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Image: emba.jpg   619x450 70704 bytes 2005.06.06

Sabrina O'Neil's character, Emba. This is actually the first in what I hope will be many more images of this sort. Not quite as polished or detailed as most of my illustration work, I tend to neglect a lot of my doodles, and wind up only uploading new art to my galleries once or twice every few months. Since I just recently finished 'Underground', this sketch was still in my clipboard. This was, in fact, the picture I originally started after having decided to draw a picture of Emba and my character, Getta. However, I didn't really have a full idea in mind and was sort of making it up as I went along. Before I even finished the rough sketchwork, I had the idea for 'Underground' and this was tossed aside.

Image: getta_emba.jpg   737x550 227193 bytes 2005.05.24

5/24/05 - Another image of my iguana character, Getta Garbo, and Sabrina O'Neil's armadillo character, Emba. Linework done with .5 mechanical pencil, colours done in Photoshop.

Image: lizzie_caution.jpg   499x750 88491 bytes 2004.11.04

12/04/04 - Taking a break from the webcomic to bring the world another Lizzie picture. I've been trying to make her a heatsuit in the same vein as Getta's, but I've been unable to come up with anything remotely satisfactory until now. I'm rather happy with how the outfit, and the picture, turned out.

Image: dillo.jpg   405x500 72270 bytes 2004.02.11

2/11/04 - My fourth finished picture in five days. This one done from scratch. Sabrina O'Neal's armadillo character, Emba, and my own Getta Garbo. Apparently traipsing.\r\n\r\n I know it seems as if I haven't been up to much, but actually most of the work I've been completing lately has been non-anthro in nature. So swing by to check out what I have been doing.

Image: who.jpg   362x500 60829 bytes 2004.01.18

1/17/04 - The world needs more holograms. I kept the background deliberately simple because the holograms are so detailed. I tried to find just the right balance of foreground and background to try and make the holograms look like they're floating in front of Getta, but not so much that they obscured him.

Image: nurseliz.jpg   411x517 141161 bytes 2003.06.06

6/05/03 - First post-able new artwork in too long. Lizzie strutting her nurse-like-self while helping those poor wounded soldiers. Tweaked the background a bit before uploading here. I think it turned out decent, but it's still a glorified pin-up.

Image: fly.jpg   545x580 215930 bytes 2002.08.04

8/04/02 -- 'The Lingering Fear That I Cannot Fly...' I'm rarely satisfied with a piece once it's completed, and this image is no exception. I've tried out a few techniques that I've had in mind for ages, and I must say I'm extremely happy with how they worked out. My continuing experiments with shadow and contrast, on the other hand, continue to leave me unsatisfied and frustrated.

Image: advice.jpg   450x585 41050 bytes 2002.04.18

A new picture of Rodney. A rather dull image at that, but I wanted to have new art for ACen this weekend. No time for a really big, detailed picture. I don't like how the foreground and background don't seem to mesh well.\r\n\r\n My computer is coming up this weekend, so GOOD new art will be in the works, promise!

Image: gettagarbo.jpg   405x565 38636 bytes 2002.03.19

3/19/02 -- Getta Garbo, because I haven't drawn him in a long time and he's one of my favourite characters at the moment. Simple picture just to prove I'm not dead.

Image: squeeze.jpg   640x486 89595 bytes 2001.11.26

11/26/01 - Doodled out during a day long wait for a flight, due to bad planning on a trip. Inspired by Mr. Bungle's 'Squeeze Me Macaroni', White Delirium from Tapestries. I'll upload the background images later on in all their greyscale glory.

Image: hurt.jpg   428x518 46810 bytes 2001.10.16

10/15/01 - 'It Hurts...' - My rut is officially over with this third piece within a couple weeks of my last. And I've got another picture already drawn up and ready to be photoshopped on my next day off. But it's non-furry so check my website for that one once it's finished.

