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Image: Koz-PeppermintDress.jpg   520x763 33690 bytes 2003.07.28

The Black and white version of a color picture I am working on. The cat will be an Orange Tabby with a blue dress and black corsett. =) Peppermint (C) her player.

Image: Koz-TestHeads.jpg   804x1080 64304 bytes 2003.07.28

I decided to test some new techniques using Prismacolor markers and pencils together. I like how they came out. =) And It's not print stuff so I can upload some color for a change =)

Image: Koz-LiinSara.jpg   586x771 48402 bytes 2003.01.27

A Picture of the lovely panthress LiinSara. LinnSara is (c) her player.

Image: Koz-PlayingWithFire.jpg   602x698 84271 bytes 2003.01.15

Rommel zingers Timur. And acts innocent of course afterwards. Rommel and Timur (c) their players.

Image: Koz-Rommel.jpg   586x827 70980 bytes 2003.01.14

I havn't uploaded a color pic in a while. Here is a picture of Rommel smoking his pipe and reading his journal.Picture is Prismacolor Markers on bristol board. Rommel is (c) his player

Image: Koz-Kiss.jpg   770x1148 125640 bytes 2002.12.28

The friendly batbat "Kiss" of the Kissing Tree Inn on FurryMUCK. Kiss (C) her player

Image: Koz-Christmas2002.jpg   605x780 105966 bytes 2002.12.24

Merry Christmas Everyone! =) From the critters of Hyperfox Studio.

Image: Koz-Farrago.jpg   594x809 240113 bytes 2002.10.23

From the Comic "Jack", the melancholy angel, Farrago, thinks back to the days before she lost her wings. Unfortunately yhe lousy scanner pinked out my greys and blued up my reds, but I am used to this by now I suppose. Farrago David Hopkins. (Posted with permission.)

Image: Koz-Offering.jpg   838x934 103769 bytes 2002.09.17

In many desert cultures the offering of water is a sign of submission to God. Rommel's is no exception. Rommel his player.

Image: Koz-MinstrelRommel.jpg   782x600 45471 bytes 2002.09.17

Rommel and his ladyfriend Minstrel. Rommel & Minstrel their players.

Image: Koz-Tigress.jpg   605x792 94094 bytes 2002.09.11

Tigress poses all surly like in her armor. It's been a while since I have done straight pencil work.Back to the old roots. =) Tigress Her Player.

Image: Koz-Runes.jpg   605x594 67334 bytes 2002.09.11

Rommel requested I draw him examining the runes on Tigresses armor. The scan sucks but I like it otherwise. Rommel his player.

Image: Koz-El_Alamein.jpg   863x600 122312 bytes 2002.09.11

Rommel poses in the deserts of Egypt with the members of his squad of the 33 Aufklarungsabteilung, and their PzKpfw. II F, "Olga", during the siege at El Alamein. I spent a lot of time researching this picture so I hope the historical accuracy is up to snuff. Rommel his player. (And no I am not a Nazi, do not support Nazis or promote Nazis so lighten up. It a picture.)

Image: Koz-Temengar.jpg   599x781 99241 bytes 2001.06.21

Temengar is (C) his player. Art (C) me.

Image: Koz-SyndraSalute.JPG   573x771 45944 bytes 2001.05.21

Syndra gives the viewer a hello. A sketchbook drawing for a good friend of mine.

Image: HyperHeader.gif   458x191 30116 bytes 2001.05.01

New header for my Studio page.

Image: Koz-PoePantFeren.jpg   611x852 80672 bytes 2000.12.25

This takes some explaining. Feren is a living ink blot that usually takes the form of a black panther. In some goofiness he formed into his natural form to escape tickles and the usual silliness of the Spiral. Syndra sucked him up into a fountain pen and threatened to draw dirty pictures with him as a joke. Poe picked up the pen and shot the ink into his britches. Here is Feren's reaction upon discovery of where he was once he started reforming. "I have seen the darkness! And it is there!" He later screamed pointing at Poe's crotch. All characters their players.. \n

Image: Koz-DienveXenPortriat.jpg   610x831 83783 bytes 2000.12.25

Merry Christmas to Dienve and Xen. =) All Characters (C) their Players.\n

Image: Koz-Christmas2000.jpg   611x852 126030 bytes 2000.12.25

Merry Christmas from the Hyperfox and company! \n

Image: Koz-Mephit00-ZeeHello.jpg   240x319 12006 bytes 2000.09.06

Image: Koz-SpiralingAction.jpg   870x611 282392 bytes 2000.06.26

Tarin being Tarin in the Spiral. =)P The terrified Panther is Feren. Aureth the Cornwuf is dropping his Dogwood ale, Roho is showing his best side while ducking under the couch and Jingle leaps into Shallian's arms for support! One of a couple dozen color prints going into my 2 new print portfolios, hopefully to be on sale at Mephit Fur Meet! Or AC if I can get it in gear and get some printed for my roomie to take with him when he goes! All characters (C) their owners.\n

Image: Koz-Hatch%20Pictures%20Scan.jpg   900x621 170655 bytes 2000.04.27

Image: Koz-Malibou.jpg   916x602 201432 bytes 2000.04.26

Eli, Hatch and Myself went to the Malibou speed zone RL. =) Eli drives likea lunatic hence the eyes. So do I for that matter, but I had a clip of my rear quarter that spun me into a full speed head on with another racer. I had one hell of a seatbelt hickey, hence the bleeding and wrecked car! Hatch is in there too! =) (Oh and for those who may be wondering why I havn't been posting art for an age, It's because I am working on color print portfolio. That is why I am too Laaaaazy to color the background!) =)P All characters their players. \n

Image: Koz-LynxCreekaCreeka.jpg   865x610 84179 bytes 2000.02.07

Lynx Laughed a little too hard at the Creeka Creeka Jokes I have done for Eli Rhegien and Aureth! =) So he had to get one! =) Lynx (C) Conrad Wong, Eli (C) Joe Thiel\n

Image: Koz-FriendsInStitches.jpg   611x851 175896 bytes 2000.02.02

I'm borrowing Tracy Butler's Characters again (She is good I can help but draw em). Fox returns after some of the abuse the storyline puts him through. Isn't it nice to have a friend to mend ones ills. =) Fox and Cassy (C) Tracy Butler\n

Image: Koz-JestieScritch.jpg   611x819 313487 bytes 2000.01.29

Tarin, Shamelessly enjoying scritchies from Jestie the Gazelle. Jestie Her Player \n

Image: Koz-SmileFox.jpg   576x421 169469 bytes 2000.01.19

I recently discovered the work of Tracy Butler, a phenominal artist whose work has absolutely stunned me. Here is a little joke about one of her main characters, who is perpetually worried it seems! =) Fox Tracy Butler \n

Image: Koz-xmas3.GIF   990x776 278047 bytes 2000.01.19

My Christmas comic from this year. \r\nMike (c) Mike Higgs. Fisk (C) Jay Naylor. \r\nPart 2 of 3\n

Image: Koz-xmas2.GIF   990x776 227829 bytes 2000.01.19

My Christmas comic from this year. \r\nMike (c) Mike Higgs. Fisk (C) Jay Naylor. \r\nPart 2 of 3\n

Image: Koz-xmas1.GIF   990x776 240845 bytes 2000.01.19

My Christmas comic from this year. Scanned by Mike who has the oversized scanner! =) Mike (c) Mike Higgs. Fisk (C) Jay Naylor. Part 1 of 3\n

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