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Image: yang27.jpg   438x568 146031 bytes 1999.12.11

Yang looking a little sad.... the BG is a matte of Corsucant. He's (c)me\n

Image: cgmissy1.jpg   498x678 152241 bytes 1999.12.07

Oof.... and not a minute too soon....... I sat down this evening, intent on finishing this picture, (a birthday pic' for Sara) but ended up getting caught up in a ton of crap..... it took me three hours to do this while attempting to ward off a flooder in my native chatroom, ICQ with friends, and plan outfits for the next KiSS I'll be doing....... I hope Missy likes it. She's (c)Sara Hammond....... ....... ~x_-~\n

Image: cgginger1.jpg   420x525 133722 bytes 1999.12.04

It's Anya Schwartz's adorable kangaroo rat-girl, Ginger! She's (c)Anya Schwartz, and ONLY Anya Schwartz. Any other kangaroo rats of similar appearance are merely cheap knock-offs of the original product.... };p\n

Image: cgsahara1.jpg   461x621 146702 bytes 1999.11.27

Amanda Jefferson's sexy foxerella, Sahara! (c)A.J.\n

Image: cgaxer1.jpg   635x502 181100 bytes 1999.11.25

This picture was actually not inspired by "Ghost in the Shell", but by the book, "Heart of Darkness". J. Axer is (c)hisself\n

Image: cgsatori.jpg   459x497 139910 bytes 1999.11.21

Carolyn Weber is a great artist, as well as a fellow "My Little Pony" lover. When she expressed a liking for my art, I was flattered, and we decided to do an exchange. I hope she likes her half! Satori is (c)C.W., and the "My Little Pony" here is (c)ah..... me, maybe? It's not a real MLP...... *shrugs and walks away confused*\n

Image: swe1-runestar.gif   454x699 68748 bytes 1999.11.21

It's Runie Mandrell! Part of a series of characters dressed up as the racers from SWe1- granted, Runestar is a little fluffier than the neurotic Ody. She's (c)Sabrina O'niel\n

Image: swe1-missy.gif   449x636 42389 bytes 1999.11.21

It's Missgano! Part of a series of characters dressed up as the racers from SWe1, I decided to exclude the extra pair of arms that are signature of the elegant Gasgano, though..... Missy is (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: cgginger-phaze.jpg   473x536 141401 bytes 1999.11.20

Part of an exchange with Anya. It's of her character, Ginger, and her b/f's character, Phaze, snuggling in front of a fire. The BG's cheap/weirdness is a result of my beloved cousin Kim guilt-tripping me because he wanted the computer and of PSP deciding that today was the perfect day to f***ing lag on me.... *ahem* Either way, Ginger and Phaze are (c)Anya and Mike\n

Image: cgsketchie.jpg   446x612 106289 bytes 1999.11.15

Here's a pic of Jeffery Lancaster's character, Sketchie! Sorry it took so long- I've just been really distracted lately......\n

Image: yang26.jpg   398x530 125602 bytes 1999.11.13

I'm not always whiny and depressed. ~n_n~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang22.jpg   411x525 157976 bytes 1999.11.08

Yang, wondering if there's a place in God's heart for a lonely little pup like him. He's (c)me\n

Image: ryusukebi.gif   497x624 60794 bytes 1999.11.06

This picture comes from a conversation I had with Will "Go Ryusuke" Ruzicka which somehow came to him sending me some nude pictures he had done to see what I thought about his style. So now I've decided that he'll be a pervert forever after in my little mind! Hahaha! (j/k)\n

Image: cgsandy.jpg   532x604 114293 bytes 1999.11.06

My half of an exchange with Sandy. It's her character of the same name; admittedly, I'd drawn this one before the 31st and had been hoping to get it up by then, but traffic on our computer is rather monumental..... so I didn't get the chance. Either way, she's (c)Sandy Gaermyack..... (I _hope_ I spelled that right.....)\n

