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Image: bestwasteoftime.JPG   552x812 44611 bytes 2000.12.10

In case anyone actually notices (yeah right) or even more unconcievably cares, I finally posted another pic!! Why has it taken so long you ask? Well, even if you're not asking, I've been working on my style, trying to make it more anatomically correct. As you can see I still have far to go. Muzzles are a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!! Anywho, this is the first pic on here that I've done from scratch, without a model of any sort. Yes, I'm quite aware his legs are not finished, I ran out of room on the paper. School is the best thing that ever happened to my drawing skills:) Hey, it's much more productive than sleeping at least\n

Image: dream.JPG   410x610 102018 bytes 2000.07.27

An unnamed cheeta fem waiting or hoping for someone, I'm sure y'all know the feeling. *sigh* She's out there somewhere:)\n

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