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Image: bullseye2.jpg   445x607 125943 bytes 2000.04.15

It's the fuzzy teletubby! Eeeee!\n

Image: nagash-yang.jpg   502x632 166013 bytes 2000.04.12

So who is this weird guy, anyways? A word to the wise: Take caution when Josh Underwood (AKA Nagash) knocks on your ICQ or AIM and wants to bug you; you'll most likely just end up confused. Nagash is (C)the guy I just mentioned, and Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang35.jpg   588x800 212049 bytes 2000.04.03

Aww... even though this one was hell to colour, I'm actually impressed with the results! Took me half of the weekend to do; you can see the other result of my weekend's work <a href="">here</a>. It's Yang (female) as a Diablo-type rogue-type... uh... thing. Either way, she's (c)me\n

Image: jumper.gif   281x373 18886 bytes 2000.04.03

Jumper the rat. She was Tails and Grapples' victim until we learned about Amy Rose. (Remember that this was in 1994/5, before the days of the internet) She's (c)me\n

Image: fizzy2.jpg   578x733 120782 bytes 2000.03.24

Here's a new character of mine, a cute capuchin monkey named "Fizzy"! (I named her after one of my beloved old MLPs.... ~-_-~) She's (c)me\n

Image: cgrunestar.gif   419x525 33826 bytes 2000.03.11

B-day pic for Sabrina of her char, "Runestar Hedgehog".\n

Image: karla1.jpg   420x641 140595 bytes 2000.03.11

Karla the Hedgehog. She was more of a coincidential character, although she did appear in the only serious StH fanfic I wrote.... *shrug* She's (c)me\n

Image: cgtiff2.jpg   403x695 201520 bytes 2000.03.11

<i>You say that we have nothing in common, no common ground to start on, and we're falling apart/ You say that we have nothing between us, no common bonds between us, and we're falling apart</i><br>\r\nErm, I mean.... this is Tiffany the Fox. These lyrics don't actually express the relationship(?) that Rose and I have, but if you can identify them you get a cookie. Tiff is (c)Rose Besch, and the lyrics are (c)Deep Blue Something, and aren't actually on the picture.\n

Image: yang34.jpg   333x505 87372 bytes 2000.02.28

Whoo... it'll be my 18th birthday on Friday, if anyone cares. Either way, here's another cutesy pic of Yang. I wuv his curly tail. He's (c)me\n

Image: blackdeath1.jpg   510x716 140297 bytes 2000.02.08

Here's another of my zodiacal senshi; Sailor Black Death! (pretty neat name, eh?) Actually, she's just supposed to be a character from a Ranma fanfic situation that's a little hard to explain, (as well as a little dumb and involving a very obscure character) so I won't bother. Either way, she's (c)me\n

Image: jtja1.gif   500x639 68043 bytes 2000.02.06

A few days ago, Amethyst and I were talking about how so many kids seem to be into this anarchy thing without really understanding exactly WHAT anarchy IS. So I decided to draw this stupid comic, which expresses my views on the whole "Anarchy is Kewl because I like the anarchy sign" state of mind that so many kids have adopted.\n

Image: jtja2.gif   502x641 109694 bytes 2000.02.06

Page two of "Johnny the Junior Anarchist"........ on a note, the name was not supposed to be of any relation or association to "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac".... it just ended up sounding kind of similar.... *sigh*\n

Image: jtja3.gif   497x639 63178 bytes 2000.02.06

Page three of "Johnny the Junior Anarchist". I'm not actually an anarchist myself, but I still can't stand seeing stupid or ignorant kids spouting garbage that they believe is a political philosophy, just for the sake of sounding cool.\n

Image: ringtail3.gif   398x381 22818 bytes 2000.02.02

The ringtail again, doing what he does best- running like a bastard!!! He's (C)me\n

Image: clefantasy2.gif   466x268 34489 bytes 2000.02.02

Clefantasy is the legandary evolved form of Clefable... isn't she lovely? Clefantasy is (c)me\n

Image: sleepi.gif   378x351 11301 bytes 2000.01.31

Drowzee is one of my favorite pokémon; a while ago, we were looking in a book about animals, and realized that Drowzee bears a striking resemblance to the Tapir, a small, pig-like animal that, (in Japanese fairy-tales) is said to eat dreams. Those pokémon folks sure seem to have a thing with fairy-tales.. just look at "Vulpix/Ninetales" and "Eefui" (a new pokémon, a two-tailed cat. Japanese vampires are said to transform into two-tailed cats when accused of vampirism... or something like that. ~;n_n~) Either way, this is Sleepi, the pre-evolution to Drowzee... that, or it's just a baby tapir.. you choose. Sleepi is (c)me\n

Image: oyuki.gif   550x359 39254 bytes 2000.01.26

Image: arboreal.gif   483x328 29087 bytes 2000.01.26

Image: yang32.jpg   486x598 216779 bytes 2000.01.06

It's Yang, showing off his cute little rump! Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang31.jpg   348x512 95794 bytes 2000.01.05

A dog book I was looking at a while ago claimed that, "If pug puppies were any cuter, they would be criminal." I couldn't agree more! Yang is (c)me\n

Image: hanakun.jpg   464x607 178551 bytes 2000.01.04

Wow... I havn't drawn this fellow in over a year! It's my old friend, Enid "Hana-kun" Cameron! He was supposed to be a less-SD version of Snively, but I decided that I liked the design too much to leave it as something purely fanfictual... Maybe when I'm a rich, famous-type artist, I can use him in one of my stories or something. *shrug* It could happen. Oh, and he's (c)me\n

Image: yang30.jpg   425x491 109274 bytes 1999.12.31

Yang, who is... umm... sitting on a stone floor, and, umm... looking.... at something.....? Eh.. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew this. Either way, Yang is (c)me\n

Image: myztik3.jpg   445x513 110878 bytes 1999.12.31

Myztik, ready for a fight. He's (c)me\n

Image: herbal.gif   460x280 22132 bytes 1999.12.25

And this is Herbal, a grass mouse. I think she's very pretty-looking! She's (c)me\n

Image: yuki.gif   460x280 20988 bytes 1999.12.25

Here's Yuki, a fan-pokemon. He's supposed to be an ice mouse, but Kim says he looks like a snubble. *shrug* Either way, he's (c)me.\n

Image: snowdrop.jpg   410x531 120178 bytes 1999.12.20

Image: yang29.gif   395x503 125330 bytes 1999.12.13

This one was the result of listening to "The Wall" on a Friday night while most of my family was in Halifax putting my little sister's leg back together. It's not that great, anyways..... Yang is (c)me.\n

Image: cgsquik1.jpg   443x524 97597 bytes 1999.12.13

I drew this one while working on the KiSS of Squik, and only got around to colouring it now. Either way, it's Squik and a new friend! ~n_n~ (c)J. Axer, me.\n

Image: yang-angelo2.jpg   402x470 93944 bytes 1999.12.11

Gotta catch'em all! (or something like that). Yang and Angelo are (c) uh... me..... Big West... and Game Freak.\n

Image: yang28.jpg   365x510 139925 bytes 1999.12.11

Yang in his tres cute "perky-goth" mode..... The cute little pup is (c)me! So leggo!\n

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