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Image: kitter.jpg   365x550 97639 bytes 1999.10.01

A cute SD-ish picture of the Kitter and a green puppy. Kit is (c)Chris Lafolette, and Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang19.jpg   423x501 165420 bytes 1999.09.30

What a cute little pup! Yang was adorable as a child! But you can't have him! No! Stay back! He's still (c)ME! ~+_<~\n

Image: missy3.jpg   398x622 175706 bytes 1999.09.30

I'm not sure if the shadowing on this one looks right, but the neat-o colours and stuff make up for it, anyways. It's Missy, looking super-sexy in an outfit that I'd actually seen Geri "Benedict Spice" Halliwell (sp?) wearing on the "Spice World" CD. Yes, I like the Spice Girls, and yes, Missy looks even sexier than Geri in this outfit........ *DID*........ She's (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: go-chan.jpg   484x632 155414 bytes 1999.09.30

Eep. I'd forgotten to mention the character name and copyright and all that stuff for "dancing-queen.jpg"; well, here's the same character, done in a slightly less anime-esque style. Her name is Go-chan, and she's (c)the very amicable Will Ruzicka.... I hope I spelled that right.....\n

Image: vegapuppy2.jpg   504x725 149612 bytes 1999.09.28

Vega, the adorable, if not somewhat violent, pug bitch. Yes, you can call her a bitch- she _is_ a female puppy, after all. She's (c)me\n

Image: missy-sd.jpg   391x510 154098 bytes 1999.09.28

SD, sonic-type picture of Missy. I knew she'd hate it, so I drew her into a plug-suit to make it all better...... Missy is (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: yang16.jpg   437x599 213942 bytes 1999.09.25

Cruddy, cheap marker-done pic' of Yang. Even the hortz. perspective doesn't make up for the lack of time I put into this one...... Well, anyways, Yang is (c)me\n

Image: drunk-puppy.jpg   445x605 190600 bytes 1999.09.25

Drunk puppy. I don't actually drink IRL, tho'..... He's (c)me\n

Image: dancing-queen.jpg   572x724 163425 bytes 1999.09.25

I drew this one after hearing "Dancing Queen" at about 8:00 in the morning........ it still turned out crummy. \n

Image: yang-missy.jpg   392x480 90785 bytes 1999.09.19

whee.... another picture of Missy. This time, she gets to be topless (and bottomless) and with another girl! ;C Well, it's actually supposed to be Yang pining over Missy, like she always is.... ~-.-~\n

Image: yang15.jpg   462x578 139319 bytes 1999.09.18

It was supposed to look like he's at a dance, but it ended up just looking like he's surrounded by fairies.... Oh well....... Either way, Yang's (c)me\n

Image: missy-marek-bd.jpg   412x529 161747 bytes 1999.09.18

Missy asked us all if we could do a b-day pic for her boyfriend, Marek, and, being but her humble servan- er, follower- ah, friend, who was I to refuse?\n

Image: missy-change.jpg   478x597 219368 bytes 1999.09.16

This is a little more disturbing than most of my "normal" stuff, but since it wasn't really tweaked or on a tweaky theme, I just left it here. Either way, it started out just as a pic of Missy looking all beat-up and stuff, (yeah, this is how I show how much I adore her.... umm....) but when I realized it just looked like a rape picture, I added the funny shading, energy balls, and the text to make it look more like a story picture. To be honest, I don't know what's supposed to be happening to Missy, but I guess it ain't good...... or sumfing....... Missy is (c)Sara Hammond\n

Image: puppy-cute.gif   384x521 34026 bytes 1999.09.15

Yang, looking more puppy-like, and irresistably cute! Awww........ you can even see his furry pot-belly......... The puppy is (c)me\n

Image: shifuu-sharon.jpg   349x442 100960 bytes 1999.09.14

crummy picture of Shifuu as Sharon Apple from Macross Plus (Idol Talk). Shifuu is (c)Rose Besch\n

Image: yang13.jpg   450x598 178050 bytes 1999.09.12

Yang, looking proud and extra-cute in the UNS Cadet uniform. Once again, the more non-anime style.... I'm trying to expand my artistic horizons, considering that stagnance is the downfall of most artists..... That, and I'm trying to make him look more like a pug..... ~-_-~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: sahara1.jpg   526x770 279526 bytes 1999.09.11

Amanda "Sahara" Jefferson is a friend of mine from MSC; she's one of those people who is proud to be as bitchy and obnoxious as she wants to be..... which is why I'm glad to be a friend, and not an enemy of her.... (she's real scary when she's mad.....) Either way, she's also a kind, loving, <s>violent</s> person, and I've done a lot of pictures of her in the past; this is the first one I've done of her in PSP, tho'.... it's kinda crummy, but I doubt she'll notice..... ~-_-~....... Sahachan is (c)A.J.\n

