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Image: GabbypcColor.jpg   634x832 163730 bytes 2005.04.01

This is Gabby, one of my character doing what I useually do, veg out infront of a PC

Image: Bunnyrabbit.jpg   522x753 98143 bytes 2003.12.08

This was drawn saturday night at a Kansas City Fur gathering, it was a blast, had drunken furs being silly, huge furpiles, bad movies, good pizza and wonderful company. This critter belongs to me, copyrights on the image.

Image: Gabby.jpg   511x700 66051 bytes 2002.05.06

Hey its a small update on my Gabrielle character, cool eh? heh. ah well.. Gabby is © Chris LaFollette

Image: Ferret.jpg   611x709 200149 bytes 2002.04.07

This is for a friend.. a very special friend, she'll know who she is when she see's this.. I hope everything will be okay.

Image: Lizzie.jpg   630x459 216676 bytes 2002.03.04

This is Lizzie! Yes, I know how unoriginal the name is.. Sue me o.- I suck at names.. But here she is, she's pretty cool, at least in my opinion =) Lizzie is © Chris LaFollette

Image: MaxAtomik.jpg   484x766 171095 bytes 2002.01.31

This apathetic looking guy is Max; he has the power to make little mini-mushroom cloud blasts in a 50' radius around him by concentrating. Not that he really cares that he has this power. This is a character Iíve made for the SMT universe, specifically the SMT: Blue muck I co-headwiz at.\r\nMax Atomik is © Chris LaFollette, 2002

Image: KittyTrea.jpg   504x706 236354 bytes 2001.12.26

This is my character Trea, she used to be a 12 foot tall bear.. but.. as you can see, she's rather normal now.. the details are too long to go into here.. suffice to say, Trea is © Chris LaFollette

Image: Catborg.jpg   600x881 348163 bytes 2001.12.12

New art from me *gasp!* I photoshopped the whole background, if that wasn't already apparent =P enjoy!

Image: Angiebunn.jpg   455x759 122457 bytes 2001.11.12

Reuploading this one, I don't even remember why I took it down. Ah well, ©'s on the pic.

Image: happyblob.jpg   429x406 49122 bytes 2001.03.06

I have like, almost /no/ free time to draw anymore.. i litteraly drew this just now.. blob guy ish (c) to me, so neayh

Image: Dragonhead.jpg   687x723 58352 bytes 2001.02.03

Just a sketch of a dragon head, I might expand on this later, but for now just thought i'd share =3

Image: Bearwithnoname.jpg   485x691 74123 bytes 2001.01.21

I've been watching Mad Max, and playing Fallout 2. hehe.. i'm pathetic =P \r\nKit is © me

Image: Evil.jpg   527x433 42634 bytes 2001.01.20

Just an Evil Kit head =P its © me

Image: Morphy.jpg   595x784 87443 bytes 2001.01.20

Its Morphy! form Southern Cross again, you guys should really look this place up =3 she's © herself

Image: Eevee.jpg   565x817 73202 bytes 2001.01.20

Eevee, of Southern Cross muck. =3 Eevee is © Herself

Image: Mistrana.jpg   638x875 108503 bytes 2001.01.20

Oooooh a vixen black magey type, Ph33r her Fire Rod of nastyness! =P

Image: devilguy.jpg   523x610 39413 bytes 2000.11.13

just an odd pic I have no explination for =P\n

Image: Tony.jpg   360x802 48863 bytes 2000.11.13

this is a furry version of my buddy Little Tony, as he is going to appear in a comic written by me and a friend about my street, its called Crestview. furry Tony is (c) me\n

Image: Kitkoopa.jpg   510x700 80523 bytes 2000.11.13

And now for something compleately different... Kit as a Koopa kid, thank you thank you =P Kit (c) me. Koopas, thwomps, and those nifty question boxes (c) Nintendo =3\n

Image: group.jpg   510x644 88169 bytes 2000.11.07

Image: Rough.jpg   595x628 66344 bytes 2000.11.05

just a rough sketch with three new characters i havent named yet, a cocker spaniel, a lynx lookin thing and a panda. all © me \n

Image: Alexi.jpg   476x700 63069 bytes 2000.10.12

A pic request from a friend. Alexi is © her player\n

Image: undertaker.jpg   448x684 47283 bytes 2000.09.26

not furry, but i still think it looks cool =P he's © me\n

Image: Wings.jpg   638x603 87788 bytes 2000.09.26

some guy requested I draw this for him, looks pretty badass =3 this guy is © whoever created him i guess =P\n

Image: Vikky.jpg   417x562 76094 bytes 2000.09.26

its a friend of mine from Taps *waves* Viktoria is © herslef\n

Image: reallybigkit.jpg   635x707 79535 bytes 2000.09.26

"what?! no grape soda!...rrrg...i'm gonna... gonnaaaAAAARRGGHH! KIT SMASH!!" ....what? o.o Kit © me\n

Image: pnclfay.jpg   508x670 66940 bytes 2000.09.26

its the colored pencil version the the New Fayette pic. still © me\n

Image: orlix.jpg   492x730 47242 bytes 2000.09.26

its orlix Blackmoon! she's © Jenn =3\n

Image: mudgecolor.jpg   723x966 88230 bytes 2000.09.26

just some odd thing i had to do for a project in French, we used a cut out of him in a skit.. looks like a frikken Snork =P Mudge is © me\n

Image: Maveric.jpg   424x545 127731 bytes 2000.09.26

some random robot type guy I thought looked pretty cool, he is © me\n

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