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Image: Koz-M25-Fennecs.jpg   648x438 80500 bytes 2000.01.02

When we went to the Zoo the fennec fox was nowhere to be seen! Neiher was Roho! =) Roho (C) Brendon Dunn =)\n

Image: Koz-M24-ScotchWolf.jpg   298x328 25518 bytes 2000.01.02

Another bit of Teasing the wuf after his Scotch Party! Aureth (C) Jim Doolittle\n

Image: Koz-M23-Dignified.jpg   334x314 25666 bytes 2000.01.02

Roho and Rogue got into a discussion on who would look more dignified on an airplane in their respective attires. I had to tease back of course! =) Roho and Rogues foot (C) their owners\n

Image: Koz-M22-Late.jpg   393x364 37472 bytes 2000.01.02

Gina prompted Fuzzy to not be late for our Zoo trip departure time all Sunday night...and then we all slept through the alarm clock so we were late while Fuzzy was on time! =) All characters (C) their owners\n

Image: Koz-M21-HowlingAtTheMoon.jpg   267x354 21107 bytes 2000.01.02

Aureth was invited to a scotch tasting party and got Blitzed! =) Aureth (C) Jim Doolittle\n

Image: Koz-M20-Flash.jpg   331x286 30950 bytes 2000.01.02

Dutch surprised me with a flash camera shot that gave me a perfect purple haze of my retina!The Mouse is my attempt at drawing his personal furry not knowing what the heck it was! =)\n

Image: Koz-M18-Stripes.jpg   373x356 27999 bytes 2000.01.02

Max came in after finishing his day last comissions and grumbled about drawing stripes over and over. Being able to Sympathise with Syndras pelt I had to draw this in response. <I>Max_Blackrabbit (C) his owner</I>\n

Image: Koz-M17-Traffic.jpg   279x256 20523 bytes 2000.01.02

The room we were in was packed with artists and poor Max Blackrabbit was drawing right in the middle of the spot all folks had to go through to get to the bathroom or room door. <I>Max_Blackrabbit (C) his owner</I>\n

Image: Koz-M16-CriticalMass.jpg   541x296 33784 bytes 2000.01.02

Sunday night I went up to se how my roomie Jay and the other Artists were doing. Jays sketchbook contained many many more...intersting...pieces. Fisk (C) Jay Naylor\r\n\n

Image: Koz-M15-RohoCheesecake.jpg   579x495 50784 bytes 1999.09.27

Poor Roho. After all this abuse he complained he was being drawn only in silly\r\n ways...So I drew him in a cheesecake pose. Eli gives his reaction! =) Roho & Eli (C)\r\n Brendon Dunn & Joe Thiel \n

Image: Koz-M14-CreekaCreeka.jpg   638x331 28087 bytes 1999.09.27

Aureth Disappeared with a ladyfriend late in the con and although nothing happened I\r\n just had to speculate on his poor roomies arrival at the hotel room! =) Roho (C)\r\n Brendon Dunn \n

Image: Koz-M13-HitTheCeiling.jpg   556x860 53482 bytes 1999.09.13

Fuzzyfox snuck up on me and dropped his fox backpack right beside me while I was\r\n lost deep in my sketchbook! I almost hit the ceiling! =) Fuzzyfox (C)\r\n David DeSimone \n

Image: Koz-M12-SitOnMyLap.jpg   297x306 26777 bytes 1999.09.13

Rhe would holler "Sit on my lap Fuzzy! Every time fuzzyfox came near as part of a\r\n running gag between them. Fuzzyfox and Rhegien (C) David DeSimone and Gina\r\n Sexton \n

Image: Koz-M11-RohoSplat.jpg   351x276 16207 bytes 1999.09.13

Roho got a backrub from a fur whose name escape me...and about melted to the floor...\r\n Roho (C) Brendon Dunn \n

Image: Koz-M10-PoundOfFlesh.jpg   279x250 18915 bytes 1999.09.13

Tarin was bugging Rhe during the braiding as she had to sit still and she swore she leave\r\n her hair behind to extract a pound of flesh! =) Eli & Rhegein (C) Joe Thiel and Gina\r\n Sexton \n

Image: Koz-M9-BraidingBunch.jpg   276x282 20728 bytes 1999.09.13

Fuzzyfox wandered over to our group while Rhe was having her hair french braided and\r\n called us the Braiding bunch. Yes the quality is awful on this one. All characters are (C)\r\n their respective owners. \n

Image: Koz-M8-Amatures.jpg   385x403 38666 bytes 1999.09.13

Rhegien had a small burping episode ont the way to Mephit as a result of inhaling half\r\n the car while choking on the "Tagamint" (See Koz-M2-Tagamints.jpg) So I had to tease\r\n her with Roho! (See Koz-M6-RohoBurp.jpg) Roho, Rhegien, and Wakko (C) Brendon\r\n Dunn, Gina Sexton and Warner Brothers. \n

Image: Koz-M7-WereHere.jpg   655x254 35046 bytes 1999.09.13

A car got seperated from the CiCi's caravan and finally showed up 40 minutes after the\r\n rest of the group! =) Aero and Pheonix (C) their players \n

Image: Koz-M6-RohoBurp.jpg   343x273 19199 bytes 1999.09.13

Poor Roho wasnt reacting well to the CiCis Pizza and burped a couple of times! (Well\r\n constantly actually) So I had to draw this! =) Roho (C) Brendon Dunn \n

Image: Koz-M5-Overloaded.jpg   386x269 23357 bytes 1999.09.13

On the highway we noticed a car heavilly loaded with folks. WE knew it was part of the\r\n caravan before we could even recognise folks. \n

Image: Koz-M4-Caravan.jpg   262x269 20667 bytes 1999.09.13

Saturday about 20 folks decided to go to CiCis Pizza. Not everyone knew where the\r\n place was so a caravan formed up. Unfortunately 2 of the middle cars were paying more\r\n attention to following the caravan than the oncoming traffic (a light had just changed)\r\n and nearly caused several accidents as a result. \n

Image: Koz-M3-IsHeAwake.jpg   655x351 52370 bytes 1999.09.13

Saturday morning at the hotel. Gina had the AC at antarctic levels (Which is way cool)\r\n so I was completely wrapped up in the sheets. Tarin has his usual answer to the\r\n morning's question... Eli & Rhegein (C) Joe Thiel and Gina Sexton \n

Image: Koz-M2-Tagamints.jpg   644x434 71683 bytes 1999.09.13

While on the road to Mephit Fur Met, Rhegien mispronounced Tagamets as tagaMINTS.\r\n Here is my response that almost ran us off the road at the time. Later I got gina again\r\n with it while she was eating a real York Peppermint patty and she nearly choked on it\r\n laughing. Its an in joke! Eli & Rhegein (C) Joe Thiel and Gina Sexton \n

Image: Koz-M1-WhyWeDrivin.jpg   651x416 71762 bytes 1999.09.13

Before the trip down to Mephit Fur Met, Eli and Rhegien have second thoughts. (The comic in question can be found at my web page at Eli & Rhegein (C) Joe Thiel and Gina Sexton \n

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