Image: myztik-sebulba.jpg   525x632 130478 bytes 1999.09.11

I got Myztik and Sebulba, (originally a dratini, which does look kind of like a really cute version of a dug.... 'cept without the legs.... and, well, it's not a dragon... and...... oh, never mind!) at about the same time; I tag-teamed them against the Rocket Gang in Silph-Co. to get them stronger. Here, they're making a pact of friendship with each other after Sebulba's evolution into the beautiful Dragonair. Myztik and Sebulba are (c)me, and mebbe Nentindo.... umm....\n

Image: mewfem-brutus.jpg   387x524 132039 bytes 1999.09.11

Here's part of an exchange with "Kuroibara". It's supposed to be MewTwoFem and another MewTwo hugging. Just for fun, and since this I'd thought this up as a name for a MewTwo, the other MewTwo is named Brutus. He's the oldest of the original five; he only has one arm, poor thing, and wears a collar as testament to the cruelty of human masters....... I dunno why they're hugging, tho'.... MewTwoFem is (c)Cassandra Gibbs, and Brutus is (c)me....?\n

Image: yang-sketches.gif   545x528 181026 bytes 1999.09.08

some sketches of Yang, trying out a different style. The top ones are hairless 'cause I didn't want to have to draw his hair hanging all over his face when I was really trying to do a face study. My hairy little puppy is (c)me\n

Image: myztik1.jpg   620x742 214243 bytes 1999.09.07

Okay, now it's my turn to officially jump on the pokemon bandwagon. This is Myztik, my own MewTwo; he's (supposed to be) one of the 5 original MewTwos created by Cinnibar Laboratories. This picture is another triumph in anti-aliasing, so from now on, I'll have to start on all B&Ws at 50X the final size.... just a suggestion for anyone else who's been plagued by poor anti-aliasing...... Myztik is (c)me\n

Image: card-nite.jpg   291x356 82042 bytes 1999.09.06

Another card-type-thing, this time, it's of Nightiechan. She's (c)Emily Ryan\n

Image: yang11.jpg   513x794 145460 bytes 1999.09.05

Yang, drawn in a different, non-anime style. I think this one looks really cute! ~n_n~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: card-cis.jpg   330x403 113004 bytes 1999.09.03

Card-type thing of Ciseal. I like the fence effect, but I still wish our damn program would anti-alias things better.... ~-_-~ Cis' is (c)Vicki Lo\n

Image: hack.jpg   491x647 131809 bytes 1999.09.01

Pic' exchange again, this time, it's Hack! He's, like, a punker, or something like that... I had to keep myself from putting the lyrics to "All-Star" (Smash Mouth) in this one..... so I just put a cheap-o flare effect and a nice squishy name.... now, if I could only get those new fonts working.... ~-_-~ Hack is (c)DLM-X 13 (can't remember her real name.....)\n

Image: yang10.jpg   486x665 198221 bytes 1999.08.31

In the past, (more "In the past" stories from me) people have asked me what gender Yang is. In truth, he's been drawn as both male and female; there's not a real story behind this, I just like having more versatility. The main difference between the male and female Yangs is that the girl lacks the tattoos, and ususally the glasses as well... (that, and she's a little less chubby) But, whatever...... this is the female one, in case you couldn't figure it out yourself... ;} Yang is (c)me\n

Image: D-ritsu.jpg   401x517 133585 bytes 1999.08.30

Diablo-themed picture of Ritsu, as the guy in the cow suit. ~+_C~ Ritsu is (c)himself.\n

Image: amerz.gif   445x590 94164 bytes 1999.08.29

Here's a picture for "Amerz-chan"; she drew a picture for me, and I decided to be nice and return the favour. I'll admit that I used the evil and very cheapassed "bevel" effect to shade most of this picture.... ~-_-~\n

Image: missy1.jpg   447x358 85145 bytes 1999.08.28

In the past, I have been harassed and criticized by people for my anti-pornography views. Ususally, these attackers are even more narrow-minded than myself; they accuse me of having prudish, "anally-retentive" views on pornography and nudity in art. Some have even gone so far as to suggest I find nudity itself pornographic; the fact is, though, that I do not. I have just as much reverence for the classical nude as any other aspiring artist, and so, in response to them, I post this; it's a bust shot of Missy bathing in a hot spring. (I hope she doesn't mind it, but I've always found her incredibly pretty, and....) Either way, there is nothing submissive or degrading about it; I have always believed that these are the earmarks of pornography, and the two elements that I have always detested about it. (oh yeah, and Missy is (c)Sara Hammond.... thot I'd better mention that as well....)\n

Image: yang9.jpg   414x540 135548 bytes 1999.08.26

Yang, wearing some cute "goth" clothes.... I reely like the BG on this one..... too bad we still have no surefire way of antialiasing pur pictures.... Yang is (c)me\n

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