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Image: Koz-DignityBeDamned.jpg   550x742 106432 bytes 2005.07.17

Kein backrubs Genevive into a puddle. Kien and Genevive (c) their players.

Image: Koz-Dilemma.gif   1100x844 194118 bytes 1999.03.12

Image: Koz-DirtyPic.JPG   610x853 119023 bytes 1999.03.28

Image: Koz-DISTANT.GIF   848x953 170012 bytes 1999.03.12

Image: Koz-DogsForCats.jpg   598x660 43833 bytes 2003.11.05

I love Austrailian Rules Football. Shine is from Austrailia and I have adopted her team, the Geelong Cats, as my own as I am a Yank and have no reason to prefer any others. So here is the both of us cheering on in the stands. =) Hopefully we will have a better season next year. Shine (c) Her player.

Image: Koz-Dragon.jpg   497x627 164506 bytes 1999.04.24

Image: Koz-DustyRancourt.JPG   764x1234 87967 bytes 1999.03.29

Image: Koz-EEEEP.gif   624x729 83235 bytes 1999.03.12

Image: Koz-El_Alamein.jpg   863x600 122312 bytes 2002.09.11

Rommel poses in the deserts of Egypt with the members of his squad of the 33 Aufklarungsabteilung, and their PzKpfw. II F, "Olga", during the siege at El Alamein. I spent a lot of time researching this picture so I hope the historical accuracy is up to snuff. Rommel his player. (And no I am not a Nazi, do not support Nazis or promote Nazis so lighten up. It a picture.)

Image: Koz-Farrago.jpg   594x809 240113 bytes 2002.10.23

From the Comic "Jack", the melancholy angel, Farrago, thinks back to the days before she lost her wings. Unfortunately yhe lousy scanner pinked out my greys and blued up my reds, but I am used to this by now I suppose. Farrago David Hopkins. (Posted with permission.)

Image: Koz-FennecRoll.jpg   610x793 111152 bytes 2000.01.02

Tigress lovingly bullies Syndra! 8 foot tigers have a bit of an advantage over 3'8" fennecs! ;) Tigress (C) her player\n

Image: Koz-FerenLiinIceBeach.jpg   605x766 70946 bytes 2003.07.28

Feren and LiinSara prepare to meet their doom. Feren and LiinSara their players. \r\n

Image: Koz-FerensCuteButt.jpg   1103x844 148805 bytes 2003.07.28

We have a long running gag with Feren. I cant recall exactly how it started but I believe Feren mentioned he didnt mind Country Music one day and Roho said, "Yeah you should see him running around the house in his assless chaps." I drew a picture of Feren in assless chaps and then about 5 other artists drew him with his backside exposed. Much wailing and Gnashing of teeth followed. =) Anyhow the other day I mentioned nobody had drawn Feren's ass in a while and he made the mistake of saying, "There has got to be some way to shift attention to another part of my body." Roho apparantly got a photograph of him screaming when he first saw this picture. He needs to develop that film! =) Feren and LiinSara (c) their players.

Image: Koz-FerenShovelChaps.jpg   602x787 107012 bytes 2008.02.17

The latest installment, teasing Feren about an old joke that has him wearing assless chaps. Here we have him shoveling out his car in them. The picture is in response to an e-mail chain where the subject was brought up. I of course post it here to share the embarrassed yowling. =)\r\n\r\nFeren his player.

Image: Koz-FerenTowel.jpg   609x797 48961 bytes 2003.07.28

Peppermint and Syndra were commenting on stealing Feren's towel when his player came back from the shower. =) So I had to draw this. Part of the continuing saga to make Feren Blush to death! =)

Image: Koz-FIGHT.GIF   1096x845 163154 bytes 1999.03.12

Image: Koz-FiskStretch.jpg   844x610 122337 bytes 1999.08.06

The RL Fisk, Jay's huge ass shorthair Cat, has this hilariously cute habit of going from\r\n a tight curled up ball, to the 10 mile long sausage of stretching sinew, then back to the\r\n origonal position after rotating 180 degres around his spine. All because you pet him\r\n while he is sleeping. This is my rendition of it! Fisk (C) Jay Naylor \n

Image: Koz-Flechette.jpg   729x521 130605 bytes 1999.03.12

Image: Koz-FloridaOrBust.gif   1100x844 221053 bytes 1999.03.14

Image: Koz-FloweryCane.jpg   523x699 67282 bytes 2006.09.06

Feren's girlfriend said she was going to get him a "Flowery cane" for his sprained ankle. I hadn't drawn any Feren abuse for a while so...\r\n\r\nFeren his player.

Image: Koz-FLUTE.GIF   856x1073 130558 bytes 1999.03.14

Image: Koz-FriendsInStitches.jpg   611x851 175896 bytes 2000.02.02

I'm borrowing Tracy Butler's Characters again (She is good I can help but draw em). Fox returns after some of the abuse the storyline puts him through. Isn't it nice to have a friend to mend ones ills. =) Fox and Cassy (C) Tracy Butler\n

Image: Koz-FROG.GIF   848x869 104889 bytes 1999.03.14

Image: Koz-FrostyBurrowHug.jpg   611x748 73090 bytes 2005.09.07

Syndra Pounces Frostbite and burrows into his fur for a big hug.\r\n\r\nThe common greeting put to paper.\r\n\r\nFrostbite his player.

Image: Koz-FSC.jpg   654x504 111732 bytes 1999.03.29

Image: Koz-Fuzzyfox.jpg   595x737 72496 bytes 1999.08.10

Fuzzyfox! Fuzzyfox (C) His player \n

Image: Koz-Gack.jpg   1081x829 233328 bytes 1999.03.14

Image: Koz-Gargoyles.gif   1095x846 742955 bytes 1999.03.14

Image: Koz-GetWellAshy.jpg   599x724 91456 bytes 2007.09.16

Out IRL, Ashys player was jogging for cross country and accidently ran out in front of a car. One concussion and hospital trip later he was OK. So I had to give him a hard time.\r\n\r\nRommel, Ashy, RocRolDis and Jamaris are their players

Image: Koz-GiveMeGenesis.JPG   853x610 63032 bytes 1999.03.29

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