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Image: eien2.jpg   407x518 117157 bytes 1999.08.26

Hokay, here's my second attempt at Eien..... as it is, I've been having a really hard time drawing "SD"-like characters... if push comes to shove, I may end up just doing all my furry charas in a non-StH style... ~-_-~...... \n

Image: hana-sketch.gif   498x783 63719 bytes 1999.08.22

Quick, crappy pencil-sketch of my original RP character, Snively, in his fox-form. As it was, I eventually got tired of StH 100% I.C.ers harassing me whenever I went into MSC using the handle, (you know.. "Hey! You killed my brother!" "You roboticized my hand!" "Your uncle destroyed my family, my hopes, my dreams, and my little dog too!") and I just gave up and begin to use the handle "Yang" instead. Yang is a lot cuter, anyways... ~n_<~\n

Image: eien.jpg   439x614 178773 bytes 1999.08.22

Picture of Aan, (eien) as part of an exchange with DM Eikyuu..... Too bad the (insert expletive) program shrunk it so crummily.... now I guess I'll have to make her another one.... ~-_-~\n

Image: tarot-fortuna.jpg   752x927 394582 bytes 1999.08.21

Tarot card of, "The Wheel of Fortune" symbolizing gain and ambition. The character depicted in this one is Shifuu, one of Bara's many irritatingly cute characters. Shifuu is (c)Rose Besch\n

Image: tarot-chariot.jpg   589x738 204589 bytes 1999.08.20

Tarot card of, "The Chariot" symbolizing vitality and ascention.(sp?) I hope Katatas doesn't mind being drawn nudie, but he was the first sexy young thing that came to mind when I was drawing this; as well, I know there isn't actually a chariot in the picture, but this is half my wanting to go for something more symbolic, and half my not knowing how to draw a bloody chariot! SatanaK is (c)himself\n

Image: yang7.jpg   504x625 199198 bytes 1999.08.18

A picture of Yang, dedicated to all my friends.... I don't know how you guys managed to put up with me, but I love you for it....... Yang is (c)me\n

Image: axer3.jpg   468x607 193735 bytes 1999.08.18

Here's a nice, gritty-looking picture of Jeff A. standing in front of a burning city. Finally, I get a chance to do some "action-painting" on a furry pic'! I hope he likes it...... J. is (c)himself.\n

Image: tarot-hanged.jpg   455x725 179521 bytes 1999.08.17

Tarot card of Squik: "The Hanged Man". I should have more cards up in a while, but I've been fighting a serious bout of depression and artist's block lately, so it could be a while.... ~+_-~..... Squik is (c)Axer\n

Image: kitsunejo.jpg   332x540 101545 bytes 1999.08.17

Exchange pic for Kiri, of her character Laragh White.... I hope she really _is_ a fox..... I wasn't able to tell exactly, and simply took a wild and hairy guess when I was drawing the tail. Either way, this lil' vixen(?) is (c)Laura Mcbratney\n

Image: raichutaro.jpg   410x472 91445 bytes 1999.08.17

Exchange pic for Seby, of her character Raiyujin, the raichu-taro! After playing pokemon for a while, I'd been meaning to draw a pic of my own raichu, "Sammy".... Now I guess I'll have to! Raiyujin is (c)Sebrina Dombrowski(sp?)\n

Image: gasgano2.jpg   568x685 236241 bytes 1999.08.15

Oh, he's so cute! I just can't get enough of Gasgano, especially with our d*mn game not working at the moment....... ~+_-~...... Either way, here's a picture of him at his very best..... with the little stats bar in the corner, it's probably a card or something...\n

Image: ffyang.jpg   689x799 356979 bytes 1999.08.09

A while ago, I put a lot of effort into drawing a "series" group of pictures, entitled, "Furry Fantasy". As it was, though, we had some computer problems, and they were all inevitably deleted. (oh well... I thought they kind of sucked, anyways...) Either way, here is a redo of the original "FF" of Yang, as a centaur/puppy. I'm kinda p.o.'d that our program shrunk it crummily, but the pretty colours make up for the bad compression. Yang is (c)me\n

