMHO. better for a front view, anyway.\n

Image: skyrider.gif   474x760 101015 bytes 2000.09.12

my first shot at a bat. i still need to figure out a better way to do the breasts, a recurring problem in most of my pics.\n

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