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Image: Koz-FennecRoll.jpg   610x793 111152 bytes 2000.01.02

Tigress lovingly bullies Syndra! 8 foot tigers have a bit of an advantage over 3'8" fennecs! ;) Tigress (C) her player\n

Image: Koz-Calie.jpg   321x491 50514 bytes 2000.01.02

Image: Koz-Alphas.jpg   839x610 81732 bytes 2000.01.02

A pencil sketch of a picture I am computer coloring now! =) Two wolves in a winter setting.\n

Image: Koz-ButShesMySabrina.jpg   824x610 125915 bytes 2000.01.02

Sabrina finally met her secret admirerer in Sabrina Online! And it wasnt Michael like we all expected! =) All characters are (C) their creators. \n

Image: Koz-Y2K3.jpg   793x343 94185 bytes 2000.01.01

Happy Y2K from Atlanta!\r\nMichael (c) Mike Higgs\r\nFisk (c) Jay Naylor\r\n3 of 3\n

Image: Koz-Y2K2.jpg   754x320 66863 bytes 2000.01.01

Happy Y2K from Atlanta!\r\n2 of 3\n

Image: Koz-Y2K1.jpg   819x345 87915 bytes 2000.01.01

Happy Y2K from Atlanta! (And for the record I think my roomies are the only people in the neighborhood who ARENT firing their weapons in the air!)\r\n1 of 3\n

Image: Koz-Propwash.jpg   845x610 165273 bytes 2000.01.01

Syndra and Rokki just flew in in Syndra's Tiltrotor. The other Andorozons apparantly were standing too close to the landing pad. The Andorozons are (C) Ken Singshow\n

Image: Koz-Knockout.jpg   610x891 115196 bytes 1999.09.13

Tarin Mets Misty at Mephit Fur Meet! Can we say Oops! \r\nMisty (C) David "Dutch" do you spell your name Dutch?) \n

Image: Koz-Fuzzyfox.jpg   595x737 72496 bytes 1999.08.10

Fuzzyfox! Fuzzyfox (C) His player \n

Image: Koz-PowerPuffRhegien.jpg   610x793 91247 bytes 1999.08.10

Eli and Rhegien cant stand the Powerepuff Girls. I kinda like them myself and tried to have them watch a particularly funny episode which fell rather flat with them. Eli made the quote about half way through the program that he felt like gnawing his arm off of the TV remote so we went on to other venues....Of course I had to draw up the comics. And doesnt Rhe look cute as a PPG? =) Rhegien and Eli (C) Their players \n

Image: Koz-Rainyday.jpg   793x610 96053 bytes 1999.08.10

On the way out of the chinese place we went to eat. Gina (who was incredibly sunburned) just walked in the nice cool rain storm while Eli scrambled like crazy to avoid getting wet! Drawn by request by the soaked coyote! Rhegien and Eli (C) Their players \n

Image: Koz-Sunburned.jpg   609x409 45155 bytes 1999.08.10

Eli and Rhegein had gone boating on Lake Laneir the day before I went over and were incredibly sunburned. \n

Image: Koz-CreekaCreeka.jpg   610x413 44001 bytes 1999.08.10

Tarin went to visit Eli and Rhegien RL and had to wait at the door as they were occupied. I have never seen Eli Blush so much and that is saying something as he is always blushing! =) \n

Image: Koz-Appetiser.jpg   605x841 125197 bytes 1999.08.10

Syndra teases Ben_Mouse the walking appetiser! ;) Ben Mouse is (C) his player\n

Image: Koz-Tennis.jpg   840x1102 142811 bytes 1999.08.06

A color sketch of a Mink Playing Tennis\n

Image: Koz-FiskStretch.jpg   844x610 122337 bytes 1999.08.06

The RL Fisk, Jay's huge ass shorthair Cat, has this hilariously cute habit of going from\r\n a tight curled up ball, to the 10 mile long sausage of stretching sinew, then back to the\r\n origonal position after rotating 180 degres around his spine. All because you pet him\r\n while he is sleeping. This is my rendition of it! Fisk (C) Jay Naylor \n

Image: Koz-CalvaryCharge.jpg   610x793 103215 bytes 1999.08.06

A Highland charge on horseback.\n

Image: Koz-Tess.jpg   457x733 31781 bytes 1999.08.01

The cute little Kit Foxy Tess! =) \n

Image: Koz-PackingHeat.jpg   1083x793 113163 bytes 1999.08.01

My roomies and their guests decide that shooting is a good thing to do on an outdoor range during a 105 degree heat index day. For the record Fehrenheit and I decided to sit out! =) We aint that crazy! =) All Characters are (C) their respective owners.\n

Image: Koz-MakeAWish.jpg   1141x825 115767 bytes 1999.07.30

Syndra and Tigress tease poor Ben_mouse.\r\nTigress and Ben_mouse (C) their players\n

Image: Koz-BadPun.jpg   1177x823 148685 bytes 1999.07.30

Furs groan and stare in shock after Syndra fires off another bad pun.\n

Image: Koz-Seige.jpg   588x793 122978 bytes 1999.07.27

A fur in chainmail armor after a horrific battle.\n

Image: Koz-JestieSnug.jpg   809x542 52575 bytes 1999.07.27

Jestie Pouncehugs Tarin and pays the price! =)P\r\nJestie (C) her player\n

Image: Koz-Jakarta.jpg   985x764 148852 bytes 1999.07.27

Syndra and her Roomie Calie sneak out of school to se the sights around town.\n

Image: Koz-Jai-Alai.jpg   1083x612 74612 bytes 1999.07.27

Syndra scores a point in her favorite game.\n

Image: Koz-HangingWithTigress.jpg   588x793 84960 bytes 1999.07.27

Tigress bullys a poor innocent Syndra who would never ever do anything to warrant such attention! ;) O=)\r\nTigress is (c) Her player\n

Image: Koz-Guished.jpg   1166x805 128650 bytes 1999.07.27

Tarin makes one pun too many and Boingdragon calls in the walking couch to pay him back!\r\nCopernicus and Boingdragon are (C) their players.\n

Image: Koz-Cold.jpg   793x610 84305 bytes 1999.07.27

Syndra makes many deliveries to the Antarctic research stations. The Title says it all.\n

Image: Koz-ChoppingWood.jpg   610x788 219038 bytes 1999.07.27

Tarin Firepelt doing his daily chores.\n

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