Image: sd-axer1.jpg   417x525 122605 bytes 1999.10.30

Image: squeakypup.gif   430x276 22289 bytes 1999.10.23

An adorable baby pug. So cute!\n

Image: vb-test.gif   640x480 59456 bytes 1999.10.22

This is something different..... It's a tentative portrait for a character on a Macross RP-board that I participate in; I was lucky enough to be assigned to do pix for all the "people" in my unit... I just hope Kaine likes this.... Dr. Vonbraun is (c)Kaine.... or whatever his real name is... ~e_e~\n

Image: myztik2.jpg   461x495 95677 bytes 1999.10.20

Here's Myztik, using a kickass psychic attack. I had a lot of fun with the colour filters in this one..... Oh, and Myztik is (c)me! You can't have him, you fellow demented MewTwo lovers! No! Stay back! ~+_@~\n

Image: clefantasy1.gif   519x340 33823 bytes 1999.10.20

Here's my fan-evolution for the Clefable: the Clefantasy! Kawaii, ne?\n

Image: myztik-reimew.gif   443x401 24881 bytes 1999.10.20

Myztik and Ghost Mew. One in a long line of pictures that I have to colour... when I have the time.... ~-_-~\n

Image: cgtiff1.gif   423x531 55532 bytes 1999.10.20

Tiffany meets Puffy, my clefable! This is actually based on a real RP event- on a note, one of Puffy's attacks is icebeam, the one she's using in the pic. Clefables kick ass. Tiffy is (c)Rose Besch.\n

Image: pokemon-mice.gif   578x559 109300 bytes 1999.10.14

Here are my own fan-designs for some elemental "mouse" pokemon. After seeing Marril, I decided that there should be some "other-chu's" as well, and drew these four. If anyone can think of names for them, please let me know.\n

Image: brutus1.gif   340x472 30111 bytes 1999.10.14

This is Brutus, a MewTwo. He's the eldest of the original Cinnabar MewTwos, and, as you can see, he has only one arm. He's actually supposed to be only a baby here.. originally, there had been some other figures in the pic, but I didn't really like them, and cut them out.\n

Image: cgshifuu1.jpg   414x608 170068 bytes 1999.10.14

Shifuu and a clefairy. If one thing can be said about the clefairies, it's that they're cute. If two things can be said, then I'll add that despite their frou-frou appearance, they're actually incredible fighters! Shifuu is (c)Rose Besch, and clefairy is (c)Nentindo.\n

Image: cgminmin.jpg   458x704 208825 bytes 1999.10.14

Xchange picture for Clio Chiang, of her character, Min-min. Chotto kawaii! Min-min is (c)Catra\n

Image: ringtail1.gif   372x498 60863 bytes 1999.10.11

The ringtail again; this time, he just looks naked and miffed. He's (c)me\n

Image: ringtail-pal.gif   444x557 58413 bytes 1999.10.10

Companion picture to Gazuka's pic' of a furrified Taranto. I'm not exactly sure what sort of masked, ring-tailed creature the fur in Pal's costume is supposed to be, though..... He's (c)... um, Sergio Argoneis? (did I spell that right?)\n

Image: nitechan1.jpg   454x560 175695 bytes 1999.10.09

It's Nightiechan in a plugsiut! Realizing that it (a)had been ages since I've drawn her, and (b)her birthday was coming up, I decided to do a spiffed-up PSP picture just for her! ~n_n~ Happy birthday, Emily! She's (c)Emily Ryan\n

Image: missy-mew.jpg   506x676 121916 bytes 1999.10.09

Missy and her adorable ghost mew. She's (c)Sara Hammond, and the ghost mew is (c)uhh.... nentindo?\n

Image: razberri.jpg   506x644 236900 bytes 1999.10.02

Here's my half of an exchange with Erin Vernon- it's her character, Razberri! What an eyesore..... this picture is guaranteed to give each and every viewer a permenant headache upon observation.... ~+_@~ Raz is (c)Erin V.\n

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