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Image: ASP.jpg   504x614 61956 bytes 2003.01.26

This to fit my Anti-Spooge Suit desc I have on FurryMUCK and Tapestries... and to clear up some mindset for idiots that are too s***-headed to know a g*****n thing... you know who you are.\r\n

Image: bobblehead2.JPG   339x539 35325 bytes 2002.11.20

This is IMO about some people... myself included.

Image: Buzz1.jpg   478x1050 56744 bytes 2002.11.20

Here's a familiar fur from the Cleavage Club. Buzz is İDave "AngryDave" Stauber.

Image: cheddar1.JPG   807x907 105737 bytes 2002.11.20

Cheddar from the Cleavage Club has such bum luck...\r\n... losing her tops and bras from a terible curse.\r\n\r\nCheddar is İher player.

Image: chitter01.jpg   497x819 45600 bytes 2003.09.28

Chitter is İher player.

Image: csmth_0007.jpg   732x629 101181 bytes 2001.12.07

Here's a pict of my work that was before I learned to use the scannner right. The cat's name is Venetia, the koala's name is Kora, and the kangaroo to the right is Lovey. All are İChris Smith.\r\n

Image: csmth_0012.jpg   548x615 43379 bytes 2001.12.07

Kora and Lovey pounces their hyooman author! Boy was he surprised!! Kora and Lovey İChris Smith; Chris Smith İhis parents.

Image: csmth_0023.jpg   418x678 35759 bytes 2001.10.22

Here is Lovey, mocking the fashion industry, by wearing that sexy black dress everyone keeps hearing about. Lovey is İChris Smith.

Image: csmth_0031.jpg   712x459 46051 bytes 2001.10.24

"... The five words in my head\r\n Scream 'Are we havin' fun yet?'"\r\n-Nickleback "This is how you remind me"\r\n\r\nThis was inspired by that song when I heard a certain artist got married recently... I was broken up about it.

Image: csmth_0036.jpg   518x744 43549 bytes 2001.10.24

A criminal of the sneaky kind. Her name is Sugah. She is wanted for theft, prostitution, extortion, and embezzelment. Also wanted for stealing eucalytus blossoms (what she is licking.) She is also a flight risk. İChris Smith.

Image: csmth_0037.jpg   746x377 57108 bytes 2001.12.07

On October 12th, 2001, MelSkunk & Kyle were married.\r\nCongratulations to the proud couple!\r\nWinged MelSkunk İ Melissa Drake; Kyle İhis player.

Image: csmth_0038.JPG   835x584 101713 bytes 2001.10.24

What if I ever was on the MUCK and Engrish accidentally brushed up against a cactus? Well, I'd do her good turn and patch her! Everyone needs help now and then. Engrish İher player.

Image: csmth_0041.jpg   547x806 56730 bytes 2001.12.07

Every first-time mothers face this... and Lovey's no exception. Paris, her adopted son, doesn't seem to mind.\r\nLovey and Paris İChris Smith. Here's a towel, Lovey...

Image: csmth_0045.jpg   750x640 64545 bytes 2001.12.11

Don't get me wrong. I just get sick and tired of all this Christmas-time cheer. Another holiday I can't stand. It's another holiday that attacks you with all those irritating commercials (especially for toys!), gift suggestions, movies on such things, and those pain-in-the-ass Xmas carols! It's enough to MAKE one want to NOT celebrate it!

Image: csmth_0048.jpg   578x558 65141 bytes 2001.12.07

I can't express my feelings around my family without it starting some mess. Even my facial expressions or anything I say can trigger a verbal altercation. >_<

Image: csmth_2trg.JPG   528x732 84895 bytes 2004.04.03

Tht's right, 2. You tell 'em!\r\n\r\n2 the Ranting Gryphon İhis author.\r\n\r\n'Nuff said.

Image: csmth_HBbw.jpg   480x750 50582 bytes 2002.06.14

Here's HoneyBadger with a BIG brush. Personalized, of course. HoneyBadger is İR. E. Dye, artwork by Christopher Smith.

Image: Generica1.jpg   425x544 53232 bytes 2002.11.20

Slam it, Generica!\r\n\r\nGenerica İACeXCat

Image: keepsake_draw.jpg   400x827 21050 bytes 2003.11.21

Drawn within 20 - 25 minutes time.\r\n\r\nKeepsake is İher player.

Image: Lovey_002.jpg   396x720 49458 bytes 2002.02.26

Here's Lovey in her low-gravity volleyball outfit.\r\nLovey İChris Smith.

Image: Maegan.jpg   550x754 125481 bytes 2005.11.24

For a squirrel on Taps.\r\n\r\nİher player.

Image: Mariolla01.jpg   850x1050 126492 bytes 2002.11.20

This was done in pencil.\r\n\r\nLooks like Mariolla has left a wake of destruction... and put a restuarant out of business!!\r\n\r\nMariolla is İher player.

Image: MrgldMiffed.jpg   519x1005 49226 bytes 2004.06.28

Don't piss -THIS- mouse off...\r\n\r\nOr she'll be a shrew toward you.

Image: mt002a.jpg   619x720 56913 bytes 2002.05.17

Looks like Templeton is facing the event of a lifetime. Marigold is a rather big mouse... and he's comfortable with that... considering his position. ^\\_/^\r\n\r\nTempleton İhis character; Marigold İChris Smith.

Image: nodesc.jpg   850x1044 77389 bytes 2003.10.13

No drawing for you!\r\n\r\nThat probably says it all when some dickheaded asshole decides to give a description like this on the IRC.\r\n\r\nThe person isn't much less worth talking to, either.

Image: Outthedoor.jpg   492x698 137986 bytes 2005.06.09

When someone hurts you SO badly,\r\nand it is so painful to deal with, this\r\nis the *ONLY* direction that person\r\nwho hurt you has to go...\r\n\r\nThat goes out to the superficial people,\r\nthe heartbreakers, and the backstabbers...\r\n\r\nYou fools know WHERE to go from there.

Image: pawandeli2.jpg   573x660 62145 bytes 2002.06.15

Here's a pic of my friend PaWGuRL as she bathes her son, Eli. Who's getting wetter, PaWGuRL or Eli?\r\n\r\nHard to tell.\r\n\r\nPaWGuRL and Eli İHer player and her son.\r\nArtwork by Chris Smith.

Image: PaWGuRL_01.jpg   850x1089 116098 bytes 2002.06.05

I met this kitsune at the club called The Great Escape on FurryMUCK. This cuddly kitsune named PaWGuRL is İher player.

Image: phalla-bw.jpg   775x987 114289 bytes 2002.06.15

Here's a piccie of my friend Phalla. \r\n\r\nPhalla (Short for "Oomphalla!") is İher player.\r\n

Image: piepadmlon.jpg   289x438 23816 bytes 2004.06.28

Tick -ME- off and you'll feel\r\nmy wrath... a 'la Mack Sennett!!!

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