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Image: myztik-reimew.gif   443x401 24881 bytes 1999.10.20

Myztik and Ghost Mew. One in a long line of pictures that I have to colour... when I have the time.... ~-_-~\n

Image: myztik-sebulba.jpg   525x632 130478 bytes 1999.09.11

I got Myztik and Sebulba, (originally a dratini, which does look kind of like a really cute version of a dug.... 'cept without the legs.... and, well, it's not a dragon... and...... oh, never mind!) at about the same time; I tag-teamed them against the Rocket Gang in Silph-Co. to get them stronger. Here, they're making a pact of friendship with each other after Sebulba's evolution into the beautiful Dragonair. Myztik and Sebulba are (c)me, and mebbe Nentindo.... umm....\n

Image: myztik1.jpg   620x742 214243 bytes 1999.09.07

Okay, now it's my turn to officially jump on the pokemon bandwagon. This is Myztik, my own MewTwo; he's (supposed to be) one of the 5 original MewTwos created by Cinnibar Laboratories. This picture is another triumph in anti-aliasing, so from now on, I'll have to start on all B&Ws at 50X the final size.... just a suggestion for anyone else who's been plagued by poor anti-aliasing...... Myztik is (c)me\n

Image: myztik2.jpg   461x495 95677 bytes 1999.10.20

Here's Myztik, using a kickass psychic attack. I had a lot of fun with the colour filters in this one..... Oh, and Myztik is (c)me! You can't have him, you fellow demented MewTwo lovers! No! Stay back! ~+_@~\n

Image: myztik3.jpg   445x513 110878 bytes 1999.12.31

Myztik, ready for a fight. He's (c)me\n

Image: MZDM-romeo.jpg   515x503 137428 bytes 2003.01.28

commission for

Image: MZDM-ultimatepower.jpg   525x490 101970 bytes 2003.01.28

commission for

Image: nagash-gloom.jpg   552x669 219996 bytes 2000.07.02

Image: nagash-yang.jpg   502x632 166013 bytes 2000.04.12

So who is this weird guy, anyways? A word to the wise: Take caution when Josh Underwood (AKA Nagash) knocks on your ICQ or AIM and wants to bug you; you'll most likely just end up confused. Nagash is (C)the guy I just mentioned, and Yang is (c)me\n

Image: nagash-yang2.jpg   766x1052 202289 bytes 2000.10.10

Image: nitechan1.jpg   454x560 175695 bytes 1999.10.09

It's Nightiechan in a plugsiut! Realizing that it (a)had been ages since I've drawn her, and (b)her birthday was coming up, I decided to do a spiffed-up PSP picture just for her! ~n_n~ Happy birthday, Emily! She's (c)Emily Ryan\n

Image: Niteyang.jpg   632x508 191782 bytes 1999.07.31

Nightmare and myself meeting for the first time IRL..... It was unbelievably tense for us both, but I hope I get the chance to visit her again in the future... Nightiechan is (C)Emily Ryan, and Yangchan is (c)me.\n

Image: oyuki.gif   550x359 39254 bytes 2000.01.26

Image: packbell.jpg   559x454 81085 bytes 2000.05.31

Packbell, of StH fanfic fame. (C)David Pistone\n

Image: pkmnyang.jpg   325x538 68286 bytes 2000.09.08

It's human Yang, the Pok¨¦mon trainer-type-kid-guy. He's (C)Big West, I guess, and he's holding Puffy's ball, hence the fruity little heart on it.\n

Image: pokemon-mice.gif   578x559 109300 bytes 1999.10.14

Here are my own fan-designs for some elemental "mouse" pokemon. After seeing Marril, I decided that there should be some "other-chu's" as well, and drew these four. If anyone can think of names for them, please let me know.\n

Image: porygons-exposed.jpg   383x242 22970 bytes 2000.11.04

Real live Porygons at our very own university!\n

Image: puppy-cute.gif   384x521 34026 bytes 1999.09.15

Yang, looking more puppy-like, and irresistably cute! Awww........ you can even see his furry pot-belly......... The puppy is (c)me\n

Image: raichutaro.jpg   410x472 91445 bytes 1999.08.17

Exchange pic for Seby, of her character Raiyujin, the raichu-taro! After playing pokemon for a while, I'd been meaning to draw a pic of my own raichu, "Sammy".... Now I guess I'll have to! Raiyujin is (c)Sebrina Dombrowski(sp?)\n

Image: rainyday.jpg   649x500 109322 bytes 2001.06.04

rainy rainy day.

Image: rat-sketches2.jpg   825x950 100739 bytes 2000.09.30

Image: ratsketches.gif   638x812 75516 bytes 2000.09.13

Image: razberri.jpg   506x644 236900 bytes 1999.10.02

Here's my half of an exchange with Erin Vernon- it's her character, Razberri! What an eyesore..... this picture is guaranteed to give each and every viewer a permenant headache upon observation.... ~+_@~ Raz is (c)Erin V.\n

Image: raziel1.jpg   497x676 144371 bytes 2000.10.11

Image: reala-jackle-puffy.jpg   528x410 79793 bytes 2000.04.21

Reala, Jackle, and Puffy in human form(s). Once again, the designs are (c)m'self, and the original characters are (c)the incredibly talented Sonic Team.\n

Image: reala1.jpg   417x536 62720 bytes 2000.04.21

What a beautiful boy... this is supposed to be a "human" version of Reala, the lovely villian from "NiGHTS". He's (c)Sonic Team, but the human design is mine own.\n

Image: ringtail-pal.gif   444x557 58413 bytes 1999.10.10

Companion picture to Gazuka's pic' of a furrified Taranto. I'm not exactly sure what sort of masked, ring-tailed creature the fur in Pal's costume is supposed to be, though..... He's (c)... um, Sergio Argoneis? (did I spell that right?)\n

Image: ringtail1.gif   372x498 60863 bytes 1999.10.11

The ringtail again; this time, he just looks naked and miffed. He's (c)me\n

Image: ringtail3.gif   398x381 22818 bytes 2000.02.02

The ringtail again, doing what he does best- running like a bastard!!! He's (C)me\n

Image: rolf.jpg   633x451 57351 bytes 2000.10.06

eugh. ©C. Gavlas 2000\n

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