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Image: Koz-PrincessPeachesGarnet.jpg   612x694 87757 bytes 2007.09.16

Garnet went into a hard idle and Foxfire decided to have fun with her. It wasnt even my fault this time. =)\r\n\r\nGarnet and Foxfire their players.

Image: Koz-Prod.jpg   587x715 94470 bytes 2006.02.11

Kein suffers the effects of teasing a unicorn.\r\n Kein and Ylana Their Players.

Image: Koz-Propwash.jpg   845x610 165273 bytes 2000.01.01

Syndra and Rokki just flew in in Syndra's Tiltrotor. The other Andorozons apparantly were standing too close to the landing pad. The Andorozons are (C) Ken Singshow\n

Image: Koz-PTGarnet.jpg   577x741 83328 bytes 2007.07.10

Garnet went to join the marines RL. When she came back online some of us have been teasing her for her new marine PT tightened backside. So I had to memorialize it.\r\n\r\nGarnet her player.

Image: Koz-PurpleDino.gif   1100x844 359386 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Koz-QualityTime.jpg   598x758 106251 bytes 2005.09.07

Godiva and Kiens RL has been kicking their tails. Here is some quality time when they finally cross paths on line.\r\n\r\nGodiva and Kien Their players.

Image: Koz-RafterNap.jpg   782x612 103009 bytes 2007.07.21

Syndra has been half asleep the last couple of months due to work. The temptations that must be going on...\r\n\r\nKipernicus, Azule and Crimson their players.

Image: Koz-Rainyday.jpg   793x610 96053 bytes 1999.08.10

On the way out of the chinese place we went to eat. Gina (who was incredibly sunburned) just walked in the nice cool rain storm while Eli scrambled like crazy to avoid getting wet! Drawn by request by the soaked coyote! Rhegien and Eli (C) Their players \n

Image: Koz-RangerGodiva.jpg   533x727 64876 bytes 2005.07.17

Godiva's player is an avid Rangers fan. So I had to draw her as such. Godiva (c) her player.

Image: Koz-Reels.jpg   841x610 127630 bytes 1999.04.15

Image: Koz-Resupply.jpg   775x583 76215 bytes 2003.11.05

Fisk meets Syndra while flying on her cargo plane. This picture is why you always do a drawing in one sitting if you can. I was at work. I drew Syndra, then had work to do for about 3 hours. Came back drew Fisk and the background. Then realised Fisk was WAY out of proportion. Syndra is 3'8", which is short but not as short as if the Fisk in thei picture stood up. Shigh. Good pic though I think if you forget my perspective error. Fisk is (c) Jay Nylor.

Image: Koz-Reunion.gif   1095x836 833675 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Koz-Rhe'sRevenge.JPG   3138x2386 440570 bytes 1999.03.31

Image: Koz-Roho.gif   739x773 34482 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Koz-Rommel.jpg   586x827 70980 bytes 2003.01.14

I havn't uploaded a color pic in a while. Here is a picture of Rommel smoking his pipe and reading his journal.Picture is Prismacolor Markers on bristol board. Rommel is (c) his player

Image: Koz-RommelBlushing.jpg   778x598 81803 bytes 2003.07.28

Rommel made the mistake of telling me the story about how Elaura decided to make him blush. It is so easy to do." =) Elaura, Harare, Rommel and Midnight (C) their players.

Image: Koz-RommelMinstrelVista.jpg   778x588 102708 bytes 2007.07.11

Rommel had not seen the Minstrel in some time and a new picture was a must. \r\n\r\nRommel and Minstrel their players.

Image: Koz-RommelSarong.jpg   783x598 61954 bytes 2003.11.05

Niabi informed me of a wonderful little story. She and Harare were discussing fashion, specificly sarongs. Rommel was idly and they used him as a clothes horse. As Rommel is nearly as fun to tease as Feren I couldnt possibly resist making his ears blush. Rommel, Harare, and Niabi (c) Their players.

Image: Koz-RoseForBethany.gif   883x848 426079 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Koz-Rugby.jpg   605x788 55075 bytes 2003.11.05

Rugby World Cup is going! South Africa is not doing too well. The US is doing terrible as is to be expected as we are an amature only team going against professionals. Its about like anyone else playing against the US Dream Team in the Olympic Basketball games. Anyhow S.A. lost to England so I had to tease Liin that they need the US in their Group so they can get a win. Oh US did win though. We beat Japan ending our winless since 1987 streak in World Cup competition! =) Finished 4th in our group , though, so we are off to the golf course now. At least we got a win!

Image: Koz-Runes.jpg   605x594 67334 bytes 2002.09.11

Rommel requested I draw him examining the runes on Tigresses armor. The scan sucks but I like it otherwise. Rommel his player.

Image: Koz-SadaamIwo.jpg   788x600 74010 bytes 2003.12.24

Way to go troops! Keep up the good work!

Image: Koz-SCARFS.GIF   848x1089 154269 bytes 1999.03.19

Image: Koz-Scoundrel.jpg   602x774 88176 bytes 2003.07.28

A good friend Stephan! Stephan His player.

Image: Koz-Scritch1.JPG   1120x1502 228845 bytes 1999.03.31

Image: Koz-Scritch3.jpg   1165x1120 147994 bytes 1999.03.31

Image: Koz-Seige.jpg   588x793 122978 bytes 1999.07.27

A fur in chainmail armor after a horrific battle.\n

Image: Koz-SewerRat.jpg   596x682 109624 bytes 2008.02.17

The pipe layers at work saw me drawing and requested this picture that they can put on their helmets. I was happy to oblige.

Image: Koz-Shameless.jpg   840x916 110126 bytes 2003.07.28

Syndra is Shameless. However, who else would turn down cuddles and foot rubs at the same time, from two great friends. =) Peppermint and Feren (C) their players.

Image: Koz-SharksDistraction.jpg   828x612 118696 bytes 2003.07.28

LiinSara is a rugby fan, much to my delight as I now have someone to talk Ruger with. Unfortunately her team, the Sharks, is 11th place in the 12 team "Super 12" league. I was watching the Sharks play the other night and saw that they have hot tubs in the sidelines of the field for fans. I laughed and teased Liin I could see her sitting in one and was told that she indeed had been in them and the hot tubs are premium spots like the sky boxes in the US, with champaign and the like. Suddenly I realised what the cause of the Sharks Ills were this season... LiinSara her player.

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