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Image: karla1.jpg   420x641 140595 bytes 2000.03.11

Karla the Hedgehog. She was more of a coincidential character, although she did appear in the only serious StH fanfic I wrote.... *shrug* She's (c)me\n

Image: karla2.jpg   502x643 100756 bytes 2000.06.18

Karla the hedgehog. *shrug* (C)me\n

Image: kawauso.jpg   394x368 54079 bytes 2004.01.25

Image: kazuha1.jpg   600x900 132457 bytes 2000.11.11

Image: kitsuko1.jpg   436x594 138711 bytes 2001.06.17

Ooooooold StH character of mine, an alien fox with the somewhat unoriginal name of "Kitsune".

Image: kitsunejo.jpg   332x540 101545 bytes 1999.08.17

Exchange pic for Kiri, of her character Laragh White.... I hope she really _is_ a fox..... I wasn't able to tell exactly, and simply took a wild and hairy guess when I was drawing the tail. Either way, this lil' vixen(?) is (c)Laura Mcbratney\n

Image: kitter.jpg   365x550 97639 bytes 1999.10.01

A cute SD-ish picture of the Kitter and a green puppy. Kit is (c)Chris Lafolette, and Yang is (c)me\n

Image: kurtz1.jpg   564x722 152019 bytes 2000.10.06

Image: kurtz2.jpg   590x754 102294 bytes 2000.11.06

Kurtz, my female squirrel warrior, again. ©C. Gavlas 2000, and black squirrels are ©Guelph, because I keep on seeing them here.\n

Image: lilangico.gif   15x15 192 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: lilhicico.gif   15x15 255 bytes 2000.11.29

Image: lilmarico.gif   15x15 197 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: lilyanico.gif   15x15 190 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: lizard-amazon.jpg   479x677 119761 bytes 2001.05.28

Mana, an amazon. Inspired by Diablo 2's Amazon.

Image: mermaids.jpg   575x757 261078 bytes 2000.10.19

Hoboy... this took me all afternoon. art ©C. Gavlas 2000, characters ©their respective owners\n

Image: mewfem-brutus.jpg   387x524 132039 bytes 1999.09.11

Here's part of an exchange with "Kuroibara". It's supposed to be MewTwoFem and another MewTwo hugging. Just for fun, and since this I'd thought this up as a name for a MewTwo, the other MewTwo is named Brutus. He's the oldest of the original five; he only has one arm, poor thing, and wears a collar as testament to the cruelty of human masters....... I dunno why they're hugging, tho'.... MewTwoFem is (c)Cassandra Gibbs, and Brutus is (c)me....?\n

Image: michealov.gif   264x301 44546 bytes 2000.11.10

Image: michealov1.jpg   519x738 92124 bytes 2000.11.13

Image: missy-change.jpg   478x597 219368 bytes 1999.09.16

This is a little more disturbing than most of my "normal" stuff, but since it wasn't really tweaked or on a tweaky theme, I just left it here. Either way, it started out just as a pic of Missy looking all beat-up and stuff, (yeah, this is how I show how much I adore her.... umm....) but when I realized it just looked like a rape picture, I added the funny shading, energy balls, and the text to make it look more like a story picture. To be honest, I don't know what's supposed to be happening to Missy, but I guess it ain't good...... or sumfing....... Missy is (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: missy-fatty.jpg   479x513 39944 bytes 2000.12.06

Image: missy-marek-bd.jpg   412x529 161747 bytes 1999.09.18

Missy asked us all if we could do a b-day pic for her boyfriend, Marek, and, being but her humble servan- er, follower- ah, friend, who was I to refuse?\n

Image: missy-mew.jpg   506x676 121916 bytes 1999.10.09

Missy and her adorable ghost mew. She's (c)Sara Hammond, and the ghost mew is (c)uhh.... nentindo?\n

Image: missy-sd.jpg   391x510 154098 bytes 1999.09.28

SD, sonic-type picture of Missy. I knew she'd hate it, so I drew her into a plug-suit to make it all better...... Missy is (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: missy-yang1-grey.gif   494x645 43494 bytes 2000.11.20

Image: missy1.jpg   447x358 85145 bytes 1999.08.28

In the past, I have been harassed and criticized by people for my anti-pornography views. Ususally, these attackers are even more narrow-minded than myself; they accuse me of having prudish, "anally-retentive" views on pornography and nudity in art. Some have even gone so far as to suggest I find nudity itself pornographic; the fact is, though, that I do not. I have just as much reverence for the classical nude as any other aspiring artist, and so, in response to them, I post this; it's a bust shot of Missy bathing in a hot spring. (I hope she doesn't mind it, but I've always found her incredibly pretty, and....) Either way, there is nothing submissive or degrading about it; I have always believed that these are the earmarks of pornography, and the two elements that I have always detested about it. (oh yeah, and Missy is (c)Sara Hammond.... thot I'd better mention that as well....)\n

Image: missy3.jpg   398x622 175706 bytes 1999.09.30

I'm not sure if the shadowing on this one looks right, but the neat-o colours and stuff make up for it, anyways. It's Missy, looking super-sexy in an outfit that I'd actually seen Geri "Benedict Spice" Halliwell (sp?) wearing on the "Spice World" CD. Yes, I like the Spice Girls, and yes, Missy looks even sexier than Geri in this outfit........ *DID*........ She's (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: mouche-sprite.gif   27x34 1147 bytes 2003.01.30

Image: mouche1-cel.jpg   405x504 87140 bytes 2003.01.19

a vampire character

Image: mouche2.jpg   525x724 117316 bytes 2003.01.23

Image: mouche3.jpg   402x734 95398 bytes 2003.02.20

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