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Image: Boofncleo.JPG   609x815 334829 bytes 2000.05.01

Boof and Cleo were characters drawn by an old friend of mine. The coloring was done in Photoshop one of the first ones I ever did. Everyone seemed to like it and I sell the print at conventions. Boof and Cleo (c) John\n

Image: caedin.jpg   834x1100 432397 bytes 2000.05.01

My character from a joint comic book that I am doing with my fellow Anarchy Art member Jim. Caedin (c) Me\n

Image: Dark_Dinnin.jpg   1155x1446 771954 bytes 2000.05.01

Dinnin's evil form, will be colored some day(c) me\n

Image: darkstalk.jpg   831x1098 660830 bytes 2000.05.01

Pencil Sketch I did. Character(c)Capcom\n

Image: dinnin.jpg   798x796 311269 bytes 2000.05.01

My character on Tapestries and in Jim's comic. (c)Me\n

Image: DK2.jpg   785x1037 327025 bytes 2000.05.01

Picture of Darkkiten that I did for her player(c) Ember\n

Image: Fuel.JPG   252x334 65564 bytes 2000.05.01

A badge I was selling at the Katsucon, Rex promoting a very popular drink. (c) Me\n

Image: Gavin3.jpg   337x515 131669 bytes 2000.05.01

Another picture of my old friend,John, that I colored for him Gavin(c) John\n

Image: Gun.JPG   495x514 149901 bytes 2000.05.01

Here is a Cute Anime girl with a big gun.(c)me\n

Image: key.jpg   600x760 350328 bytes 2000.05.01

Picture of Key from Key the Metal Idol that I did...great Anime (c) Viz \n

Image: ManinJapan.JPG   610x800 220132 bytes 2000.09.26

Little picture Tarpein did on one of his letters to Anarchy Art from Japan. Image (c) Tarp\n

Image: mink.JPG   422x696 42458 bytes 2000.05.01

Did this one for the lovely talented Jessica Calvello , ADV voice actress, she did the voice of Mink in the new Dragon Half dubbed. She's a close friend of Anarchy Arts. I gave it to her when she came to our table at Katsucon. Mink (c) ADV\n

Image: Mink1.jpg   664x862 291661 bytes 2000.05.01

Mink colored in Photoshop. (c) ADV\n

Image: Noriko-Suzaku.jpg   825x1095 184159 bytes 2000.05.01

Suzaku as a bird from Fushigi Yugi, this Sketch is one I did as a background for a pic that will one day be colored. (c) Pioneer\n

Image: Noriko.jpg   825x1095 216991 bytes 2000.05.01

Sketch of Nuriko from Fushigi Yugi , good Anime. (c)Pioneer\n

Image: Rex.JPG   271x576 117210 bytes 2000.04.16

Well here it begins! The first picture of mine uploaded to this site. Not really the best I have to offer, but it's a decent pic none the less. This is my second attempt at using markers (hopefully future work will be better). Anyways the character started out as a spoof, but soon found a place in the hearts of Anarchy Art. Rex is now one of the characters we plan to use one day in a possible on-line comic.\n

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