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Image: 2Gene10102k3.jpg   399x588 38146 bytes 2003.12.14

Hey Gene...\r\nHappy birthday!

Image: AngryDave_Buzz.jpg   444x778 69512 bytes 2002.05.17

AngryDave disses the fanboys outright because Buzz is with him. Sorry, chumps. Buzz only has eyes for Dave.\r\n\r\nAngryDave and Anita "Buzz" Brambles are ©their players.

Image: Bedroom.jpg   572x476 50705 bytes 2001.12.07

If only art ACTUALLY imitated life... I'm still single. \r\n\r\nAnyway... Wallaroo and Lovey got married before coming to Earth. Anything wrong with THAT?! Besides, when a male Arrebnaccian kangaroo puts his paws into female's pouch, it says he'll stay with her forever. \r\n\r\nThere will be a color version later on... when I move out of my mom's house.\r\n\r\n

Image: bella_005.jpg   425x392 19536 bytes 2001.10.22

This is a character based on one of James Howe's books. Just don't look into her\r\neyes...

Image: bella_006.jpg   458x273 24290 bytes 2001.10.22

Look out... She's attacking!!! Bella is ©James Howe.

Image: c_smth_404.jpg   331x335 33080 bytes 2003.11.20

Here's my 404 error pic.\r\n\r\nAnd on my lunch break yet!

Image: cs_hbtet.jpg   613x753 116793 bytes 2002.05.03

Here's to Tet. Happy Birthday, 04/01/2002!\r\nArt by Christopher Smith, Tet and Timebase are ©Ryan Dewalt;\r\nTrixi is ©Candy L.; and Gene Catlow is ©Albert Temple.

Image: csmith_chesty.jpg   600x800 48055 bytes 2002.11.03

Here's the Cleavage Club's bouncy, busty barmaid, Chesty!\r\n\r\nChesty is ©her player.

Image: csmith_DelVin.jpg   627x731 89514 bytes 2002.01.26

Here's a pict based on the characters of Ryan DeWalt and Candy Lewin. Here Delilah is chewing out Vinci for inappropriate name-calling.

Image: csmith_fuluvit.jpg   766x573 114642 bytes 2002.01.26

Here is Tet and Trixi, based on the WAV file that has the last three words that Trixi say in the last panel, on Tet is ©Ryan DeWalt and Trixi is ©Candy Lewin.\r\nThis so funny! And telemarketers ARE full of it!

Image: csmith_hug_me.jpg   646x647 69674 bytes 2001.10.25

I feel this way sometimes. I know there is no need for a sign, but noone ever understands, even without the sign. the sad porcupine is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth404.jpg   331x335 33080 bytes 2004.10.25

Just needed to make a smaller one.

Image: csmth_0001.jpg   550x771 50227 bytes 2001.10.24

Hey, everybody... This pict is circa 1998, but the roo was drawn in 2001.\r\nThe hyooman is me, and Wallaroo Blacke is my furry persona. Wallaroo Blacke is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0002.jpg   601x679 63161 bytes 2001.10.22

Any die-hard gamer would understand. Wallaroo Blacke is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0003.jpg   619x695 36088 bytes 2001.10.22

This is why you should upgrade.

Image: csmth_0004.jpg   493x723 51694 bytes 2001.10.22

Here is Wallaroo Blacke and Lovey. He's from Earth; she's from planet Arrebnac (Canberra spelled backwards). Both are ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0004a.jpg   300x237 19965 bytes 2001.12.07

This is a pic of a squirrel holding her little brother.

Image: csmth_0005.jpg   602x719 50860 bytes 2001.10.25

These are the guys who I owe a big vote of "thanks" to inspiring me to post my art on the web. Credits: Kelvin the Lion ©Chris Farrington, Gene Catlow ©Albert Temple, Eric ©Eric W. Schwartz, and Johnnykat ©John Barret. Wallaroo Blackeis ©Chris Smith. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Image: csmth_0010.jpg   535x561 29887 bytes 2001.10.22

Here's another pic of Lovey. Lovey ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0011.jpg   789x511 76176 bytes 2001.10.22

This was a freebie I drew for Chris Farrington, which shows Jacky Mango's roving eye is about to turned black! Jenna Grape, Tree Ninja, and Jacky Mango are ©Chris Farrington; Lovey, however, is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0014.jpg   701x998 131416 bytes 2001.12.07

Zigzag: Oh... my... You're a BIG girl! \r\nLovey: GASP!!!

Image: csmth_0019.JPG   401x567 46848 bytes 2001.12.07

A middle-aged lady walks up to Lovey and asks her, "Oh my! You're huge! How far along are you?" Lovey shoots her a quizzical look. "I said 'When are you due?'" the lady asked. Lovey looks at strangely. "You must know", the lady continued. "After all you ARE pregnant!" "Pregnant? ME?!" smiled Lovey. <Cue caption from pic.> The lady returns that quizzical look at Lovey and says, "Prove it!" Just Paris pops up through the pouch flap on Lovey's overalls, yawns and stretchs. Lovey beams proudly. "Proof enough for you?"

Image: csmth_0022.jpg   428x734 29279 bytes 2001.10.22

This my own reply about Mr. Farrington roo pic. And yes, that's a carrot on a bun. Lovey the swimsuit edition ©Chris Smith. Oh, Chris Farrington? Yours is cool, too!

Image: csmth_0026.jpg   604x769 63672 bytes 2001.10.22

This is what happens when certain furs share clothes. Poor Lovey! Her tail is bare... and so is her derierre! Roxikat thinks it's a good look on her. =^_^= Roxikat is ©John Barrett, who's a really bold fur; and Lovey is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0027.jpg   361x514 66109 bytes 2001.10.23

When furries start flyin' while singing a certain song by Nelly Furtado... DUCK!\r\nGene Catlow and Observant Raccoon ©Albert Temple, Hysteria ©Julie Miyamoto, Ciseal Catiss ©Vicki Lo, MelSkunk ©Melissa Drake, and Lyrics by Nelly Furtado.\r\nWallaroo Blacke and artwork ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0032.jpg   850x680 100862 bytes 2001.10.24

Looking back on this, I was really one melancholy macropod. But, I felt better after I talked with a trusting relative. I still hurt, but I'm better now. Thanks, Theresa.

Image: csmth_0033.jpg   515x1145 77349 bytes 2001.10.24

This is Lorilei, an Arrebnaccian Skunk. Insead of spraying a fetid odor, she sprays her attackers with a sweeet musk that induces sleep. They, the biologists, said that, in some cases, skunk spray will KO someone. How true... Lorilei is ©Chris Smith.

Image: csmth_0035.jpg   657x499 49071 bytes 2001.12.07

\r\nHere is me drowning my sorrows in soda. I prefer it over beer or liquor. I'll end up pissin' a lot, but at least I won't be pukin' my guts up all over the place. But the crying goes on anyway. \r\n

Image: csmth_0038.jpg   975x701 121561 bytes 2001.12.11

This is a pic I'm sending to Thomas K. Dye soon. Heard he likes MST3K, sooooo... reason enough?\r\n

Image: csmth_0042.jpg   1121x1197 152318 bytes 2001.10.24

Guard your vegetables! These are a plague WORSE than locusts! This Bunnicula's family!! Boris, Bella, and Bunnicula himself. All are ©James Howe, but drawn by Chris Smith.

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