Image: naka.jpg   479x377 34296 bytes 2001.09.27

9/26/01 - Wow, been forever and a day since my last upload. Work and the usual life annoyances worse than usual until just recently. Hopefully I won't hit another slump like that for a looooong while. Anyways, this is the picture that broke the slump, a character online who's picture I came across. Loved the design so I did it up in style....then added one of my usually el-cheapo lazy backgrounds.

Image: winger3.jpg   648x459 56251 bytes 2001.07.12

7/9/01 - Finally, a new picture of Winger. The last picture I did of this character was so ancient I decided I needed to do up a new one. I kinda threw it together. I sketched out the character on a whim late at night, starting it at home and finishing it at Denny's. I scanned and coloured it, then threw together the background in my usualy lazy manner. All in all a relatively quick pic but I think it turned out decent.

Image: oops.jpg   480x605 44559 bytes 2001.05.29

5/29/01 -- This picture has been coming for a very long time, since maybe February. After finishing the foreground I put it off for a while, just never finishing it. Finally I got over a drawing slump and after three pictures decided to finish this one. Drawing the background turned out to be a pain because of the perspective. Finally I simplified it and settled for a distorted look. I'm still far from satisfied but I hope it at least looks decent.

Image: noreason.jpg   570x623 68265 bytes 2001.05.29

Doodled a picture of Getta at Mighty another day before work, and tossed together a background in Photoshop when I went to colour it. Thought it turned out decent.

Image: bad_lizzie.jpg   675x456 58524 bytes 2001.05.29

Doodled up a picture of Lizzie sitting in a Mighty Taco before work. Coloured it in Photoshop a couple nights later and added a background I'd drawn at Denny's a few weeks before. Turned out to be a nifty poster.

Image: lizkneel.jpg   592x475 62881 bytes 2001.01.04

01/03/01 - The first full colour picture of the new millenium. Actually, the pencil work is fairly old. I've been suffering withdrawl and needed to colour something. I didn't have anything new worth colouring so I grabbed this.\n

Image: getta.jpg   476x589 53141 bytes 2000.12.21

12/18/00 - Getta, an iguana. That is all.\n

Image: jaqls.jpg   660x476 63715 bytes 2000.11.20

11/20/00 - You would not believe the trouble it took to finish this picture, I drew Lysander (the red-head) from a black and white picture so when I went to colour it, I had no clue what her colours were, so I had to wait until the next day to get her description rfom her player. BUT, before that happened, the next day I wasn't able to get online most of the day because I had to keep the phonelines free for an emergency (The police were involved, long story), so it wasn't until about 3:30am the day after the day after I started to colour this picture that I was able to finish colouring, and the shading was a bee-yatch. But in the end, I think it was worth it.\n

Image: vyvyan.jpg   550x475 43586 bytes 2000.07.19

7/19/00 - Right after showing off psychokiller.jpg was asked to do a pic for a friend, and I had the perfect idea for it so I did. Yay!\n

Image: psychokiller_b.jpg   650x488 86184 bytes 2000.07.18

7/18/00 - Thank the twin gods of Talking Heads and Barenaked Ladies for bringing us the song 'Psycho Killer' and the BNL cover thereof that prompted this picture.\n

Image: DOOMed.jpg   656x505 99564 bytes 2000.06.30

6/30/00 - DOOMed. What more need I say? All characters are (c) thier creators, all demons are (c)id software. Here's to hoping DOOM ]|[ lives up to the name.\n

Image: stepping_out.jpg   434x633 50501 bytes 2000.04.24

4/23/00 - Kinda strange for an Easter picture, but what can I say? I drew this after several failed attempts to think of a 'good' pic to draw. I wanted a weird angle, an interesting pose, a detailed environment. After giving up on that I decided just to draw a 'fun' picture and this was the result. I think he's a jackal. He wants to be your friend.\n

Image: winger2f.jpg   509x553 45561 bytes 2000.04.03

This one was actually done a while ago, just noticed I hadn't uploaded it here yet. A much newer picture of everyone's favourite deranged schizophrentic Decepticon fox-bat, Winger. No, this has nothing to do with Doug Winger. Don't even ask.\n

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