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Image: torture.gif   534x539 133479 bytes 2000.05.05

Image: trashcan1.jpg   504x642 177748 bytes 2000.06.04

Image: trashcan2.jpg   749x590 146385 bytes 2000.06.10

Our hero learns the secret of assisted flight.\n

Image: trashcan3.jpg   464x594 59186 bytes 2000.06.15

Some sketches of my "Trashcan Man" rat character. (c)me\n

Image: trashcan4.jpg   554x751 127530 bytes 2000.06.20

Cibola, bumpity-bumpity-BUMP!\n

Image: twoyangs.jpg   576x810 171354 bytes 2000.10.03

Yang and Yang. ęC. Gavlas 2000\n

Image: vb-test.gif   640x480 59456 bytes 1999.10.22

This is something different..... It's a tentative portrait for a character on a Macross RP-board that I participate in; I was lucky enough to be assigned to do pix for all the "people" in my unit... I just hope Kaine likes this.... Dr. Vonbraun is (c)Kaine.... or whatever his real name is... ~e_e~\n

Image: vegapuppy2.jpg   504x725 149612 bytes 1999.09.28

Vega, the adorable, if not somewhat violent, pug bitch. Yes, you can call her a bitch- she _is_ a female puppy, after all. She's (c)me\n

Image: wikkid.jpg   504x643 157670 bytes 2000.06.15

Wikkid Klan(c)Kim and Amanda Gavlas\n

Image: yang-angelo2.jpg   402x470 93944 bytes 1999.12.11

Gotta catch'em all! (or something like that). Yang and Angelo are (c) uh... me..... Big West... and Game Freak.\n

Image: Yang-eva.jpg   458x626 186189 bytes 2000.09.13

Now this is more like it. My first photoshop effort- despite a great deal of bitching and fighting with it, I have (somehow, sort of) triumphed. And thus, here's another picture of Yang. And as an added bonus, he's wearing an NGE-style plugsuit in honour of the fact that we've aquired the first 3 volumes of the series (manga) and Kensuke is a dead ringer for Yang. Plug- er, Pug puppy is ęC. Gavlas '00\n

Image: yang-missy.jpg   392x480 90785 bytes 1999.09.19

whee.... another picture of Missy. This time, she gets to be topless (and bottomless) and with another girl! ;C Well, it's actually supposed to be Yang pining over Missy, like she always is.... ~-.-~\n

Image: yang-shifuu.jpg   477x558 167879 bytes 2000.05.04

Bleh... It was supposed to look kind of foreshortened, but it just ended up looking WEiRd... *realizes she's starting to sound all trendy and poserish* *shudder* Yang (c)me, Shifuu (c)Rose Besch\n

Image: yang-sketches.gif   545x528 181026 bytes 1999.09.08

some sketches of Yang, trying out a different style. The top ones are hairless 'cause I didn't want to have to draw his hair hanging all over his face when I was really trying to do a face study. My hairy little puppy is (c)me\n

Image: yang-tail.jpg   654x919 80544 bytes 2000.10.22

Image: yang10.jpg   486x665 198221 bytes 1999.08.31

In the past, (more "In the past" stories from me) people have asked me what gender Yang is. In truth, he's been drawn as both male and female; there's not a real story behind this, I just like having more versatility. The main difference between the male and female Yangs is that the girl lacks the tattoos, and ususally the glasses as well... (that, and she's a little less chubby) But, whatever...... this is the female one, in case you couldn't figure it out yourself... ;} Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang11.jpg   513x794 145460 bytes 1999.09.05

Yang, drawn in a different, non-anime style. I think this one looks really cute! ~n_n~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang13.jpg   450x598 178050 bytes 1999.09.12

Yang, looking proud and extra-cute in the UNS Cadet uniform. Once again, the more non-anime style.... I'm trying to expand my artistic horizons, considering that stagnance is the downfall of most artists..... That, and I'm trying to make him look more like a pug..... ~-_-~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang15.jpg   462x578 139319 bytes 1999.09.18

It was supposed to look like he's at a dance, but it ended up just looking like he's surrounded by fairies.... Oh well....... Either way, Yang's (c)me\n

Image: yang16.jpg   437x599 213942 bytes 1999.09.25

Cruddy, cheap marker-done pic' of Yang. Even the hortz. perspective doesn't make up for the lack of time I put into this one...... Well, anyways, Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang19.jpg   423x501 165420 bytes 1999.09.30

What a cute little pup! Yang was adorable as a child! But you can't have him! No! Stay back! He's still (c)ME! ~+_<~\n

Image: yang22.jpg   411x525 157976 bytes 1999.11.08

Yang, wondering if there's a place in God's heart for a lonely little pup like him. He's (c)me\n

Image: yang26.jpg   398x530 125602 bytes 1999.11.13

I'm not always whiny and depressed. ~n_n~ Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang27.jpg   438x568 146031 bytes 1999.12.11

Yang looking a little sad.... the BG is a matte of Corsucant. He's (c)me\n

Image: yang28.jpg   365x510 139925 bytes 1999.12.11

Yang in his tres cute "perky-goth" mode..... The cute little pup is (c)me! So leggo!\n

Image: yang29.gif   395x503 125330 bytes 1999.12.13

This one was the result of listening to "The Wall" on a Friday night while most of my family was in Halifax putting my little sister's leg back together. It's not that great, anyways..... Yang is (c)me.\n

Image: yang30.jpg   425x491 109274 bytes 1999.12.31

Yang, who is... umm... sitting on a stone floor, and, umm... looking.... at something.....? Eh.. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew this. Either way, Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang31.jpg   348x512 95794 bytes 2000.01.05

A dog book I was looking at a while ago claimed that, "If pug puppies were any cuter, they would be criminal." I couldn't agree more! Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang32.jpg   486x598 216779 bytes 2000.01.06

It's Yang, showing off his cute little rump! Yang is (c)me\n

Image: yang34.jpg   333x505 87372 bytes 2000.02.28

Whoo... it'll be my 18th birthday on Friday, if anyone cares. Either way, here's another cutesy pic of Yang. I wuv his curly tail. He's (c)me\n

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