Image: cel-archer.jpg   493x634 131112 bytes 1999.08.08

Exchange pic for Celius as an archer. I'll admit that the stars and planets in the background are just tubes, but I won't admit that I had to extend the arrow to reach the bow via CG... (oops) Either way, Cel-chan is (c)herself\n

Image: D-yang.jpg   534x634 200798 bytes 1999.08.08

Diablo-themed picture of Yang, as a rogue! Apart from a little over-sparkling, I think I did a good job on this one..... n_n; Yang is (c)me!\n

Image: taylor2.jpg   460x579 194253 bytes 1999.08.07

Here's one of my StH fan-characters, an angel echidna named Taylor Tenshi. Isn't she heavenly? ;} Taylor is (c)me\n

Image: D-kana.jpg   543x664 241813 bytes 1999.08.05

Diablo-themed picture of Kanatas, as the Vile Archbishop Lazarus! (@_@ spoooooky........) I like the job I did on this one, especially the texturing on the robes. "SatanaK" Kanatas is (c)himself\n

Image: D-tiff.jpg   478x586 192766 bytes 1999.08.04

Diablo-themed picture of Tiffany, as a Bard! I'm not sure if I overdid it on the tubes in this one, but I'll admit it was a pretty shoddily-constructed picture.... Tiffy is (c)Rose Besch.\n

Image: D-lucy.jpg   502x635 338188 bytes 1999.08.02

Diablo-themed picture for Lucy, as a warrior! This shows off our new PSP tubes! Badass Lucy is (c)Anya Schwartz.\n

Image: D-kit.jpg   504x684 292901 bytes 1999.08.01

Diablo-themed picture for Kit, as a Barbearian. (stupid pun, eh? Oh well...) Kitter is (c)Chris Lafolette..... I hope I spelled that rite- er, right..... \r\n\n

Image: Gasdance.jpg   484x524 209502 bytes 1999.07.31

A picture of the cutecute alien, Gasgano! Don't you just love him? \n

Image: Niteyang.jpg   632x508 191782 bytes 1999.07.31

Nightmare and myself meeting for the first time IRL..... It was unbelievably tense for us both, but I hope I get the chance to visit her again in the future... Nightiechan is (C)Emily Ryan, and Yangchan is (c)me.\n

Image: 3_ntfurs.jpg   379x531 156230 bytes 1999.07.31

A beatiful "furry-redo" picture, taken from a poster by Takeuchi. I coloured this one using markers softened with water, to give a nice watercolour effect without wasting any expensive tube paints. Yang (as Chibiusa) is (c)me, Nightmare (as Chibichibi) is (c)Emily Ryan, and Missy (as Hotaru) is (c)Sara Hammond.\n

Image: Yang4.jpg   505x512 180990 bytes 1999.07.31

A cutecute picture of Yang at the beach! He can be sooooo sickeningly kawaii sometimes! Yang is (c)me.\n

Image: D-cise.jpg   494x589 319006 bytes 1999.07.31

Diablo-theme picture for Ciseal, as an Amazon. I don't know what happened to poor Cissie's wings, though..... She's (c)Vicko Lo\n

Image: firesoul.jpg   508x632 268412 bytes 1999.07.31

Sailor Firesoul! This is Shifuu wearing the fuku for the "Aries" Sailorsenshi I designed, hence the name. Shifuu is (c) Rose Besch\n

Image: D-miss.jpg   467x586 63686 bytes 1999.07.31

Diablo-theme picture for Missy, as a Rogue. The background is just a "goo'd" painting by Bruce Pennington, but the figure was draw by meeee-eeeee! *ahem* Missy is (c)Sara Hamond.\n

Image: Yang6.jpg   393x478 160266 bytes 1999.07.31

Yang, looking incredibly effete. Don't you just love all those bishonen? Yang is (c)me. \r\n\r\n\n

Image: D-nite.jpg   627x727 299677 bytes 1999.07.31

Diablo-theme picture for Nightmare, as a female Paladin. I love that metallic sheen! Nightiechan is (c)Emily Ryan.\n

Image: D-axer.jpg   499x559 183748 bytes 1999.07.31

Diablo-theme picture for Axer, as a Monk. The staff looks like the one that Gazuka found in the game.... *shrug*. J. is (c)his hellacool self.\n

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