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Image: chan.JPG   320x480 27643 bytes 2002.02.04

Furrymuck and Tapestries' Chandrashekar, the fuzzy. Digitally painted in photoshop.

Image: chibicob.JPG   557x600 73141 bytes 2002.02.04

Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so...dah-dah-deet-doot-doot-dooo..

Image: Cobalt-cs.gif   579x841 86311 bytes 1996.05.26

Image: Cobalt2-cs.gif   558x519 53504 bytes 1996.05.26

Image: Cobalt4-cs.gif   576x752 106502 bytes 1996.05.26

Image: cray&cob.JPG   576x600 68753 bytes 2002.02.10

Charicatures of myself (cobalt) and Ray Keifer (Crayfox) in "Clerks" animated style.

Image: forumlogo1.JPG   640x391 97867 bytes 2002.02.04

Larger version of a VCL Forum logo I made. Awww isso ky00t...

Image: gothy.JPG   340x600 79458 bytes 1999.06.21

Image: live1024.jpg   1024x768 351025 bytes 2004.01.10

CReativity comes in many forms - graphical, musical... I like to think I've tapped into both. This image is sort of a celebration of my many various interests, of both varieties. It also serves as the cover art for my first CD. Plus, it features the world's coolest wacom tablet. ROCK!

Image: punkaintdead.JPG   400x400 114701 bytes 2002.02.10

Done on Guppy's oekaki or okeaki or however you spell it java-board drawing web thingy. Kewl - the 80's live!

Image: walkin45.JPG   480x480 37515 bytes 2002.02.24

Something a little different - this is the 1963 release of Cobalt and the Aquabears' surf single "Walkin' On Water" (backed with "Electric Fuzzy") - the breakthru disc that put "the fur sound" before a mass audience. It made it to #5 on the Cavalcade hit chart, staying there for three weeks before nose-diving to #57 and then vanishing. "Walkin' On Water" was later remixed with an electronic backbeat and sold as a disco single in 1975. It did moderately well, making it to #8 - not bad for a song recored over a decade earlier. (these songs and more can be heard via mp3 at: )

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