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Image: Koz-FerenShovelChaps.jpg   602x787 107012 bytes 2008.02.17

The latest installment, teasing Feren about an old joke that has him wearing assless chaps. Here we have him shoveling out his car in them. The picture is in response to an e-mail chain where the subject was brought up. I of course post it here to share the embarrassed yowling. =)\r\n\r\nFeren his player.

Image: Koz-SewerRat.jpg   596x682 109624 bytes 2008.02.17

The pipe layers at work saw me drawing and requested this picture that they can put on their helmets. I was happy to oblige.

Image: Koz-Dawn.jpg   612x842 99652 bytes 2008.02.03

A good friend, Dawn. I messed up her legs (Ran out of paper space. Teach me to draw the entire body BEFORE detailing the head.) But I like the pic a lot. Will reupload after I get home and can tweek out all the greys in PS.\r\n\r\nDawn her player.

Image: Koz-Christmas2007.jpg   599x784 124454 bytes 2007.12.24

Merry Christmas\r\n\r\nArt (C) Chris Kozloski

Image: Koz-Uniboober.jpg   793x570 112932 bytes 2007.12.10

Micah has had a child and is suffering the imfamous first sleepless year. Lots of other inside jokes here.\r\n\r\nMicah © her player.

Image: Koz-CallieServalYves.jpg   580x644 88022 bytes 2007.12.10

Callie, Yves, and Serval.\r\n\r\nAll characters © their players.

Image: Koz-AllNightInstallFeren.jpg   585x785 118547 bytes 2007.12.10

Feren has been stuck with a lot of all night upgrades, then being required to come straight into work the next morning...\r\n\r\nFeren © his player

Image: Koz-Hekele.jpg   1234x1573 590124 bytes 2007.10.29

A sweet friend of mine, Hekele.\r\n\r\nHekele her player.

Image: Koz-TigressWhiiiine.jpg   601x694 74701 bytes 2007.09.16

Tigress has been gone for a while. ime to guilt trip.\r\n\r\nTigress her player

Image: Koz-PrincessPeachesGarnet.jpg   612x694 87757 bytes 2007.09.16

Garnet went into a hard idle and Foxfire decided to have fun with her. It wasnt even my fault this time. =)\r\n\r\nGarnet and Foxfire their players.

Image: Koz-GetWellAshy.jpg   599x724 91456 bytes 2007.09.16

Out IRL, Ashys player was jogging for cross country and accidently ran out in front of a car. One concussion and hospital trip later he was OK. So I had to give him a hard time.\r\n\r\nRommel, Ashy, RocRolDis and Jamaris are their players

Image: Koz-SyndraBikini.jpg   599x784 92905 bytes 2007.07.21

A friend pointed out it has been ages since I drew her like this. Had to remedy that. I am VERY happy with the results.

Image: Koz-RafterNap.jpg   782x612 103009 bytes 2007.07.21

Syndra has been half asleep the last couple of months due to work. The temptations that must be going on...\r\n\r\nKipernicus, Azule and Crimson their players.

Image: Koz-ITSWYN.jpg   731x586 69290 bytes 2007.07.21

Isn't it great stumbling across folks you havn't seen in YEARS!\r\n\r\nGosh I havn't drawn Tarin in ages either.\r\n\r\nWyn her player

Image: Koz-CrimsonTent.jpg   596x712 79758 bytes 2007.07.21

Ya know. I have known Crimson for years, constantly tease him and have never drawn him, exept for a little background cameo. Time to remedy that. Course have to keep teasing him.\r\n\r\nCrimson his player

Image: Koz-RommelMinstrelVista.jpg   778x588 102708 bytes 2007.07.11

Rommel had not seen the Minstrel in some time and a new picture was a must. \r\n\r\nRommel and Minstrel their players.

Image: Koz-PTGarnet.jpg   577x741 83328 bytes 2007.07.10

Garnet went to join the marines RL. When she came back online some of us have been teasing her for her new marine PT tightened backside. So I had to memorialize it.\r\n\r\nGarnet her player.

Image: Koz-KethysBoo.jpg   595x649 77587 bytes 2007.07.10

I always sneak up on Kethys. Such a nervous mouse! =)\r\n\r\nKethys Her player.

Image: Koz-DeadlyContact.jpg   641x856 157995 bytes 2007.05.23

Another old one. Worth a scan though.\r\n\r\nMike Mike Higgs

Image: Koz-BlindRoho.jpg   612x842 127471 bytes 2007.05.23

An OLD picture but a fun one. I still crack up seeing Roho's expression.\r\n\r\nRoho and Aureth their players.

Image: Koz-FloweryCane.jpg   523x699 67282 bytes 2006.09.06

Feren's girlfriend said she was going to get him a "Flowery cane" for his sprained ankle. I hadn't drawn any Feren abuse for a while so...\r\n\r\nFeren his player.

Image: Koz-SyndraRafters.jpg   779x599 112480 bytes 2006.08.01

Syndra hides in the rafters of the Vanilla Club to escape overattentive folks from time to time. So often in fact she has a little set up up there.

Image: Koz-LikeshineMIB.jpg   596x697 93524 bytes 2006.07.16

Drew this for Likeshine. Fun picture.\r\n\r\nLikeshine © Her player

Image: Koz-ChaydeHug.jpg   560x689 78322 bytes 2006.07.14

Chayde greets Rommel in her usual way.\r\n\r\nChayde and Rommel © their players.

Image: Koz-IValueMyLife.jpg   780x577 97290 bytes 2006.07.14

Naterial tries to stirr up trouble on eht backrub zonked Syndra. Dark Knows better. Naterial and Dark_Maelstrom © their players.

Image: Koz-SyndraBuffalo.jpg   596x768 98663 bytes 2006.04.22

Folks often forget what Syndra's job is as a bush pilot. Been a while since I drew her at work.

Image: Koz-Jan.jpg   441x717 49814 bytes 2006.04.22

The lovely collie, Janice Elizabath McCollough.\r\n\r\nJan her player

Image: Koz-MagSix.jpg   536x743 99070 bytes 2006.04.22

Two Good Friends. Magnavox and Six_True_Words.\r\n\r\nMag and Six Their players

Image: Koz-SpiderSense.jpg   573x768 81081 bytes 2006.04.22

A running joke between Timur and Rommel.\r\n\r\nTimur and Rommel Their Players

Image: Koz-D'annaFur.jpg   481x673 59653 bytes 2006.02.17

D'anna poses more sedately than the last picture. =)\r\n\r\nD'anna is her player.

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